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My names Taylor but I hate it so I go by Tay. A few of my friends in real life also call me Katie or Kitty from my middle name Kathryn. I live in Fort Collins, Colorado in the United States and I'm actually way older than I look; which most consider a good thing, but it's rather annoying when you get carded trying to buy rated M video games. Currently a gold star chat mod in Lady Heinous's chat, which I'm in most of the time I'm on Runescape. I love quests. I do em all the day they come out.


In real life im fairly active. Snowboard, swim, play volleyball, but I also do a lot of nerdy boy stuff like play first person shooters and RPG's on my Xbox 360. If you don't know me, I may seem quiet and grumpy but I'm actually a really friendly, chill person. Lately I've kinda been a drama queen because a lot of stupid stuff has been going on concerning men, but I'm typically not like that at all. And late at night, like right now as I'm typing this, i lose my quiet reserve and get really hyper to the point I may be irritating to some.



Um....I think that's about it.

OH! And for some reason i absolutely love sour cream...Love love love it.

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