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  1. It is not dying in the slightest, this whole merry-go round is old news and comes up all the time.


    Jagex published some of their best profits to date in their last financial report and the fact they nearly doubled their team size, could afford to rent a dam castle and attract most big gaming news media to a press thing AND actually bought an office in USA to look into mobile gaming suggests anything but a company dying.


    Content having P2P only content is NOT a sign of the game dying it is a sign of F2P is a demo and is meant to wet your appetite whist the awesome stuff you really want is P2P to make you pay for the game. This is basic marketing and has been true since day 1. F2P has always been a demo, argue what you like it is a fragment of the main game designed to specifically tempt you in to paying - regardless of how big or limitless it is that is a demo by all measures.

    And not only that they reinvested all those profits and several million more in to growing the company; that is not something money grabbers do they keep the profits.


    Microtransactions aren't desperation or dying either, it is the way the games industry is moving. Nearly every game from mobile phones to consoles have what amount to microtransactions these days, be in The Sims expansion packs, Bioshock DLC or Candy Crush paying for special power ups it is the industry norm and it works. Jagex would be morons to not follow suit.


    Has their systems for earning income and their balancing of how to entice F2Pers over evolved? Certainly, but it is by no means desperation or a sign of them dying it is a sign of a company that is capable of reassessing the situation in light of how the industry is evolving.


    Based on what you've said and my own observations, Jagex isn't dying but one of their products, Runescape certainly is. While their profits have soared greatly, this is due to weekly SoF and Solomon promotions (I'm a sucker for promotions, have spent a few hundred € over the past year) - not the number of membership players there are. Worlds that were popular two or three years ago are struggling to survive, they cut down a portion of the worlds recently as a result.


    I do miss what it was a few years ago, seeing so many familiar faces on a daily basis (Remember w99?), but now standing in popular worlds like 24 you're met with a small handful of people.. Nothing like even just a year ago.


    It sucks. I don't want it to, but it does.

  2. Yet another skill for the sake of a new skill. They could've adapted the storyline more fluenty into the game, Jagex is being way too forceful with their skill model.


    It's been three years since our last skill, I don't think it's just for the "sake" of it. It's about time, really. I'm definitely more in favour of a skill than adapting storylines, but to each their own.

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  3. Is there an update I missed that made pop armour better then nex gear, or better then void even? Last I knew it only offered high defense.

    anywhere you'd use void, you still use void. Anywhere you'd use nex (tanking nex/kk, dks?), pop armor is only slightly worse.


    This. Though it's completely unfair that Nex has a bonus while PoP does not, that bonus is quite small. Only the most dogmatic nitpickers would say that PoP is substantially worse. Also, that update next week, despite speculations that it will screw over PoP, has not yet happened. So there's still a chance or two.


    Eh I suppose it's possible I missed something but where is the news on this update?


    Sadly I'm still quite a ways away from Superior Tetsu. I've made the legs and have 73 plate, my last 10 plate voyage failed. Going a week at a time without any plate voyages is infuriating.

  4. You get a total of 100 plates from story missions if you do all the adventurers and the trios--more if you use merchants and Fortune of the Sea. So make sure you get those done. Other than that, set up two whale trophies and a mammoth skull, do plate missions when they come up, make sure you get all the scrolls, and send your other ships out to get steel for upgrades.


    Yeah, I see 25 from the Missionary another 25 from the Convict and 50 from a trio. Sadly I don't have 90 Thieving thus it's not possible to obtain the rest. I've finished the Whaler's so got his 25 plate.


    I made the mistake of purchasing the Jade status to increase trade goods per voyage, pity I didn't do a little more research beforehand. It's a 1% increase which apparently only effects one 100 spice voyage as it's rounded down. :/

  5. Hey guys! Right so I hit the Pincer region there about a week or two ago, so good so far.


    For my ship I've only got the Ram/Figurehead to upgrade and the Blazing Lantern hull.


    I haven't begun upgrading crew yet and have the voyage to unlock the Oxhead in my list waiting to be done. Right now my only interest is Tetsu, I've completed the scrolls and currently have 66 Plate. How should I go about acquiring 200? I've been going days at a time without the Whaler and even when he's there, the mission is 5-10 plate. I did have a 25 plate mission from the Missionary, not sure if that was finishing off his story-line though.






    As far as upgrading the port goes, everything is pretty basic and I haven't done much work on my buildings.


    Should I work on my story lines for rewards or what? It's pretty demotivating at the moment as everything appears to be so slow.


    I'd much appreciate a push in the right direction!

  6. Lol I will have to stop posting here sorry, funny how people acting tough and acting like they never done any mistakes in their life.


    Also it doesn't matter for me anymore, if I really wanted to get 5B Xp so bad I would have got it long time ago.


    I'm afraid it's nothing about acting tough, and this isn't just a "mistake". The mistake would've been getting muted, you didn't need to escalate the issue by recording it and turning it into a drama scene.

  7. The RuneScape Bestiary (free players and members)

    This week, we're really excited to give you a glimpse at the next generation of RuneScape. We've created a new feature for the RuneScape website which lets you browse almost 3,000 of RuneScape's monsters and NPCs: the RuneScape Bestiary. RuneScape_Bestiary-18164331.jpg

    Each one is viewable in full 3D using our new HTML5 graphics engine - RuneTek 7 - which you'll be seeing much more of once we launch it for RuneScape later in the year. You can rotate, zoom and animate all of the available characters, share your favourites on Facebook, search for specific ones and view a variety of information about each of them, including:

    • Combat levels
    • Combat weaknesses
    • Life points
    • Slayer category
    • Where they can be found in-game.

    As this is our very first reveal of this technology to the community, we're running the Bestiary as a beta. This means that you may experience crashes or other odd behaviour while you're using it. We'll be collecting error reports and usage statistics to help us make the technology stable and ready for the full release, but we need your help too. Send us bug reports when you experience issues using the Bestiary, and - as always - give us your feedback on the forums.

    This is the first glimpse of the awesome upgrades coming within RuneScape which include upgraded graphics and draw distances, a smoother play experience, an amazing new top-level interface and - in the long run - compatibility with touch-screen devices. Now's the time to start getting your voice heard so we can make the new RuneScape the game that you want to see!


    Have fun, and look out for an early-access beta of the new RuneScape graphics engine in the next few months.


    The RuneScape Team


    How to access the RuneScape Bestiary:


    You can try out the beta version of the RuneScape Bestiary here.




    To use the Bestiary, you will need to be running a recent version of Google's Chrome web browser. We're working on getting the Bestiary working with other browsers, but - at the moment - Chrome is the only browser with the full support for HTML5 that the Bestiary needs.

    Chrome's already the most popular browser among RuneScape players, so you may well have it installed already. If not, you can get the latest version here.

    With an up-to-date version of Chrome installed, we've found that the Bestiary works nicely on the following operating systems:

    • Windows: XP, Vista, 7 and 8
    • Mac OSX
    • Linux
    • Android 4.0 and above*

    *For now, you'll need to download the beta version of Chrome for Android to get the Bestiary working. See our FAQ for details of how to do this.

    Unfortunately, Chrome on iOS does not support the technology we require. As such, it's not possible to view the Bestiary on an iPad or iPhone at this time.

    See our FAQ if you have any other questions or concerns.

    Behind the Scenes Video

    Take a look at our latest Behind the Scenes video:

    In Other News

    • A certain resident of Rellekka has been out of sorts lately. Why not head over there and see if you can help out?
    • There's an intriguing archaeological dig happening near the Legends' Guild. Head on over and take a look!
    • In response to your feedback, we've changed two low-population worlds into skill total worlds. From now on, the worlds listed below will only be accessible to RuneScape members with the corresponding total skill levels:
      • World 30: 2000
      • World 48: 2400

      [*]We have also labelled World 134 as a gathering place for those wishing to take part in theSinkholes D&D.

      [*]Sinkholes will now appear in the world more frequently: once per hour, rather then once every two hours.

    The patch notes archive can be seen here.

    Discuss this here.


    Demon Flashmobs



    Demon Flash Mobs are blazing their way to Gielinor this week. Team up with your friends and head to RuneScape's scariest areas, where you'll fight your way through waves of minions and take down demonic bosses. Succeed, and you'll earn demon slayer armour and crossbows: ranged gear with black dragonhide-level stats and bonus damage against demonic enemies!



    Demon Flash Mobs (members only)


    There's brimstone on the breeze this week as Demon Flash Mobs manifest in RuneScape, taking you to Gielinor's darkest places to test your team-based combat skills to the max!




    While on members' worlds, those of you with combat level 120 or higher will receive hourly notifications in your chat boxes informing you of demonic incursions at any of 14 locations around the world, including the Wilderness. To take on these graphically reworked beasts, you'll need to gear up for combat and gather some friends, because this'll be no walk in the park.


    Each invasion will be led by a demon boss, but initially he'll hang back and gather power while you fight his minions. These consist of imp heralds, lesser demons and black demons. Defeating all imp heralds will render the lesser demons vulnerable to attack, and defeating them will allow you to attack the black demons. The longer it takes you to defeat the lesser demons and black demons, the tougher the demon boss will be when he finally goes on the warpath, so take them down as quickly as you can!


    When you face the demon boss, you'll notice that he'll have titles before and after his name. These give you clues as to his combat style and special abilities. For example, a demon named 'General Mord'uun the Blazing' would fight with accurate melee attacks (from 'General') which would cause additional fire-based damage over time (from 'the Blazing'). For a book giving further details on the meaning of demon names, speak to Brother Celerity in Edgeville Monastery.


    When defeated, the demon boss can give some valuable drops. Best among these are pieces of demon slayer armour, along with main-hand and off-hand demon slayer crossbows. This awesome ranged gear has good stats - the armour is equivalent to black dragonhide, and the crossbows are better than rune crossbows - and you'll get a boost to damage dealt and experience gained while fighting demons for each piece of the gear you equip. A full set of the gear makes the crossbows better than their dragon equivalents when fighting demons! It's worth noting that fighting a flash mob in the Wilderness gives you a greater chance of getting a demon slayer gear drop, and other drops will be worth around three times as much as elsewhere!




    So, buckle up your best smiting trousers and gather some strong friends to your side - it's time for some demon-slaying mayhem!


    Mod Wilson


    How to start Demon Flash Mobs:

    • Keep an eye out for announcements in your chat window (Please note: these can be switched off with the Doomsayer in Lumbridge, if you wish).
    • For further advice, speak to Brother Celerity in Edgeville Monastery.


    • You must be a RuneScape member.
    • It is strongly recommended that you have a combat level of at least 120 before fighting demon flash mobs, and you won't see any flash mob announcements until you have reached that level.

    Demon Slayer Quest Rework (free players and members)


    The Wilderness isn't the only place where demonic forces pierce the veil. In a rework of the old Demon Slayer quest, you'll help Grüfeld Bach - demon hunter extraordinaire - to foil a wicked plot against Varrock by finding the legendary sword Silverlight.


    The new quest is a much more focused experience than its travel-heavy predecessor, as you complete trials to test your mind, body and spirit on your quest for the sword, and comes complete with shiny new graphics and amazing audio.


    If you've already completed the old version of the quest, you'll be able to replay this one. You won't get any more Quest Points for doing so, though, and you won't need to complete the new quest in order to wear your quest cape or completionist cape.


    Mod Liono


    How to start Demon Slayer:

    • Speak to Grüfeld Bach in Varrock.


    • None.

    In Other News

    • Garb yourself in the aspect of your fallen foes with Demonflesh Armour overrides, available in Solomon's General Store!
    • Keep an eye out for details of Yelps's Cashbags, coming this weekend.
    • General Graardor has let himself go a bit recently, so we've sent him to the gym for a while. His training is now complete, which should make him more of a challenge.
    • New "Hide helm" and "Hide cape" override options have been added to the Customisation Interface.
    • An issue causing certain users' loading bars to become stuck at 50% has been resolved.



    [spoiler=Patch Notes]


    • The click area on the shortcut in the Scorpion Mine near Al Kharid has been reduced to prevent players using the shortcut instead of mining ore.
    • Players can no longer walk on water in the desert.
    • The statues that King Awowogei awards the Desert Monkey Colony for bringing him chimp ices now all appear correctly.
    • A graphical glitch in the Grim Tales quest has now been fixed.
    • Ali the Hag's arms no longer dislocate from her body.
    • Emir Ali Mirza no longer clips into the platform that he's standing on.
    • Forgotten rangers now hold and fire their bows correctly.
    • The Ornate dragon full helm model has been adjusted.
    • Miss Schism no longer stretches wildly when animating.
    • Nardah's bankers no longer have missing polys around their necks.
    • Added some force camera to the east of the Agility Pyramid to prevent the camera clipping through the cliff face.
    • Players can no longer walk into a tree near West Ardougne.
    • Made some minor tweaks to the chocatrice cape emote to prevent the player's head from poking out of the top.
    • Angry bears have had their attack and defend animations restored.
    • A a labelling issue with the Sailor's head in Port Sarim has been fixed.
    • It is no longer possible to walk through the statue of a giant head in the desert.
    • Some labelling issues with Osman which were causing him to stretch and bend wildly have been fixed.
    • The baby and adolescent Skypouncer's eyes will now change colour to match the body.
    • Ozan's hairstyle no longer causes the neck of female characters to stretch.
    • Players feet no longer clip into the stairs found in Player Owned Ports.

    Quests, Challenges & Achievements:

    • The Quiet Before the Storm quest journal has been updated to be a little more helpful.
    • A minor grammatical error in the Defender of Varrock quest journal has been corrected.
    • Ga'al Xox will now appear in the correct position in a cutscene when first entering the Elder Kiln tunnel during The Elder Kiln quest.
    • Multiple gems can no longer be repeatedly collected from the Kalphite Nursery during Diamond in the Rough.
    • During Rune Memories, when pinned at the top of the Wizard's Tower, Ariane will struggle a little less frequently.

    Skills & Minigames:

    • A new "pocket" rule set has been added to Duel Arena.
    • Flowers can now be used as fun weapons in the Duel Arena again.
    • Simon should now correctly accept noted items for Pyramid Plunder.
    • The tribesman that attacks you during Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup now has the correct amount of life points.
    • The Dominion Tower Decaying Avatar will now spawn roots to heal with at the correct times.
    • Players no longer get stuck beneath 'The Inadequacy' when it re-spawns on top of them in Dominion Tower.
    • We've adjusted some text in clue scrolls from "longbows" to "shieldbows".


    • An issue with Kalphite King instancing and group sizes has been fixed.
    • Some changes to the Kalphite Kings behaviour have been made to prevent him being unable to reach a target.
    • Some changes to the Kalphite Kings behaviour have been made to prevent manipulation of his attack cycle in order to avoid more powerful attacks.
    • Some citizens of Varrock were still celebrating Christmas. This has been stopped.
    • Clan Admin+ ranks can now only kick a maximum of two clan members per day to prevent rogue admins from kicking an entire clan. The owner may still kick as many as they like.
    • Added further Clan keywords to account for the higher maximum combat level of 200.
    • Anti-fire potions now work on negating some fire breath damage.
    • Fire magic now does more damage against Glacors.
    • The Steel titan melee special attack power has been increased.
    • The Character Creation screen sounds have been updated.
    • Scroll interfaces have had a graphical overhaul.
    • The requirements to equip Glacor boots have been amended.
    • Players should find it easier to speak to Nanuq near the God Wars beacon.
    • A warning has been added about potentially losing items on entry to the Player Owned Ports.
    • Casting Tune Bane Ore on a mounted head in your POH no longer requires the heads in your inventory, and the spell now additionally works on KBD heads.
    • The 'Open Store' button has been replaced with something more appropriate for items in the customisation interface that cannot be bought in the store.
    • The Maple shieldbow (focused) is no longer incorrectly listed as a members item on the skill guide.
    • Bakriminel bolts should now list the correct crossbow to use them in the Ranged Skill Advance Guide.
    • An issue where certain options were transferred to other items when using them inside a bank, such as a pouch "fill" option appearing on the wrong item after closing the bank interface, has been fixed.
    • Objects with dynamic switching options (such as a pouch's Fill / Empty options) will now work correctly on an actionbar.
    • An outdated reference to Longbows in the Fletching Skill Advance Guide has been fixed.
    • Players can no longer heal to max health whilst Dungeoneering by logging out and back in again.
    • Cornelius has received a lesson in customer service and now stands behind his bank booth facing the customer.
    • Hand cannons have had their ammo type corrected in the Grand Exchange.
    • Vannaka should now correctly give hints on how to take down Otherworldly beings.
    • Mummies, once set on fire, will give xp.
    • An unreachable copper ore node north of Al Kharid can now be mined.
    • A Level 40 Defence requirement to the Guthix, Saradomin and Zamorak Mitres, in line with the Armadyl, Bandos and Ancient Mitres, has been added.
    • You can no longer sell XP pendants and Keepsake Keys to the Dungeoneering Smuggler.
    • Solomon's Store customisations are no longer overridden when the Old Crone enchants the Ghostspeak amulet in Ghosts Ahoy.
    • Fixed an issue where exiting the Clan battlefield would teleport you to the exit portal.
    • Clan Avatar buff icons from recently dismissed avatars will no longer appear in the Choose Buff interface for the next summon.
    • Fixed an issue with inconsistent life point values on some versions of the Unholy cursebearer Dungeoneering boss.
    • The Law talisman staff can now be taken on to Entrana.
    • The Halloween 2012 quick chat options have been removed.
    • The description for Barbarian Teleport has been updated.
    • Killing Black demons whilst Dungeoneering will now count towards a Slayer assignment.
    • An issue where tooltips for inventory objects were displaying too far away from the object has been fixed.
    • A change to the Loyalty Shop which should allow players who've been unable to claim their Master Invigorate auras has been made.
    • Players will now continuously attack Chompy birds and will no longer be told that the bird they were attacking is not their target.
    • Combat with Har'Lakk the Riftsplitter now works as intended.
    • The Crescent Isle has been added to the Archipelago Map in Player Owned Ports.
    • The Crescent Island has been changed to the Crescent Isle for consistency in Player Owned Ports.
    • The Judge of Dice now appears in the correct interface with the correct island in Player Owned Ports.
    • A confirmation has been added when equipping tradable Player Owned Ports armour.
    • Players are no longer guaranteed a Player Owned Ports random event reward if they have the maximum amount of a certain type of reward.
    • Solomon Store overrides now work with bound Catalytic staffs.
    • The Auspicious katana stats have been updated.
    • The Enhanced ancient staves should now have the correct stats applied.
    • The stats of one kind of dark wizard whose life points were abnormally low has been adjusted.
    • The level of Iron dragons has been adjusted to make them weaker than Steel dragons again.

  9. Our latest Task Set - based around the Kharidian Desert, as per your feedback - is now available for all members! Eagle-dive into hay carts, fly on magic carpets and dominate the Dominion Tower to reap the treasures of the desert, including XP lamps, an upgradeable amulet, a daily supply of potato cacti, and much more!


    Desert Tasks (members only)


    It's Task time once again, and - in accordance with your feedback - our latest set is based in the sand-blasted splendour of the Kharidian Desert. For old-school veterans of the Achievement Diaries, this is a chance to add a new piece to your hard-earned Task gear collection and rack up some indispensable high-level rewards. For newer players, it's also a golden opportunity to discover the amazing content out there in Gielinor's arid lands, while picking up some sweet rewards in the process.


    The 43 new Tasks are split into Easy, Medium, Hard and Elite categories, and encompass the full breadth of the desert's adventuring prospects. The Tasks range from such humble undertakings as catching a golden warbler or dancing with the troubadours outside the Citharede Abbey, right up to heroic feats such as completing every achievement within the Dominion Tower, or slaying a desert strykewyrm while equipped with a fully charged slayer helm and ancient staff.


    Completing the Easy Tasks will earn you the Desert Amulet, which is upgraded with each consecutive tier of Tasks that you complete. Each upgrade increases the amulet's stats, and also adds handy functions to it. These include reduced failure on the Agility Pyramid; unlimited teleports to Nardah; and the ability to create a quota of molten glass each day only from soda ash, as long as you're within the desert.



    There's a ton of rewards to be had beside the amulet, too, all of which apply permanently when you've completed the requisite tier of Tasks. These include discounts at the Mage Training Arena's pizazz store; access to an additional teak tree and sandstone rock; the opportunity to upgrade the stats of your ancient staff; and a free, daily supply of potato cacti. Last, but not least, you'll get lamps full of glorious XP with each tier that you complete - up to a whopping 160,000 XP for the Elite tier!


    So - dust off your desert gear, top up your waterskin and bask in the oasis of Task-finishing fulfilment.


    We'd love to hear your ideas for future Task Sets, so head on over to the Suggestions Forum and let us know!


    Mod Maz

    Queen of Squirrels



    How to start the Desert Task Set:


    Access the Noticeboard. Then, select the Achievements heading, followed by 'Desert' in the drop-down box at the top-left of the interface. Through this, you can see what you need to do for each Task, and where to claim your rewards once you have completed the sets.



    You must be a RuneScape member.



    In Other News:

    • Grab one of our Abduction Teleports before it grabs you, over at Solomon's General Store!

    • Yelps is hosting a Summoning extravaganza on the Squeal of Fortune this weekend. Keep an eye out for further details!

    • The rug merchants in the desert now offer a new "fast travel" option, which instantly delivers you to your chosen magic carpet destination, albeit at 5 times the standard cost of the journey.

    • The Recruit-a-Friend system now uses Bonus XP scrolls, which are stackable and can be activated whenever you choose.

    • Diango has introduced a new way of retrieving your previously claimed holiday items, through an easy-to-use interface. Take a look here for full details.

    • Several monsters have had their Defence lowered, so they can be hit more consistently, including steel dragons and dark beasts.

  10. I'm in need of some advice. I've got the very basic port upgrades and only two ships. My progress and other images thus far:








    45% through the Scythe region, also. Is this good/bad? How should I proceed? I also have all ship upgrades that you can obtain before the Bowl region, apart from the rams/figureheads you can purchase with Cherrywood.

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