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  1. i didnt pay attention to how long each day, i get on and off alot during each day so its kinda hard to tell and yeah, i had thought 51 str was good for 2 days lol
  2. no kill him irl believe me if i knew who it was he would already be dead. thats not a joke :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: uuh yeah.. was a bit exaggerated lol i know walka irl... that doesnt seem like an exaggeration at all. hes a psycho :shock: gl tho, and nice barrow loots....
  3. thanks... every1 else flames. ohwell, cant say i dont deserve it
  4. made this pure a while ago but only got it off tutorial island yesterday stats: crppy bank: gonna get 40 range, then 40 attack then members 60 attack 70+ str 31 pray then maybe pk a bit rate/hate <-- most likely hate
  5. Erm they said they're out.. top of her/his post says till tommorow lol XD 0hips just an idiot...never mind him/her/it :P
  6. either something with a good range def or a zammy book(for prayer+ and range attack+)
  7. lol urballzrmine pretty much lives in world 22 XD major staker i havent seen ne good names tho :(
  8. wrong if healers are attacking you they dont heal jad. ive killed him 3 times and that has always been the case unless hidden update
  9. haha u gud nice bank 4 blues :o 2 santas, so much cash...a god sword...omg lol
  10. ugh more wana-be pkers who make vids...so sick of em jking, nice vids guys. gl on vid 4 \
  11. lol. i didnt think people could be so stupid.... neway. mine. im pking in edge wildy, with my black scim and str ammy, some duded attacks me. hes wearing a mith scim and full iron i attack him back him:noob dont safe me:i didnt... him: yes u did, you ate before i could get a K0 in, safer me: thats not safeing him:yes it is me:no.. [by then he is 2 distracted talking to realise he was low hp] i cast a water bolt on him, killing him he then pms me... him: stupid mager noob! ill ******* kill you, you **** him: get restocked and rematch me ******* him: and no mage this time or ill report you me: ok.... thanks for the scim btw him: stfu **** me: just be quiet and come back here... i fight him again, he safes after every hit, and gets low on food fast from eating and not hitting me he runs out of food and runs to ditch i water bolt him, he dies he pms me again him: reported for item scamming nub that is what f2p pking has become....its sad
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