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  1. ahahaha i remember when i became p2p and got my thifing to 30 because i really wanted to steal gems :lol: oh and i remember i almost cried when i lost full iron to a mugger #-o oh and i remember when i saw a lvl 21 guard and freaked out o.o lol i didnt know where falidor was until i was p2p and someone teled me to falidor and i got lost :ohnoes: lumbridge is every low levels home lol i was ftp for about a year i stayed in ftp area for about 2-3 years then i finally found cammy and catherby :D my noob story lol
  2. woohoo i got 2 blue eggs and 1 red egg :D talking about thowing us a bone theres another bone they threw months ago (the eggs) lol also... the last development diary is called relase and they said they are realesing that in 3 weeks... that is about 21 days from dec 20th :( so it will be reseased at like january the 10th :o
  3. barbarians assault and the snowglobe also the new stuff dark bow / dragon fire shield / godsword
  4. go into mage guild low detail and you can see inside the pet shop
  5. the reward is wiked i don't know why people are saying its bad??
  6. oh dont worry peepz all i had to do was talk to him after i got my skills up
  7. what do i need to do to finish it i have acess to the guild and i beaten the deamon btw the full guild and i got myself a legands cape! whats left to do??
  8. i can waield my legands cape and have acess the the guild but... it still apears yellow in my quest list and i can't weild my dragon sq sheild is there a reason for this?
  9. 1 million of 1 million stacks of "coins" jk not really i would like 1m dragon arrows :shock:
  10. it would seem combat is the best way to make money now tornys... high lvl monster killing well skills has also taken a hit by these updates :(
  11. silverlight or blurite swordi own both :D i bet many do lol
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