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  1. RKoF & Forsaken vs DG & SE ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- A few days ago a 2 vs 2 fight was set up, as Forsaken would be teaming up with RKoF (Fork) to take on Silent Ember and Dutch Generation (DS). Rules Thursday 23 September2 Rounds | 20+20 vs 20+20CWA Classic BoundariesRound 1 - Melee/Binds ONLYRound 2 - Melee/Binds + Ranged8pm GMT StartingNorth Spawn Attacks first roundExplorer ring allowedFoG allowedDungeoneering OFFCorrupt OFF5-men Sniper capFansite posting allowed ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- Round 1 - Melee+Binds Starting: The Fork: 41 people DS: 41 people (cut from 44 I believe) Note: DS agreed to make this round 41 vs 41, to let more people fight. We started off very well, dropping our first pile before he even realised. We moved on to our second, and third and so on, giving us a 2-men lead at an early stage making it 39-37 in our favour. I believe DS made a slight comeback closing in, but the Fork battled on giving them no chance to even it. With some swift piles, and good tanking from our side, . We sent our snipers at this point to dwindle their pile making it hard for DS to keep their binds going as the score was now 29-22 in our favour. Few moments later it was 27-14 and at this point DS left the CC to move on the the secound round. Ending: The Fork: 27 people DS: 0 ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- Round 2 - Melee+Binds + Ranged Starting: The Fork: 40 people DS: 40 people The fight started off as we rushed DS this time. Both clans had good KO power at the start, making it very hard for anyone who got piled at this early stage to tank. DS managed to take a lead for a short period but we soon caught up with a few KO's going, and good tanking from our side, until we took the lead at 24-23 extending it to 24-22 and from then onwards never looking back, to end the fight with 20 people. Ending: The Fork: 20 People DS: 0 ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- Thanks for the fight DG + SE, and a special thanks goes to RKoF for teaming up with us :wub: Well Done Fork Unit
  2. [« « « « « «] IRC: #Rs-Forsaken Forums: http://s7.zetaboards.../Clan_Forsaken/ [» » » » » »] ♪ Videos ♪ None yet, will be uploaded soon! Today Forsaken had a 2 Round Cwa matched fight against Clan Europe, knowing Clan Europe is very experienced in matched fights we stayed sharp and took it serious. The Rules were the following: *CWA Matched *7.30pm GMT Starting [big]*2 Rounds *Round 1: Melee/binds + Ranged *Round 2: Melee/binds[/big] *CWA Classic - Centre Bounds *North Attacks *Explorer ring allowed *Corrupt OFF. *Dung OFF *Post ON *world 118 Round 1: Forsaken Starting: 20 Clan Europe Starting: 20 ( Don't got the picture :srs: ) Since they spawned north they were to attack first, when they rushed in we quickly downed our first pile before they downed ours, after that we got a KO (Gf Trwf Henry) at that point it was 19-18, having great binds and an amazing range unit we downed our piles quickly leaving us victorious. Forsaken ending: 10 Clan Europe ending: 0 Round 2: Forsaken Starting: 22 Clan Europe Starting: 22 Round 2 started off even the first few minutes they downed their first pile before us but we managed to get a KO and other good piles which made the score 20-18, but during the mid fight we started lacking in binds which took us time to drop our piles which made Ce slowly catch up and take the lead. Forsaken Ending: 0 Clan Europe Ending: 11 Thanks for the fight Clan Europe, Forsaken should be proud of a good performance Clan Europe is one of the hardest Clan is Matched fights. Goodfight Some Pics:
  3. Gratz BK, it's nice to see more full out wars :thumbsup:
  4. I stopped caring when your fall in broke boundaries the 2 times he got piled, and another member of yours traded for more food twice with a lvl 72 there. why should I bother if you want to be sneaky at a simple matched opts. fight? lol
  5. [« « « « « «] IRC: #Rs-Forsaken Forums: http://s7.zetaboards.../Clan_Forsaken/ [» » » » » »] ♪ Videos ♪ None yet, will be uploaded soon! Earlier Today we managed to set up a war with CS Forces for tonight, after many clans declined our offer for a run in we had to settle for a matched opts. fight. We readily agreed on the rules without any problem. Both clans started with 54 opts. and Cs Forces earned the right to attack as they pulled a few more than us (thanks for cutting). Both clans started well mantaining a solid pile with CS Forces taking a slight lead as they dropped their first pile a few seconds before us but we managed to get a KO on our 2nd or 3rd target to give us a slight lead this time. CS Forces got a KO later on aswell to make it even. The fight went on evenly for a while but I felt we were slowly gaining a lead as our members tanked very well. When it came to the last 6-7 piles, CS Forces seemed to have ran out binders and we finished the fight off by switching piles and draining their food to finally end with 5 people left. Thanks for the good fight CS Forces, you did great. *Tuesday 31 August [TONIGHT] *PvP Matched *2.30pm EST | 7.30pm GMT Starting *Melee/binds + Ranged *Boundaries - Tree to tree *3 Sniper Cap *Who Cuts attacks *No Corrupt. *No Dungeoneering =========================== Forsaken Starting: 54 Opts. Forsaken Ending: 15 opts. Cs Forces Starting: 54 Opts. Cs Forces Ending: 0 =========================== Goodfight once again CS Forces, thanks for accepting this short prep.
  6. War Video, watch in HD
  7. Youtube HD Video - This video will cause high CPU usage, to view the video in a lower quality, please click here. watch in HD, quality not so good <_< War Topic - http://forum.tip.it/topic/275690-forsaken-vs-lwt/
  8. Goodluck, hope you last longer than most clans which have opened these last 3-4months
  9. Timezone, that is all the Top 10 list is based on uncapped fights nowadays, EST clans will always have a massive advantage in uncapped fights as they can simply outlast, if need be, a few hours till it gets too late for GMTers to keep the numbers GMT clans have good organisation, I daresay better than most EST clans their size and when it comes to man for man situations on even numbers, shows the quality Also some say GMT clans don't fight outside their comfort zone, yet I still don't see many EST clans stepping out of theirs to fight Aussie clans either and you still expect GMT clans to fight at 11pm GMT onwards lol Fighting at 4pm is a different story than fighting at 11pm aswell ;)
  10. they've been doing PvP for a long time lol
  11. Earlier this week, officials from the Lithuanian Warriors approached us for a fight this weekend which we greedily accepted having no event planned yet. Our sign up didn't look too good, with most of our Brit Unit not able to make it due to Bank Holiday Monday but this didn't dishearten us and we went in the fight pumped up with a great mix of all styles.
  12. As far as i'm concerned CWA can be removed once and for all seeing neither me nor my clan will be affected, although unfortunately I don't see it happening in the near future. You have to risk it to get the biscuit
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