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  1. thanks guys..i might do the steel plate method..but the dragon hide bodies sell for about 10k...and they only alch for like 4k..how am i supposed to make money out of that?? so steel plates it is :thumbsup:
  2. hi i have lvl 56 mage and i can high alch and i was wondering ..can you actually make money off of high alching..so please post some stuff about high alching for f2p..thanks :thumbsup:
  3. you mean as in sell it to people? really? people buy it ?lol thanks
  4. i am curiious of what other runescapers are doing to get soo much money..please post.. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: [/i]
  5. ergh.. i cant cant find new ways.. i hate being f2p..><... oh and i thought about buying coal and mining iron and making steel bars but the prices for coal are going up and down...
  6. hop around at bettys mage shop and buy earts and waters till 10 ea and sell 15-25 ea ok yeah ..i did that....didnt work at all... so i am not sellling them on forums for like 15 each.. :( :( ..but thanks anyway
  7. aww..well thanks guys but parents wont let me be member...>< :cry: :cry: :cry: oh well thanks...more suggestions are helpful!
  8. ok right now i am air running...kinda good money but slow progress.. i timed my self for 30 minutes and in the end i got 24k for 2k each run..that means i didnt it about 15 times... its slow and you have run to everywhere... i also tried killing hillys and getting and selling there bones... didnt work that much..people kill the hillys too much..i tried selling lobbies.. i have to run back and forth from karamja and i keep on burning the lobbies... i tried merchanting but doesnt work well... so i need help to choose with method... should i keep one of them and keep doing it or should i choose another? please help.. i have about 300k (ppl who want to tell me to keep merchanting). and NEW ideas are good too...please help..thanks!!!!
  9. ok thanks but i just sell them to ppl right? and the more you buy the price goes higher..so do i change worlds everytime it goes under???
  10. well it depends if you are f2p or p2p..but if you are f2p, buy like a full rune set and a rune scimi, b axe or 2h..or get all of them..depends on what you like..or something trimmed if you like trimmed money...of work harder and gain more money for rune trimmed armors such as sara and zammy..hope this helps.. :D :D
  11. do you mean you have seen this by different authors ??? cuz if not, i am confused
  12. thanks guys and sorry i didnt put how much money i put.. and i have around 300k in cash right now..so yeah...keep it comming :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  13. i am trying to merchant for a living for prices keep on going lower and lower..can anybody tell me what to merchant? the full rune thing is going lower and lower...now they sell for around 170k instead of 200k..can somebody help me??..please? :( :(
  14. what is your favorite rune trimmed armor? i personally like most of them ..i like the rune (t) cuz its kinda cheap and good looking.. sara is nice but kinda expensive.. zammy is cool if you are in the evil mood..guth is kinda kewl too and not that expensive... i hate all armos (g).. it looks repulsive ..so i want to know your favorite!! please reply ... :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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