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    Winged Fish on a RWT complaint- [quote]There's four complaints on the whole site, one from a mother who was convinced by her son that the RWTers she was buying him items from were from Jagex (and then got scammed and is taking it out on Jagex), two people complaining about having their accounts taken away, and one ranting on the trade restrictions and wilderness removal.

    Now just change the background color and page layout, and you have the RSoF[/quote]

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  1. Lol, sorry. Just got a pair for the first time and didn't have a chance to check them out, so I posted instead.
  2. which one should I use? training attack.
  3. Great job on this awesome guide. Do you think I can take them with my stats? Those are the only things holding me back by the looks of it...
  4. [hide=]What?[/hide] Well... yeah never mind that. I don't pk, so... :roll:
  5. Awesome bank. A little off topic, but when did you hatch those god birds? I'm curious of how many a person can currently have hatched.
  6. So, does anyone currently have more than one, that can answer me?
  7. One out at a time, or one in all my bank/inv/out/anything? Edit: Because there's a post on the drops board where Curtis Joseph has two god birds
  8. I have like 5 guthix eggs, and one sara. I want to know if I cah hatch one now, and be able to keep it once I get a Zammy one (and try to hatch it).
  9. Fishing anyone? Takes months to 99 (properly, not barb), yields decent profit and food for later use
  10. Its ok, and thank you very much for your answers.
  11. Which is the faster way with nats for 66, Abyss, or Graahk?
  12. Same. I'm too busy to worry about someone blessing my grave. I rather just stay alive the entire time.
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