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  1. The prayer icon should light up right as you start swinging your sword. If you're flashing a protection prayer, the prayer should turn off right as the enemy starts its attack animation. If you're doing it correctly, you should not lose any prayer, and the prayer will deactivate right after the icon lights up. You can ask all the questions in the world about something, but you'll only get the hang of it by actually playing. If you'd actually dungeoneer, you'd get the hang of it. The people answering your questions most likely got their answer through personal experience, so you can see how effective actually playing the game is.
  2. The Ferocious ring adds 40 to every hit. The Berserker (i) would have to add 80 to your max to equal it.
  3. You should probably post on the rsof about your membership. The hacker can recover your account with the billing information if you don't have Jagex clear it.
  4. We don't live under a rock Sy. You should have assumed the opposite to begin with.
  5. It'll be extremely difficult and chances are you will mess up quite a bit. You're better off just flashing one prayer; prayer potions are cheap anyway.
  6. Prayer flashing hasn't changed in any aspect other than the timing. Offensive flashing is still done right as the attack animation starts. Defensive prayers need to be flashed so that your prayer deactivates at the moment your enemy launches the attack. Pre-runetek5, you would flash the prayer right as the enemy attack animation began. You can still flash every type of prayer without losing any prayer points. This change coincides with the delay given to npc attacks. The hitsplat no longer appears when their attack animation begins, but shortly after.
  7. You don't need to be concerned with what she says, just when she says something. It's the same theme for each statement.
  8. Cute. Glad you saved it, might as well make it your sig. It's on page 2 genius. Took me all of 20 seconds to find. Maybe you should stop being a dumb and annoying troll; at least try to be funny. However, my doubts that you have the capability to do so are great.
  9. Turn off your protection prayer when the dragon starts its attack animation and you'll be protected. Soul split needs to be activated when your attack animation starts to take effect.
  10. I think this would make the most sense in terms of not going too much out of the window in solving these, but, on the other hand, it'd still be quite a bit difficult than the puzzles now. As this hasn't been discussed too much, would anyone like to guess which monsters will drop these babies? 2 of the monsters are confirmed, but, are a bit restricted in killing them. All the boss monsters in rs would also make sense to drop them(mithril dragons included) but would monsters like ice strykewyrms and dark beasts be deemed fit for them? I doubt abyssals would, because that'd just be too easy. Which two are confirmed? Bork and the Skeletal Horror. Do you have any proof of this? It's hard to believe that Jagex would allow a boss exclusive to Demonheim drop TT's. Skeletal Horror, not Skeletal Horde.
  11. This may be good while on a slayer task, but I'd rather have the extra 5% attack while not on a slayer task. Banking usually only takes about 2 minutes or less, so the extra banking from regular prayers isn't too bad. As to prayer flashing, you should definitely flash soul split if you're good at it. It's probably safest to wait until they aren't aggressive if you aren't very good though. If you aren't doing anything else such as picking up drops, flashing can stretch your supplies significantly. It's no big deal if you miss a hit here or there, since soul split overheals you.
  12. While you're at it, switch the games necklace for a house teleport. Assuming you have an altar and a mounted amulet of glory, you can get back with full prayer reliably. The wilderness lever in Edgeville isn't random like the wilderness obelisks.
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