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  1. Thanks for the reply. This is exactly what I am having difficulty with. I must be doing something wrong :-(
  2. I need help people - call me a n00b if you wish. I have added some combat scrolls to my slayer helm but I forget which ones. I have tried to figure out which familiar this relates to but without success. Is there any way to remove the scrolls without summoning the relevant familiar? Thanks your your replies.
  3. You may want to consider getting some Greenmans Ale (m) for a +2 herb boost enabling you to make the higher potions sooner. Given the cost of these you can make them yourselve very cheaply via the Trouble Brewing minigame. I regulaly use the ale to boost my herb level and have enjoyed the experiance of making higher level potions easily.
  4. Any sugestions on clan chats I can join in while I am skilling?
  5. Whay has no one mentioned star hunting? I found this a fun way to get mining xp and after cashing the bonus mining boost makes you mine a further 15 minutes.
  6. My comment would be that I absolutly love the Enhanced Excalibar for "free food" and defence boost. I use it all the time.
  7. I'm still waiting to test out the new skill. From what I hear it is very frustrating at lower levels. I'm looking forward to being able to study Tipit's guides and tackle the new skill.
  8. Hi ya Great guide. My only comment is to consider using a cannon at stars at either Neitiznot Rune Mine or the Lunar Isle Mine. I often take the cannon with me when solo hunting the one at Neitz - comes in very handy. Regards Izakiwi2
  9. I'd suggest grabbing some Summer Pies as these will boost agility by +5 and as a bonus they heal 11Hp times 2 bites. :rolleyes:
  10. Best I can suggest is buy 1 month of membership and the plan to work to this guide when you go back to f2p. http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?f=103&t=560977
  11. Getting Varrock armour will help with the number of battle staffs you can buy from Zarf in Varrock each day. Varrock 1 = 16, Varrock 2 = 32, Varrock 3 = 64. Buy for 7k each and sell on GE for over 8k each. If you stockpile a crafter may give you a very nice trade. Either way it is easy (small) money each day. On a similar vein - Getting your daily limit of sand from Bert in Yanille, and Seaweed and Pineapples from Arnheim in Catherby will over time get you a nice amount of cash. Or stockpile for use yourself later.
  12. I've been doing some barbarian fishing at Otto's grotto (North of the barbarian outpost) which is good experiance depending on your level. Feel free to add me if you want (I play gmt + 12 so you may not catch me until the weekend) and I'd be happy to share information. \
  13. Hi everyone After some ideas on how to efficiently balance my low skills to say level 85. Ideally I would like not to spend huge amounts of cash to do this. Any and all ideas welcome. Thanks for your help =D>
  14. izakiwi2


    If speed is the main criteria, try barbarian fishing at Otto's grotto. Use the roe for bait and bank the caviar at Barbarian Outpost to sell.
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