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  1. Goddamn, that's a fair bit of money and I'm literally strapped at the moment. If we're seriously serious about this, I could just save but we have to be concrete. I'm GMT but pretty flexible on Saturday, Sunday and possibly Wednesday (up to 2-3am GMT)


    To make matters worse, my computer has literally refused to play TF2 recently. I don't know when I'm getting a new PC, but hopefully this month sometime, so I'll be able to play again.


    P.S. I apologise for my activity, or lack thereof. I literally only go on Facepunch now, so this forum has slowly sunk in the web priorities.

  2. Just a note really: the correct terminology is 'Retroactive Continuity', oft shortened down to 'Retcon', which is when established facts are changed, or altered if you will. For instance, your Mario example: if Mario became like Al Capone and a Car Mechanic then Mario would have been 'retconned'.

  3. I don't see Axtinguisher going down, tbh. It'll stay at 2rec-1ref for a long time, since it's such a valuable item for the Pyro. I had to buy mine for 1 refined, but oh well. Shame I wasted that name tag on the Postal Pummeller though.

  4. I think this was out last week, I remember getting depressed about not seeing my handbag there XD Oh, and SPUF saying "OHEMGEE UPDATE THURSDAY" then Thursday came, and nothing. Then yesterday's Thursday came and again nothing.


    I remember when the Cremator's Conscience was released on GameBanana. I thought it was so adorablee, I'm glad it got in game. I know that the Spy Disguised Hat is a Top Hat with a Spy's Disguised Mask on it, the mask has a Backbiter's Billycock on it. It looks pretty lulzy XD Seems that a lot of the work I saw being made on Facepunch made it in.


    Oh, and Tim, I highly doubt Max's, Bill's and Bud's will ever become craftable, since they make up 5/10's of the economy.

  5. Bills Hat is worth 4-5 keys (about £10-12), and Buds is worth roughly 11-12 keys (about £20). I know 'cause I game-trade a lot, so I don't want some idiot offering me, like, a Bill's for a copy of Skyrim or something :l


    And no, Ellis/Frying Pan has not been discontinued, I don't think it ever will. Which is why people see the Ellis Cap as "trash".


    Edit: Let me clarify. Don't get pricing information from Reddit. Ever. Get it from a reliable source. Oh, and, Vintage Hatlesses are among the highest priced hats (in the vintage section, that is) in-game.

  6. Anyone else got really bad FPS recently?


    I was chasing a Medic and it dropped to 8 for literally no reason. Isn't the first time that's happened recently either...


    Also, nice job Tim. I'll never forget the day I accidentally crafted my Vintage Pain Train... :cry:

  7. Enforcer was perfectly balanced before this 1 second thing, it's just that it doesn't have a downside with the Dead Ringer. That's the issue here, not the Enf/IW combo, but the Enf/DR combo. Although I'm pretty excited about the Noh Mercy becoming a misc, since I completed my Spy Hat collection 2 days ago. Now I've got to pick between my beloved Le Party Phantom or the Noh Mercy... Actually, now that I look at it, the update says "multiple misc slots". Maybe we're getting more than two? :optimist:


    And thanks Tim :3 I'm working on changing it a bit, might add a sort of crocleather texture to it to make it stick out a bit more.

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