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  1. Lots of new pictures! [spoiler=15M Runecrafting Exp!] [spoiler=57-60M Cooking Exp] [spoiler=260M Total Exp!] [spoiler=13M Mining Exp!] [spoiler=24M Firemaking Exp!] And one worth not putting in spoilers... I finally got it! :D -Med-
  2. Congrats on all of those dungeoneering levels Medi! :D So close to total maxing now ;) Also those capes are looking really good :) -Med-
  3. Haha future pics will be in spoilers now :P Thanks for making me know about that Grade haha [spoiler=27-30M Smithing Exp] [spoiler=26M Wc exp & 106 Woodcutting (2x99!)] [spoiler=105 Firemaking!] I'm now 400k from 99 mining, taking a small break from it currently though :) -Med-
  4. [spoiler=For no lagg] Took a small break from mining, now I'm going to smith for my clan's Smithing competition! :) -Med-
  5. Thanks Sub Used the bonus exp weekend to get rid of those last 12k big bones that stood in my bank for the last... year maybe? :xd:Going to stay in the mining guild still for now -Med-
  6. I was wrong, I did not go back to mining after my two last milestones. There is currently a skilling competition in my clan, so I decided to participate. The skill for the competition is fishing, so I am back to fishing once again! (and I'm doing the World Event 2 each day as well, since like a week :P ) Going to continue fishing until January 25th probably, since that's the day when the competition ends. -Med-
  7. Finally achieved them :) 3rd skill 25M+, and 5th skill 20M+ :) -Med-
  8. It's been a bit over a month since I've updated, so I've done mostly mining since then, reached 97, and about halfway to 98. Then I needed to do something afk though, so I went fishing and woodcutting again, I'm pretty close to 25M woodcutting exp, and getting closer to 20M fishing exp as well, probably going to get them both together :) I should probably go back to mining after that though, we'll see when time comes I guess :P -Med-
  9. @Gradey : Someday :-/ And even more coming ;) @Firehawk : Thanks :D: [spoiler=More pictures here] AND... More cooking and woodcutting now! :D It's the end of the school session, so I will need some afk'ness :P -Med-
  10. Haha thanks Medi :) Lots of pictures once again :P ^112 cook^101 craft^104 woodcut More overexp incoming! :D -Med-
  11. Congrats on everything Slayas! Especially on 99 Smithing :D Have fun burying bbones and dungeoneering now :P -Med-
  12. Psst nub :P Bol ends soon, we'll see what I'll train then :P -Med-
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