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  1. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=UhAuZ93j-qw Check that vid out, at the end I get tbed, and frozen by the things :anxious: -Santeh
  2. Well.. I don't really think it's worth the time/effort/cost. Im raising it with Tears Of Guthix \ I seen someone buying it today, I was at warriors guild alching, and he ran in and out for hours non-stop.. -Santeh
  3. Well I think the pets are awesome. :D Just the fact that you have to feed them when there adults I hear.. :( Also when you summon Familiars you lose summoning points.. I think the familiars are pointless, you have to make the scrolls, the first few low level ones don't hit anyway.. I gave up at 5 Summoning :thumbsup: But yea I got a lovely Dalmatian =D>
  4. Well Personally These Are My Favourite. Trapt - Headstrong Seether - Remedy Disturbed - 10'000 Fists Slayer - Angel Death ACDC - TNT Disturbed - Stricken Papa Roach - Getting Away With Murder Disturbed - Land Of Confusion Rise Against - Give It All Soil - Pride Papa Roach - Done With You Any 'System Of A Down' Song The Legion of Doom - Lolitas Medicine Papa Roach - Last Resort Breaking Benjamin - Blow Me Away Some Other Well Used Songs Which I Don't Tend To Favour. Bomfunk MC's - Freestyler Fort Minor - Remember The Name Hope You Include Some Of My Reccomendations In Your Vid. :mrgreen: -Santeh :
  5. Enjoy, NOTE: THESE ARE ALL MY KILLS. PKed a lurer by accident :roll: Loot: 2M cash, obby cape, guthix skirt, 3 pieces of a cannon, ddp, 3 g mauls. Shared Loot: 3 g mauls, 400k. Thanks to: Z Trivium Z. God knows what he was up to in that gear. :-s Loot: Whip, Granite plate+shield, rune boots+legs Shared Loot:Plate, shield, boots, legs. Thanks to: I 0wna11pur3 Pked on my level 36 :D Loot: Full Black Mystic, 400 deathrunes Shared Loot: Nothing. Thanks to: Me :thumbsup: Didnt think he would die :wink: Loot: Rune no kiteshield, DDS. Shared Loot: Nothing. Thanks to: Me : Underestimated once again :P Loot:Black mystic Hat+top, rune plate+kite, DDS+Dlong Shared Loot: Nothing Thanks to: Me :wall: Hope You Enjoy. -Santeh
  6. Well, I want to put some screenshots up of everything, Pking, Drops, Clue Rewards Ect. Where shall I post it thanks alot.
  7. Very nice, I'd like to join you sometime(as if im good anoth lol.) :mrgreen: Goodluck with your dds goal :shock: -Santeh
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