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  1. Look it up on youtube, it's a song by Bullet For My Valentine. *musical inspiration +1 awesome points*
  2. That is [bleep] stupid. It is a rule, whenever a guy see's another guy with his legs open, he kicks him hard. That is manlaw. It's totally a manlaw to never kick another guy in the nuts because you know how much it hurts. [bleep] that [cabbage]. How else am I supposed to win a fight I start without bruises? By not being a little [bleep]. Also, I stepped on a nail embedded in a board. Went straight through my shoe into the arch of my foot. @ Lenin, that almost happened to my face. I tripped and fell and it almost went into my eye, but thankfully I pushed it just past the edge of my head as I was falling.
  3. I think that while in hiding I'll keep a journal and later turn it into a best selling video game / book / movie that will net me billions. :thumbup:
  4. Thanks, I'll try some enjambment in my next one.
  5. A little dark, but emotion is good in poetry. Some of them were sort of vague however, and in the third poem (I think) you started repeating but then stopped and returned to it as the last line. I would have liked it more if you had repeated "Every minute it gets worse" once more before the end. *cough* shameless advertisement in my sig *cough* ;)
  6. Removed URL's, posted the poems, and added hide tags. Post now please :)
  7. Except China siding with North Korea would never happen unless they did nothing first, and other countries just started bombing the [cabbage] out of them. If North Korea ever fires a missile and it hits any other country China at the very worst would just stay out of it. More than likely they would be against North Korea. Exactly, there is no reason for China to stick its neck out and start a war (especially on the size being talked about here) in defence of NK - to be honest, if the US suddenly did invade NK without provocation I can't see China starting WWIII because of its links, its just not worth it for them - why risk your world position for one terrible little country you have vague links with? Because you have a secret plan for world domination, and that's exactly the excuse you were looking for to launch it. That's actually a valid point, another thread is discussing that Russian and Chinese spies hacked the US Powergrid. *goes back to digging fallout shelter*
  8. Meh, I never liked Brawl, but Galaxy was good. And what about WAW?
  9. After looking at everything, it bothered me to find that in the US Elections, we had no communists. That made me frown. Not to mention the fact that liberals in America are actually more right than they are left.
  10. Wii FPS + Online + WiiSpeak = First true winning Wii game?
  11. Oasis? Or we could go into a more tropical jungle setting, like Botswana.
  12. Before this turns into "Ever Caught Them"... AND GETTING BACK ON TOPIC....
  13. Make sure every member of the team brings a minimum of one girl along :twss:. That idea I like, much more civilized. Of course, having every guy "Free for all" over girls doesn't exactly seem right. Yeah, not fair to you guys. I'd get them all, zombie or not :) We should kidnap Paris Hilton and have her be the... what's the term... public asset?
  14. From this article, I'm thinking NK hasn't.
  15. Were you dropped on your head as a child or were you just born stupid? Are you just having some flamebait fun or were you just born an e-jerk? Is this entire quote chain going to be two part questins or are you guys just a little bored?
  16. It might be ridiculous to you. But I'm sure there's somebody that was saved by an American soldier. But, of course, there's probably somebody out there that feels wronged by America. Quantity in Category A > Quantity in Category B
  17. By having crappier environment, worse AIs, etc. ? Nah just kidding. I'll look into this, but it looks like it's only single player. I've been looking for a good multiplayer game for the longest time :x http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Massive_Action_Game Oh dear god... =P~
  18. I'll be leader of the free world by then. And if I'm not, my neighborhood will band together to become a super tiny doctatorship so that when the fight for resources begins, we own until we become a super powerful country. Then, conquest of the western world.
  19. I think it's -1 kill and -10 score.
  20. If it were for Wii, it would own so hard.
  21. I actually heard that theory before. The missing part, however, is a Hitler lurking in the background. *cough* Lenin64 *cough*
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