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  1. Hah I need to take a break from life and do some crew leader work before I start playing rs again lol. I'll get there soon enough and get 100 dg :p

  2. No more lalala? :(

  3. forums messin with my text art

  4. __ __

    l l_l l

    l _ AVE A NICE

    l__l l__l


    l ' .

    l D i

    l.___, 'AY

  5. Thanks for the Congrats' :)

  6. All I'm saying is, if I shared the same name with a power ranger, I'd embrace it.

  7. I noticed you don't have a profile picture, so I found you one.


  8. Thanks, I did have a good birthday :)

  9. Take out the trash!

  10. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Have some cake

  11. cute.

    Hallo back

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