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  1. come back please, kthxbye :)

  2. For some reason i just can't bring myself to log in again. Ah well, best of luck to you, just hang around the forums a bit more ;)
  3. Last time i checked in w7 at the lvl 15 RD, there was noone there (or maybe one other person) so that can't be much of a problem. Tell me when you're mining, i want to get 80 mining, might aswell enjoy some company ;)
  4. oh, hi there, strength is ftw, get 99 :P I too seem to get back to rs, verryy slowly though, might see you there again ;)
  5. coming back is for noobs :P

    (might log on some time in the future, though, watch fsc ;))

  6. lol noob, not even 1k total yet :twss: 10/10 for the fishing though, can't seem to stand it somehow :|
  7. Thanks dodo, good luck with 80 rc, couldnt stand it myself (even in p2p) :P
  8. Grats geed and sugar on your 99's. tbh sugar you schould get a good 99 next, like mining or strength. :P
  9. hey you! good luck with the levels, the AD's and so on and so on :P
  10. Come back you froob.

  11. grats on 98 sugar! and allow me to be the first one to pre-grats you on 99: grats noob. tbh you should get it with 1337 total.
  12. unless your computer finds it fun to quit the browser when you load rs ;)
  13. grats on 96, now get 99 *cough* my total's still higher than yours *cough*
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