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  1. Manual, If you're just looking for people to hang with, check out Spirits of Arianwyn. Very fun group!
  2. Well, Emerald, it's nice to meet you! I would like you to check out our clan, Spirits of Arianwyn. We are a community/skilling based clan, and have regular events. We have a pretty active clan chat, and cover all different timezones, so there is always someone to hang out with. Below is our flyer of sorts, with links to our forums. Feel free to check us out!
  3. Hello, Discrepancy! I hope you are finding getting into a clan pretty easy. I would like to suggest the clan of which I am a member: Spirits of Arianwyn. We are community/skilling oriented, and have regular clan events.
  4. When looking at the voting that occurred, can you give us a bit of a breakdown on how the votes happend? Specifically I'm interested in how many accounts that were created after the vote was announced voted? How many members voted for/against? How many accounts that were inactive for years voted. Allowing some transparency in these areas might give this vote something that, to me, it was lacking: legitimacy. Thanks, Msottement Edit: Will all that is in the wildy now be available without the pvp aspect? I have grown to love treasure trails, but will be very saddened if I have to deal with pvp just to do a distraction.
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