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  1. I also dont visit often its probably years since i last posted. This used to be place to find all new things what is going in game...now rsof replaced this for me.


    btw original tip.it admin Lightning plays again active :P


    in my opinion best era for these forums were 2002-2003...this was place what you could read all day long with bag of popcorn :P

    wasn't lightning the second ever play to sign up to runescape iirc


    and yeah rip forums as an entire style, I don't play runescape anymore but I have never considered using anything but reddit for league of legends


    Kinda why after my main got banned I stopped playing RS. 25% of the reason I played was for end-level content and 75% was the social aspect. By the time I left in 2011, my friends list was deserted.


    The name-change ability from 2009 was the beginning of the end. I started playing MW2, by then if i quit for three or four months I'd barely recognize my friends list. I have nothing against higher exp rates, but RS3 takes it too far. The reason people left for CoD/LoL et al. was because these games didn't require MASSIVE time investment to play high level content. When there wasn't much late game content it's not too bad, but now low level/mid level content is deserted as swathes have left.. It's not fun playing on your own in much less populated worlds compared to before. Another example of when Jagex's inaction to a changing gaming market has hurt them. The good thing about OSRS is it  has features which people wanted in 2007, more developer interaction and more bosses while keeping familiarity*. Also Micro transactions (non cosmetic) is BS  <_<



    *Yes I know EOC was in beta for a long time. However many RS players return after prolonged period out. A player from 2011 will struggle to transition to RS3. A player from 2006 rejoining in 2011 wouldn't find it so hard. 


    I think it is horribly flawed to suggest that OSRS some how 'keeps familiarity' when RS3 does not - both are mmorpg with regular updates so OSRS is moving away from the familiar ground that returning players would know in the same was RS3 has. Not to mention the idea that OSRS has 'more bosses' is daft, RS3 has plenty of new boss mobs too.


    And it's not like the new combat system can be used as a 'keeps players away' thing any more when there is legacy combat mode, momentum, revolution and preset hotbars all of which help people transition from the old to the new system if they wish too and, unlike at launch, people understand the new combat now so there is plenty of guides and info out there to tell you whats what instead of everyone being like OMG 20 MILLION NEW THINGS TO CLICK.


    Also how does it make sense that you think RS3 having higher xp rates has gone "too far" yet in the next sentence you take issue with it being a "massive time investment" to reach end-game content? You can't have lower xp rates AND  smaller time investment they are kind opposite ends of the scale.


    Also I don't see how in one breath you moan Jagex has been inactive to the changing game market and in the next moan about microtransactions - the biggest change to the games market as a whole these past 2 or 3 years is the move towards microtransactions and Jagex has made that move without completely selling out to a pay-to-win structure. (I mean yes bonds let you buy gp which lets you buy good gear, but it's not as direct or as op as some games do and arguably we could all buy gold already just not within the rules)


    I had another look at osrs while procrastinating from exams today and it has already moved well past the point where anything is familiar


    not that that is a bad thing and I am sure if I had been playing the game I would have wanted the new content, but the same mistakes of making weapons armor etc more and more powerful whips are useless again is happening all over again.  Not to mention the real problem of there are no new players coming in and everyone wants endgame content

  3. Ok so I did an hour of blood rcing via abyss. Turns out my 160k estimate was pretty good (granted my method was horribly unoptimized as you are about to see):




    I forgot to keep track of my blood rune count but I think it was around 5.8k for the hour. 99 rc. Even once bloods inevitably crash this should still be make at least 1m/hr bare minimum.




    - All 5 available pouches

    - No avatar bonus

    - No RAF

    - No bonux XP

    - No bonus XP outfit

    - No presets

    - No familiar

    - Repairing pouches at mage

    - I was attacked twice (no deaths) and had to change surge route / use freedom (minor inconvenience). Shouldn't be an issue when hype dies down.

    - There seems to be a bug where if you are attacked at a certain point when entering you don't get the 3.5x bonus. 4 of my runs in that hour were base XP.

    - The click boxes on the altar portals are awful. A lot of my wasted time came from trying to click the blood altar portal.


    If fully optimized this could push 190k-200k/hr IMO

    200k/hr runecraft exp sounds horrifying when it used to be slow enough that it was faster to train it with effigys 


    logged onto tipit for the first time in ages.


    The procrastination from studying is strong.

    Were you the guy that got ddosed awhile back?


    mm no point getting mad about it now because so long ago, but was always sure it was someone here who sold my ip as it stopped when I stopped using my main ip for tipit.

  5. I'm curious, how did you do all the landscaping and whatnot in it? Like, how did you set up the world so the biomes were in the exact place you wanted, and the ground was shaped in a certain way, and the River Lum ran exactly where it does in relation to everything else?


    I did very little of the map building, that was done firstly by Podcrash, then my servers staff.


    But all the landscaping was done by hand (with tools like mcedit though of course) so there are not really any biomes, every river, tree building etc was put there on purpose.


    What exactly is difficult to master about RS combat?

    Was referring to dangerous PvP and PK'ing. It was very easy to quickly detect which opponents actually knew how to fight and which ones didn't based on their decision-making whilst in combat.


    Bad PK'ers...

    -depended on rushing, tagging, and PJing for kills

    -got killed by rushers, taggers, and PJers

    -would choose to safe instead of spec if both fighters are low hp (doesn't apply for tanks)

    -wouldn't use terrain to their advantage (using trees and wilderness signs as safespots for kiting or healing without taking additional damage)

    -didn't hybrid/tribrid (different armor styles counts as hybridding)

    -didn't know phoenix necklaces, pizzas, tuna taters, and brews exist


    I'd also argue that PK'ing with less than 45 defense after 2006 is another sign that they don't know what they're doing but there were still a few low def pures kicking ass around that time. It's just that by then, the only people who 1 def pures could consistently kill were other 1 def pures or extremely unskilled people w/ defense. After armor got atrength bonuses and natural selection weeded out the people who would wander into the wild skulled with their bank and everyone hopped on the 1 def bandwagon, 1 def pures quickly became obsolete


    People with 1 defence pures often made the accounts solely to fight other 1 defence pures and would refuse to even fight anyone with defence, was just a different faster combat mode.


    Not sure how I can defend the levels of skill it to took to pk with an iron titan at level 35 though. 



    And in general to people saying the old combat took no skill, high risk pk fights (like risking 50m++) were pretty skill based, I used to generally avoided them or expect to lose just because I staked rather than pk'd. Nothing at all similar exists in the game now. And this was just for edgeville fights, hybrid high risk was even more intense.

    [spoiler=found an old video of high risk fighting]






    Adapt or quit, eat up. ;]


    It seems that more people chose the latter than the former, which is unfortunate for Jagex and the players who chose to keep playing.


    Unlike pretty much every other change to rs in history this is the case it seems, this sort of sarcastic comment kind of falls flat now.


    I hate to say never, but with the game so vastly different from the one I loved, I don't ever see myself playing runescape again, real life quickly fills in the time gaps and it really would take a perfect game to get me to consider the time commitment playing takes. A lot of ex-players I stay in contact with feel the same way, I don't think pvp or staking is ever going to recover properly for example.  



    I wasn't being sarcastic >_>


    meant the one you quoted sorry


    Adapt or quit, eat up. ;]


    It seems that more people chose the latter than the former, which is unfortunate for Jagex and the players who chose to keep playing.


    Unlike pretty much every other change to rs in history this is the case it seems, this sort of sarcastic comment kind of falls flat now.


    I hate to say never, but with the game so vastly different from the one I loved, I don't ever see myself playing runescape again, real life quickly fills in the time gaps and it really would take a perfect game to get me to consider the time commitment playing takes. A lot of ex-players I stay in contact with feel the same way, I don't think pvp or staking is ever going to recover properly for example.  

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  9. Was semi-interested when I saw this, but read the details and still don't care.


    To get me to start playing again they would have to get rid of everything to do with eoc, it was a rushed cluster[bleep] that completely killed the game for loads of people, they are not even looking into things like bringing back 'pure' accounts/diversity of any kind and just screams desperate gesture. 


    It is fine to like the game as it is now, it just not the same game, and I maintain that the best the game has ever been at was the day before the EOC update, maybe closely followed by the day before free trade returned, they were different but had their own appeals.

  10. I've wanted to get into the competitive battling scene for a while. I just need to learn how to breed appropriately first.

    From Reddit



    Does your pokemon have a hidden ability you want to pass down? If not, skip to step 2. If it has two standard abilities, I recommend just disregarding the ability for now, win 200 BP in the Battle Maison, buy an ability capsule, and use it later to switch abilities to the one you want.

    1) Catch your pokemon with its hidden ability. Let's use Dratini as the example. Make sure it's male, so it can breed with a Ditto and pass down the ability. (In future steps, assume the Dratini is MALE, when breeding with a Ditto, to ensure the hidden ability is passed. I don't think a female will work with a Ditto, but someone can correct me IF they experienced otherwise.) Both male and female pokemon can pass down hidden abilities through a Ditto. It is NEVER a sure thing the offspring will carry it, so keep trying til it does.

    2) Breed with a Ditto of the right nature. The Ditto should be holding the Everstone. Hatch the Dratini.

    3) Attach Everstone to the offspring (Dratini). Put it back in the daycare with a Ditto that has the IV you want (Let's say it's ATK). Make sure the Ditto is holding power bracer. This will guarantee ATK is passed down. Hatch the new Dratini. Attach the Everstone to it (repeat on every step, always attach Everstone to the parent whose nature you want to pass down, typically the non-Ditto).

    4) This Dratini has perfect IVs in ATK. Next we want SPEED. Attach power anklet to a Ditto with perfect SPEED IVs, then pair it up with our most recent Dratini. Here's where we might have to try multiple times. The next Dratini will be guaranteed to have max IVs in SPEED, but it may not have max IVs in ATK anymore. Why?

    The resulting Dratini inherits 3 stats from its parents, and 3 are randomly generated. If ATK is one of the randomly generated IVs, it won't be max (unless you get lucky, which is unlikely). Even if it IS one of the inherited stats, it may be inherited from the Ditto, and not the Dratini. Remember, our Ditto does not have perfect ATK IVs, only SPEED. However, if you catch a Ditto with perfect ATK AND SPEED in the friend safari, this makes things easier. That means that as long as ATK is one of the 3 inherited, it will be perfect, cause both parents have perfect ATK.

    We want to keep breeding until the judge in Kiloude city tells us both ATK and SPEED are max. This may take (quite) a few tries. NOTE: Attaching a different power item to both parents does not guarantee two perfect stats are passed down, and nature becomes randomized again since you took off Everstone, so I advise against this.

    5) We now have a Dratini with perfect ATK, and perfect SPEED. Repeating the above steps with the other Dittos will only get you as far as 3 perfect IVs. The way to get 5 requires Destiny Knot, and preferably a Ditto with multiple perfect IVs (at least the two you are missing), in my case my very lovely 4 IV Ditto, which I caught with perfect HP, DEF, SPATK, and SPDEF.

    6) Once you have parents who, between the two of them, have your five different perfect IVs, you can start using the Destiny Knot. I gave the Destiny Knot to the 4 IV Ditto. My ideal Dratini has perfect HP, ATK, DEF, SPDEF, and SPEED. I don't need SPATK. It can possibly inherit ATK and SPEED from the Dratini parent, and the other three from the Ditto, thanks to Destiny Knot.

    It's important to note that Destiny Knot simply expands the number of inherited parental IVs from 3 to 5. So 5 of Dratini's 6 stats are now coming from either of its parents, not necessarily the holder of Destiny Knot. This means that although we have the potential to produce that "ideal" Dratini I described, it may not inherit the right stats from the right parent. I want SPEED from the Dratini parent, for example, but it may inherit imperfect SPEED from the Ditto instead, which would make it a dud. Every egg is a new attempt at the ideal offspring.

    All you can do now is hatch, hatch, hatch. Probability is a [bleep]. But here's a tip: during this step, you may hatch a Dratini with ATK, SPEED (the stats which the Ditto can't pass down for me), and other perfect IVs, but not all five you want. At this point, switch out the Dratini parent with this new Dratini to increase your chances of passing down perfect IVs. You may even decide to switch out the Ditto with another opposite-gender Dratini, assuming it has MORE perfect IVs. Just ensure that between the two, all five IVs you want are present. Eventually you'll get one with your five desired perfect IVs. This may take hours (as it did for me), especially since the hidden ability being passed is never a guarantee.

    7) If you want six perfect IVs, do step 6 AGAIN, until you get another fiver with the same stats, of a different gender. Breed the two fivers together, one with Everstone, one with Destiny Knot. Destiny Knot can still only ensure 5 out of 6 will be passed down, but eventually, the sixth randomly determined stat will be perfect too. There's no trick to this part, just lots of hatching. However, I don't think this is necessary at all unless you run a mixed attacker, right? No need to be obsessive...




    Also I have a shiny Charizard if anyone wanted to trade, looking for other shinys/competetive.


    Shiny Charizard: 31 satt/att ivs, relaxed nature, speed/satt ev trained.



    Just going to give the reason why I quit, I know a lot of people feel the same way, but a lot of people don't and can respect that.


    EOC completely killed all forms of pures, or alternative ways of playing 'competitively'. One of the greatest things in runescape was that you didn't have to focus on just max skill total, you could work on making an account designed just for pvp. When starting a new account to pvp/play with the day before EOC's release you could have chosen:


    Turmoil Berserker, Turmoil hybrid, 43 /52 pray berserker, 52 pray hybrid, 40 defense hybrid, 33 defense turmoil pure, chaotic/godsword/whip/dragon of the previous, barrows pure/hybrid, cannon pure, range 1 def pure, hybrid 1 def pure, melee 1 def pure at all different levels, 1 pray pure, 1 pray main, obby pure, cvls pure, 20 defense pvp equip pure, rune gloves pure, range tank, arma storm tank, summoning tank, summoning pure, obby tank, low str high att/def veracer, iban pure, 10 hp dbow pure, dfs pure, sara sword pure, 11 pray mage pure, d claw rush pure, korasis pure, 99hp summ pure, poly staff pure,gmaul pure, black mask slayer pure and so many many many more unique accounts and challenges to work and play with.




    After EOC's release you have:



    Not that it really matters as people will only ever fight if you are using the same style. Your levels don't matter and your equipment does nothing unique.


    I kept with EOC for a good 3 months after its release, and hated it.





    Also as for Solomon's store, that was exactly how it should have been done, the SOF should never have existed.

    Quoting myself on an old post here and still feel that is why I quit and have no desire to come back, I don't mean to detract from peoples personal achievements but in my and a lot of other players views there is nothing difficult or engaging left in runescape, now a lot of people don't mind this and are happy grinding for 200mil slayer exp on 5 different accounts, however this is not a realistic popular drive for normal people. You can see from twitch streaming view counts how few people care about anything competitive in rs3 compared to 2007scape, which is a much smaller game.


    For so many people training, skilling and questing in runescape where means to an ends for creating perfect pking accounts, and that is just gone. 

  12. 3 warning points.


    One for an offensive signature (I think [bleep] was in small print in one of the screenshot montages), one for "spam" with no other details and one for posting the name of someone who was scamming dueling.


    Disappointed I didn't have anything more exciting there. 

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