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  1. Try RelyNets boards http://www.zeroforum.com/ http://www.vwvortex.com both use it.10 times better than this crummy boards Tip.It uses. :wink:
  2. I saw some girl a while ago with the name : Anne Chovey.Thought it was sorta clever heh.
  3. BTW: Zeroforums owns! They have the best system out there. http://www.zeroforum.com/ Just go look at Hond-tech.com and vwvortex.com :wink:
  4. Sharks so I could go out into the wild and wack the people that I don't like then put them in body bags down at Lumbridge.
  5. Champion Range Prayer Cooking Crafting Can't get in: mining fishing heros (looking for phoenix mate once I get 50 mining) legends magic
  6. Strictly combat,working on getting attack to 95 after I get 99 Strength then raise defence to 95 as well.Have plans for all 99 stats minus prayer and mage.
  7. I searched through 6 pages to see if I had replied and didnt find any of my responses so I am 22 going on 23 next month.I may act immature at times but I guess I am still young at heart :roll: plus I like to flame can't help it :oops: Something I picked up from these other forums Honda-Tech.
  8. Now THAT is a great review.I wish I could frame it :oops:
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