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  1. Ah, you said it... I'm just not interested anymore. Been playing for like 5 years on and off now.
  2. But you gotta admit, it's a great way for Jagex to get people playing their game. Even if it's only for a year and then mostly everyone would have a 99.
  3. Some people just don't want to pay? I've worked full time over this summer and I'd rather not pay for some expansion pack. I know it's not hard, I know it's inexpensive, but I'd still like to see F2P get some sort of skill cape rather than have to pay for it.
  4. Well now that our long asked question of F2P skillcapes has been answered, isn't this topic pointless? =\ Though a new skill sounds cool =D
  5. And Jagex IS making a profit, hence why they're focusing on making the Free game and Members expansion pack more fun.
  6. Giving us skillcapes would allow the ability for ex-p2per's to use them after their membership runs out.
  7. Yew logs at 200 gp each, I don't think so. Yeah, back when there were vendors in the streets, the price crashed for some reason. They were 200 and lower for a day or two. I bought 14k logs and sold them later at around 300 ea. Oh how sweet that tasted.
  8. This is true. Look at all the people that quit when the wilderness was changed. Look at all the membership money they stopped receiving after the bots were rendered useless (although it was stolen credit card info). Making skillcapes F2P would only benefit everyone.
  9. I was going to say that the Varrock sewers are home to ghosts and it could easily be a brief sprite glitch in which the ghosts appear above the surface.
  10. True. But it doesn't hurt all players. It just hurts any player that has most of his wealth in cash. Everything else stays the same. (you make more, and things cost more) And it's no ones fault but the players if he/she has all their wealth in cash. Because 10m in cash stays 10m. But I don't think bad or against any rules if a player has a 20k yew logs and it suddenly goes from 6m to 10m. It's totally their choice if they wanted to sell their logs earlier or later. Sure, it may not be fair to the one with only cash, but that's their fault. They didn't invest in anything (and let's face it, we should all be able to tell that PvP raises prices by now.)
  11. Thanks for the compliment and tip. I didn't even think of them. Thanks a ton!
  12. Magic level. Need a good place to train, anyone know of any? I'm using Wind Blast.
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