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  1. W00t. 99 wc in F2P is hard to get. Keep it up, and eventually you will get it. I am currently firemaking, only lvl 80 :wall: .
  2. Yay, got 2mil firemaking xp. Missed the thingy and finally screenshotted when I was 6k over it. But here it is! [hide=Pic][/hide]
  3. YAY, got blog lost, got muted in RuneScape, everything sucks totally, cuz I will not get pics back before September. Need to use public computers, in a foreign country.
  4. Yay, gonna also do firemaking skillcape, but got muted, life sucks. Mute was from a reply 1 month ago, got 2 day mute :thumbsup: .
  5. YAY, I lost my old blog too. Got muted by some line of words made 1 month ago. First time ever mute, feels terrible. BTW, have you ever been muted? Oh, and almost forgot to mention COOKING 99 FTW!
  6. Banner credit goes to noone than myself. Thanks to that forum offline stuff, I lost my previous blog. But still, going to get 99 fm, hope you post away, wish me good luck, I am going to post here some stuff from my previous blog, but not all. Firemaking advance: I also raced against flodder450. He is F2P and he quit the race after the rc guild came out. Race: [hide=Stats] Stats at the start of the previous blog. Stats now.[/hide] [hide=Goals]First goal is firemaking skillcape. Goal no.2 is total lvl 1600. Goal no.3 is woodcutting 99 No.4 is fletching 99[/hide] [hide=Level ups] This be magical 1k total lvl! T'is be too H4X0R pic. Up are older pics, down newer.[/hide] [hide=Funny pics] BTW, this santa hat owner is lvl 3. Like WTF?, simeone is floating in the air. Alone in the Blogschat! I am so lonely... Oh noes! TIF, I blame you to be dead, cuz tif is so good that I can't stop reading, even with tree spirit. What an interesting incidence! Forsakenmage's chat dead for 5 mins! I got Wtfpwned by 4 days after the original day when I was supposed to do ToG. It shows how much I played that week. My second very own 1m. Made in last day of my membership. Nice, isn't it?[/hide] [hide=Friends parties] Leikjanet10's 99 def party. Too bad, that I couldn't come and she quited her own blog thanks to rollback. ETP's 98 cooking party. See my name? FFS, I didn't have net for ETP's 99 cooking party. I totally pwn at pics. Pressed prt sc after the sparks. BTW, it's Sin Spyder's 97 cook. It's sugar's 80 cook party. I am the star of F2P with larupia full![/hide] Friends: Leikjanet10, Sin Spyder are the best, Canineteeth, Monkeychee1, Ollyc3, Jimmyw3000, Gohankaiy, Sugarbabe547, Flodder450, Etpelletier, Chady159. Will add all those who I forgot to mention. [hide=My Digital Art]From newest till oldest. This is a collab with Thru, The Gallery regular. This is a base for the collab with Thru, my part of the work. [/hide]
  7. WTF? FTW! LEET SKILLS! Good luck on goal, but summoning is slow.
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