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  1. Damn, that trip to the States was something. 2 weeks of being in the company of 5 other choir singers like me has been helluva fun. However, my mental state messed up the ending for me.

    Well, feels good to be home.

  2. 3 weeks is a subjective guess. Might be less, might be more. Also, due to song festival this weekend I am getting out on special terms for the weekend. It is such a big deal. Even guys who have been conscripted get that weekend off if they take part. As one of the doctors said, keeping a choir singer off song festival is a worse punishment than death.

  3. Fun stuff.


    Yesterday an old Tinder match who I hadn't met with, but had gotten to FB chatting with asked me if I was swiping again. Super [bleep]ing hot emo chick, full sleeve tattoo, has IG photos of her only having chains and high heels, and so on. Anyways, told her straight about the mess I was in. She wanted to meet me asap. She had gone through an attempt earlier aswell, and wanted to talk me out of it.


    Settled on a date on Sunday.


    And then came today, where I probably was too straightforward in my intentions for tonight (re: Discord) and I might have blown it.


    Not asking for advice, just saying life goes in mysterious ways. Very mysterious ways.

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  4. Got a Kawa ER-6N for a day. But I couldn't sleep last night cause I am in a proper mess right now. Been crying the past 2 days, compiling suicide notes in my head and figuring the easiest and coolest ways to do it.

    The mess of Autumn is finally getting to me plus the fact that I messed up with a person I got very dear with [bleep]ed me up.

  5. Today, wrestled with an 8 hour shift at work where I didn't even get a chance to open my incognito tab for non-work activities.


    Why incognito, you ask, when on company computers, as they see everything anyway? Well, it's cause I don't want any cookies remaining or have any of my personal accounts saved or logged on there.

  6. In here we are currently at a phase where older people are feeling left out and people over 50-55 have the largest struggles with unemployment. Everybody wants to hire young people here these days, cause they are more eager and willing to do more work for less money.


    In other words, "finished" my training at work and in shifts now. Pretty cool. Didn't take half as long as I thoight it would.

  7. My whole countrt has something like 7000 unemployed people in total... But also the population is small and unemployment rates are pretty much lowest they have ever been. We have had like 7% wage increases every year for the past 5 years, cause there are not enough available workers. Average wage passed 1300 euros a month past year and considering the cost of living we are pretty darn well off. We are at a spot where we can travel abroad and not find stuff too expensive anymore pretty much anywhere on the planet. Considering where we started 28 years ago we are pretty much rolling in wealth.

  8. I'd just clock out. It is illegal to ask for unpaid overtime here. Even when salaried, overtime has to be paid 1.5x.


    God I love having a car. Midnight trips to Micky D's anyone?

  9. Big cheeto and little rocket man achieved exactly what was expected - nothing.


    At a doctor's appointment right now, for employment medical and I was at a party right now. Haven't had too much sleep. Wonder what my vitals are.

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