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  1. But what about me?


    In other news, again a working man. Nice to have some routine, but I take way too many responsibilities and accept too many invites to go out. First week back in town and had just one free evening and on Friday already cutting short my workday and heading abroad for the weekend. And schedules keep tightening up...

  2. I own a house in the countryside with our own veggie garden and a barn that could easily be repurposed to hold farm animals, as it used to do. Also a major dairy farm is about a mile away and they also have veggie fields as a side business, so I would be golden. The place also has heaps of clean water and natural springs nearby. We also have our own forest, about 30 hectares total nearby, so fuel for heating and whatnot would not be a problem.

  3. Been waiting in hospitals for way too long since past June. Mainly been reading my Kindle. Or if I am waiting for family members to complete a certain procedure that takes a certain time I leave the hospital for wee bit and grab a coffee or sth and come back ~30 mins before the supposed end.

  4. (has only checked the site on mobile)


    Today, finally sorted out my grandma's inheritance. Got everyone together, which I thought would be pretty much impossible. No holdups. Even my drunkard uncle managed to get sober.

  5. Finally checked the homepage, first off the title on webpage looked like it just said "Tsyrealm". Also seems a bit odd that every chapter ends with...


    Been a long day singing, should be good though. Damn we can sing well in a choir. And it sounds [bleep]ing good.

  6. Finally checked the homepage, first off the title on webpage looked like it just said "Tsyrealm". Also seems a bit odd that every chapter ends with...


    Been a long day singing, should be good though. Damn we can sing well in a choir. And it sounds [bleep]ing good.

  7. Also turning quarter of a century next month... Time flies.


    Don't think I've mentioned here, but got the job and gonna move in just about a week. Gonna be fun!

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  8. The Russian Foreign Ministry is "deeply concerned" that our Education Ministry is considering making all public primary schools teach mainly in Estonian.




    Hypocrisy to the max.


    There's been 4 times in our history when the foreign Russian government has tried to ban teaching in Estonian in Estonia. The last time was in the 80's.


    Now the Estonian Russians themselved have realized that by speaking Estonian they have way better career opportunities and everything and have supported the cause of Estonian only primary schools. And that is only about public schools, private schools can teach in whichever language they want.

  9. I've begun to have sleep issues. My sleep schedule was [bleep]ed up anyway but I used to get ~8 hours of sleep whenever I fell asleep unless something woke me up. Last few days I have been struggling to get five, and I've started to have weird dreams that wake me up aswell. Never had that dream stuff before.


    In other news, was at a job interview and it went well. Boss wanted to see me in 2 weeks already, but as it is a big multinational corporation he needs approvals and clarifications from HR and his superior and that might take time. But shouldn't be any issues, been at that position in that company before aswell.


    Would finally get some stability in my life.

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  10. Martin Müürsepp was in NBA at the start of the century. And I think we have 3 guys in NCAA? Maik-Kalev Kotsar is the best, in SC Game[roosters], most probably in NBA when he graduates. Fun fact - I trained together with him for a time :D


    But yeah, basketball is sport #1 for us, although we are not THAT good in it. We haven't had a superstar in ages though.


    Tonight, I was at a "heterofriendly gayparty", or a rainbow party. Best. Party. Ever. They have good music and heaps and heaps and heaps of hit chicks coming to support their gay best friends or just to dance. The music is supposedly so good, that girls come there purely for that aswell.

    It is bloody crowded and at times you get touched inappropriately or get weird suggestions, as it is a gayparty after all, but man, MAN how good it is to pick up chicks there.


    A gentleman tells no details ;)

  11. What do you mean with no hope? We'll be clingin' on with all our fingernails.

    Also, I [bleep]ing hate the EJ16 engine on Subarus. Have I mentioned it already? It [bleep]ing sucks and there's no parts for it. 3 months at 3 different workshops and nothing. Now they are cutting out the catalytic converter today, as I heard...


    Also, gonna be going on a job interview either on Friday or early next week. Kinda nice, when the HR girl is your former classmate...

  12. So god damn tired.

    Slept less than 3 hours yesterday, and then spent the whole day on the hill snowboarding. Man, I missed that stuff. Did manage one proper fall though, on great speed and on ice.

    Also had to drive ~5 hours total. Got pulled over by cops for the first time in my life. Turns out the insurance ran out at the end of September and it did not automatically renew.


    Got sent away with a warning, seems like they had a call somewhere else or sth. It was 11 PM on a Saturday after all.


    After that went to my mate's birthday. Saw some new people some who I had not seen for ages. 8+ years in cases. Had some... interesting experiences. Got to my place to stay at 9AM.


    Needless to say, I am super tired. Not too good sleep at a couch about a foot shorter than I am.

  13. Bloody [bleep]ing hell.


    That one girl.

    The one I've had oneitis for for years.

    The one who studies abroad in Korea and is a former model.

    She is back in the country for winter holidays. She hasn't hit me up, but I know she is here, from here instagram posts and FB attends.

    And that thought that she is here simultaneously arouses and annoys and intrigues me.


    Last contact we had was last summer. Last time I saw her was 2 years ago.


    Why, oh why does it bother me when I've found so many other girls to be intrigued about?!?!

  14. "Maus" is not pronounced exactly the same as "mouse". The "s" is softer and shorter in the German version, but it is nitpicking.


    Man, two days in Poland went way too fast. Gotta rest for a week now.



    Wait, Estonian Guy is Saq?

    Shh, he changed his name so it wasn't as obvious. Rumour has it another TIF'er outs him in their sig so his identity has never truly been secret.

    Who could that bastard be?!?!?


    Posting from abroad. Again. Almost more often than locally.

  16. Just about 9 hours till my next flight. Man, it has snowed heaps today. Shoveled out the driveway and brushed the car, went back inside to have a shower and a snack, came back and everything was covered by nearly 2 inches of snow again... Everything is just a mush.

  17. And then you start getting [bleep]ing depressed and start thinking how you just lost your mom and grandma with pretty much no time between them to cancer after spending every awake moment caring for them for months and how you still haven't properly managed to grieve for them and don't even know how, why, what... And how everything is completely to shit with the inheritance and you have a few personal health issues that you should get looked at by a doctor but you live in such a place where population growth is and has been massive for the past decade and a half and thus the GPs are overburdened and you can't get a [bleep]ing time. And you feel bad for the one big hobby you have, the choir is turning to shit, cause the parts practising in different towns are on completely different levels while they should be equal and noone attends the practices cause they think they have it but they don't and there's a chance we won't get to the Song Festival due to that and that would be a [bleep]ing disaster.

  18. And you start running put of money, so you really actively need to start looking for a job, while worrying about your 80-year old grandpa who lives 80 miles away and your car is long overdue maintenance and every drive is a realistic risk of suspension failure and the other car has some [bleep]ing electronic niggles which might need a complete brain change as the dealership has tried replacing every. Single. [bleep]ing. Sensor on the car without any effect and the new brain is thousands of dollars special order from Japan as it has the EJ16 engine which is absolutely hopelessly weak and pretty much unknown in all of Europe while still having double-digit fuel consumption. And things are not going too well with any relationships and the house is falling apart around yourself.

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