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  1. Officially limit is zero, in reality it's .02, cause chewing a xylitol chewing gum or drinking kefir (a curdled milk drink) or whatnot might also give minuscule breath alcohol. However, you always have the option to disagree with the breathalyzer results, but then you will be taken to a hospital for a blood test and that will be final.

  2. Just spent probs over 400 bucks on plane tickets. For less than that money I've had my trips to Vietnam, LA, Toronto, Indonesia, all East Coast US, one way from NZ... And this time the trip is within Europe...

    However, promised to visit best mate of mine for New Years', so it is what it is.

  3. Zero tolerance for drunk driving. Here, for first occasion, depending on blood alcohol content just a massive fine is the easiest you can get away with, but starting from second time you lose license or risk jail time. If you are drunk as, it is a criminal offence and you can go to jail already for first offense.

    In Norway, automatically lose license at least for a month. Even for first occasion and 0.01ppt. If they've had a single beer before a big meal they still call the cab, cause the thing is harsh. In addition to losing license, at least a 1200 dollar fine and possible jail time.

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  4. Letting her control the logistics is a bad idea IMO... I always just do drinks or coffee for dates. I only had a restaurant date like once or twice when I was a total beginner. If I were in your shoes I would’ve said something like “I’m just going to want to relax that night— had a long stressful week. Let’s just hang out and talk [at my place -or- over drinks]


    Keep doing whatever you’ve been doing with the girl complaining about not seeing you enough. If you start seeing her more often because she’s complaining about it, her interest in you will go down

    We're both driving, so drinks are off the table. This one, if it does go right, is way more than a hook up. Known her for 8 years, but as I said, always thought she out of my league, so never really even considered asking her out.

    But damn, I did already have a bit of a crush on her back then and she still hot as. And not only that, but she also interested in quite a few of the same stuff.

  5. I knew it was an above average dining establishment, not quite restaurant, not quite pub, not quite bar, but definitely not fast food. Some sort of fancy lounge/cafe thingy, modern hipster nest. But I didn't know you needed reservations for it...

  6. Damn, for the dinner tomorrow the girl already reserved a table. So it's some fancy place,so a proper date... She the old classmate I mentioned in the relationship thread.


    And yet another girl asked why I haven't written and gone out with her... When it rains, it pours.

  7. Well, 2 of the meals are still to come, one in about an hour and the other tomorrow. Gonna be new places for me, so I don't know how hot the meals are gonna be, but the girls are sizzling

  8. There's heaps of snow and I gotta drive home 250 km's tomorrow. Gonna be fun. I've lost most of the studs in tires aswell, so yay.


    In other news, 3 meals in 3 days with different, and hot girls.

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  9. Drunk af.


    Also broke my phone last night, so I am not in Discord or anything till I get a new phone.


    It's 6 AM and we have drinks galore, but nooone to drink with... [bleep]..

  10. Driven over 700 miles this week already for organizing the funeral and my grandpa's eye surgery and stuff and I have heaps more to drive... At least 200 miles tomorrow, another 120 miles Friday, then Saturday should be more calm with just about 60, but man. Those costs in fuel. And the weather is around freezing, so the roads are slick and it takes so long to get anywhere... I've probably spent more time driving than sleeping this week.

  11. Bloody hell, things are like always for Estonians, can't get things going in the start and can't stop afterwards.

    I'm kinda/sorta dating one girl, in another town another girl promised to get me drunk and do all sorts of... interesting things to me and now 2 more old acquaintances have expressed direct interest in going out for a date. And that bloody Tinder keeps on giving aswell...


    And I am so [bleep]ing busy right now with the funeral n stuff...

  12. Just so that you can't spam PMs to random guys.

    Today, nearly done with funeral preparations. Only thing missing is the death certificate itself, without which I can't fully book anything. [bleep]ing bureucratic red tape. Just nonsense how slow things happen in that particular hospital.

  13. Something always comes up from doing things. Might be good, might be bad, at least you did something. If it wasn't good, you can learn from it.

    If you don't do something, you'll always have the what if moment.

  14. I think we all use this place to vent. And I quite like the long reads.


    However, you gotta give this thing a shot, otherwise you'll regret it. You only regret lost chances.

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