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  1. Yay, the boards are back!


    My mom has gone nuts. Don't know if its the constant pain, hunger, dehydration or the super strong painkillers, but she doesn't understand jack shit about anything anymore.


    And I am now kinda unable to take care of her aswell... She needs better care. Gonna seek that stuff out tomorrow.

  2. Well, I'm on my longest-lasting acc, which you can already guess is Saq Prets.



    In other news, mum is back from hospital. Total amount of sleep today? <2,5h.

    I'm running around helping her with everything pretty much every 5-10 mins, unless I am cooking her something, of which she eats a few spoonfuls. Maybe. She's doped out and every time she falls asleep and wakes up, which is often, she starts crying out.

    She starts crying for pretty much everything else aswell, sometimes I even hear it to the toilet, to where there are 3 walls between us.

    Everything she eats or drinks, comes out again. She even vomits half the stuff through her nose for some unknown reason. Mouth and nose have caustic burns from the stomach acids.

    And there is nothing we can do... Even euthanasia or assisted suicide are illegal here, and we can't afford to go somewhere where it's legal.

  3. Had a hook-up with the same girl I went out on a date on Saturday with and my car died in her backyard. First freezing weather of the year, but still, awkward...

    And the car has never failed like this before. Probably some gunk in diesel filter, which froze overnight, and thus it doesn't have high enough fuel pressure.


    But man, awkward...

  4. You can't just "flick a switch" to appear more gay or straight when you want to. Just doesn't work.



    And in dating world, sorry to break it to you, but nobody cares how you yourself think you should look like.

    Luckily, for some women looks are not as important and if you know how to talk and/or touch them at right times you don't need to look like Adonis.

    But that's something that can't be taught and is very dynamic, every girl has their own "tics" and it's completely a trial and error thing. In general, positivity works. And listening and responding with what you expect the girl to want to hear.

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  5. It was another mate, young one, that kinda-sorta set me up, but not really. I should have set something up for the Norwegian.


    However, could say it was an interesting first date with the girl I intended to meet. The night saw Russian rap, ambulance, drunk Belarusians, pretty much the highest authority in choir world in Estonia (we both sing in a choir, so this guy is like a god to us) so drunk that he was asleep on a toilet, the President of our country and a ridiculously jealous cat.


    It was eventful, to say the least.

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  6. Why the bloody [bleep] do we have Black Friday sales here?!? A [bleep]ing ocean and a continent away from the only place it is relevant at?

    Why, just why?

    [bleep]ing American mass-culture coming in through doors and windows.

  7. Yay, mom is now in a position where we have to move her around in bed, cause she is too weak to do it on her own. And all issues with the bodily functions. And there isn't anyone but me who can do that stuff -_-

  8. I have quite a few threads I'd like to post in, but I already have the last post, so I am in a pickle :(


    Finished the Metro book trilogy. Gotta admit, it was somewhat surprising. Or actually, a really big plot twist. In the final book, that is.

  9. I can't do squats, my knees are busted :(


    For the first time in my life I am actually dating 2 girls at the same time. Luckily in different towns, so no chance of happening on eachother by accident. And one is a foreigner. Somehow, both are angels, don't drink, smoke or do any crazy stuff. So far.

    Gonna be interesting...

  10. As controversial as Muggi's points are, they kinda make a weird sort of sense. And my limited experience has kinda proved his points. It isn't as black and white, specially when dealing with inexperienced people.

    But life isn't black and white.

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  11. I agree, but don't think it's anything new - it's a basic thing you teach your children, along with "don't bite", and "don't pull hair".

    I thought you were supposed to pull hair and lick elbows?

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  12. Hot damn we are in the wrong thread.


    I can't say whether having sex on first, second, third or twenty-first date is a thing, but I think it is all relative. You can't deal with absolutes in dating world.

    Somehow, in my limited experience in the world of Tinder (which is pretty much the only site that works here) I only tend to meet up with girls who say they want to take it slow and not rush before meeting up.

    However, after meeting up with them, being active with body language and flirting has resulted in them wanting to go further maybe even faster than I'd like. I am a bit shy after all. Even today after a round of pool and coffee the girl wrote me before I even made it back home about wanting to take a trip with an overnight stay. And right before meeting she wanted to take it slow.

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  13. Haven't really dated an older girl yet and hot bloody damn, a girl I matched on Tinder with googled my real name and found this forum... All my secrets laid bare to the world. Safe to say, she was not amused with quite a bit of it.


    I think I mentioned how I am super easy to find due to my unique name...

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