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  1. Zpoon

    My First PC

    The Hyper 212 EVO supports the 1150 socket since the 1155 and the 1150 share the same mounting bracket holes. That's also true for all "1155-compatible" heatsinks.
  2. Zpoon

    My First PC

    The build overall is good. No glaring issues I see, that GPU is powerful enough to do high settings on pretty much all games out right now. PSU is more than enough to handle the hardware. Since you're interested in gaming, I would recommend ditching the stock heatsink that comes with the CPU and buying something a bit more beefy. Heatsinks aren't all that expensive and are worth the investment if you're planning on gaming and want to protect your CPU investment. I've had really good performance on my Hyper 212, and it's only +$33. Well worth it. As far as wireless goes. If you have the option of running a hard wire, then I always suggest doing that route. A wired connection is ALWAYS more stable than a wireless. That being said, it's easy to buy a PCIe wireless NIC and have it in your PC just in-case your situation changes. I wouldn't recommend bridging via your laptop or other device as you will usually get worse performance than a good NIC, and it's nice not needing your laptop to connect to the internet. The NIC you linked to is a good choice.
  3. Welcome yo yoyoyoyoyoyoyithgfdjfjfhjtagjhgbahsfjeartasds hi.

  4. Hey guys just thought I'd let you know we made a post explaining what happened and what's going on right now: http://forums.zybez.net/topic/1556987-swiftkit-website-issue-explained/ We're also going to be posting some specific ways of checking if you are indeed infected, and removal steps if you are. Gimmie a sec. Edit: Detection and removal instructions: 1. Open Start 2. In search, type "regedit" and hit Enter 3. Navigate to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows" using the folder dropdowns. 4. If there is a file or entry in the Windows folder called "Adobe Drivers", than you are infected and you require removal. If it doesn't exist, you are not infected. Removal: 1. Right-click the taskbar and select "Start task manager" 2. In the Processes tab, end any process named "winsyl[Caution: Executable File]" 3. In the Registry Editor window you still should have open, right-click the "Adobe Drivers" folder and select Delete 4. Open Windows Explorer, enter in the URL %AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\ 5. Delete the folder "Drivers" 6. As a safety measure, run a full system scan using a reputable anti-virus such as MSE.
  5. I don't see how being able to take screenshots "better" or access to calculators gives you an advantage in-game, which is what is being argued here. In our games generally includes in playing the game too. Calculators or easier screenshot systems, while they don't directly give you an in-game advantage, make it easier to play runescape. Think of an autotalker. It doesn't provide you a direct in-game advantage, and it doesn't even really interact directly with the game, in most cases. Yet they're still banned, because ultimately, it's still an advantage over players who do not use the same software. The point is moot, though, seeing as Jagex HAS specified guidelines, and SK follows those guidelines. Autotalkers DIRECTLY interact with the applet, and enter in data to it. Your argument is utterly stupid. Having better RAM or a graphic card gives an advantage too, so they better ban certain people who have better specs. Oh wait, they better get rid of the supported fansites program because the people who view thier calculators and guides have an advantage! Don't forget those users who use Chrome instead of Internet Explorer, as we all know it's been proven that Chrome can tabulate and display elements faster.
  6. I don't see how being able to take screenshots "better" or access to calculators gives you an advantage in-game, which is what is being argued here.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm one of the lead developers for SwiftKit, and I will be happy to tell you all that SwiftKit is 100% legal to use, according to the rules Jagex has set out for third party programs. These "Jmods" are obviously unaware and uneducated as to what SwiftKit is or does, which is a shame when they open their mouth without thinking of the consequences. SwiftKit uses Internet Explorer, meaning that it's completely undetectable, and downright stupid why it would be illegal. If no "3rd party programs are allowed", then why the hell is there a set of rules governing them? I'm not sure if that RSF thread was posted here, but if you see it it was 31 pages of community members disproving the mods rather harshly. It's worth saying that in the event SwiftKit (or SwiftSwitch) ever was not allowed to use, we were always contacted beforehand, and allowed to work with Jagex to rectify the problem. We were never contacted, nor aware of any changes in rules. Don't worry folks, not one (1) person has EVER been banned for using SwiftKit, and no will ever be. :
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