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  1. May work on this. Just got to re-download brushes and stuff which is a pain. Hang in there though, not made a sig in about 2 months so will need a few goes at it.
  2. Connorb

    The End.

    I really don't care. Im just sick of Nadril posting on the forums like he owns us all and just saying [cabbage] to us. And then the only other posts he does make he wants C/C and advice on how to to improve his work. You see what im saying? He gives us a hard time then gets a ton of help. I couldn't care less about anyone's argument against that. Because that has exactly what has been happening to everyone and your all blind about it.
  3. Connorb

    The End.

    No, I have already talked to LB in PM and he takes back what he says. So how about stop jumping to conclusions Nadril?
  4. Connorb

    The End.

    But not everyone deserves one. Acejack is miles ahead of most people in The Gallery concerning digi paintings. So either show something better or give the guy some damn respect for a true work of art.
  5. Except for Adobe are the best of the best. I never knew all open source programmers are that good!
  6. So then you use that file in an adobe program, in an adobe file format, I'm sorry, saying that just because GIMP can save into a PSD format does not make it as good as PS. You can't put out the same results as PS can, in GIMP. GIMP is one program, PS is in a collection of 25 programs. Each one of those programs work perfectly together and in Sync. Please, show my how GIMP can be perfectly in Sync with every single one.
  7. Gimp can save as a .psd, so no problems there. :thumbup: Its a shame I never said anything about .psd's isn't it?
  8. Connorb

    The End.

    That is not CC Skully.
  9. You could spend 10 years learning GIMP. Get a graphic design job and be thrown onto (the superior, hence why all business' use it) Photoshop. And that's a fact. Might as well save yourself the effort and just torrent Photoshop like everyone else does. On topic: Love the sig, although think the C4D on the left could be blended in a little better. EDIT: I say superior mostly because of all the other Adobe programs that it works perfectly with. Just drop it into Bridge BAM, got all your cut up web design slices ready to construct in Dreamweaver :thumbup:
  10. Well it looks crap tbh :thumbdown:
  11. All I see is great big C4D SPAM
  12. Meh it dosen't exactlly make the leveling experience fun though and you don't really meet new people. Thats the key to end game stuff, getting a group of friends while leveling and then just start raiding and stuff with them. I don't hate the guides but its a very linear way to play a MMORPG
  13. You still got a 800 meg one to go :thumbup: Worth it though!!
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