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  1. I have to money to get, good idea or no? i have currently 62 str and am looking to get it up quick. looking for comments. >.< thanks
  2. I was a pure, but am now looking towards turning my account into an all around player. I have brought up my total lvl by around 500 already. And just lookin' for tips to keep it rising. FLETCHING = EVIL enemy. TIPZ!
  3. What is the woodcutting requirement to get into the cave of steelz? Thanks for feedback! ^_^ NO DIE ^_^
  4. Yeah pretty much. I just want to get up my stats, however im not sure how to start it off. Especially summoning and hunter.
  5. I'm looking to start a few of my side skills and im looking for guidance. Such as fletching, fishing, herblore, summoning, hunter. Thanks. NO DIE
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