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    Ontario Canada
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    Hockey, reading and writing, school, friends, metal music, environmental and social sustainability.

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About Me

I'm an avid reader, environmentalist, sarcastic cynic, self-professed nerd, and entirely unprofessional writer. My amateur interests and projects span almost all known fields of human knowledge.


Sports I enjoy include hockey, volleyball and Stumbleupon.


Dungeons & Dragons was a formative part of my creative development, along with Tolkien.


Cory Doctorow, as XKCD has said, it a superhero blogger (and excellent writer) that flies around in a blimp. The Big Bang Theory, whoever it is produced by or what channel it is played on, is my personal favorite T.V. show. As I a member of this specific social networking site, I see no need to clarify my literary interests.


My favorite bands vary, but generally encompass the more "hardcore" strains of music outside the mainstream genres and artists that typify MTV.


http://www.flamesandfallacy.blogspot.com is my personal weblog. I write not for fame or for treasure (or whatever the equivalent is for bloggers) but to be an creator, and uploader, in our world of consumption, consumers, and downloading.

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