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  1. Bad911
    To those who read,
    Well, the true purpose behind this blog has been revealed!
    I'm now rockin the Moderator status. lol
    Almost eight days later, the journey has been complicated to say the least; it isn't exactly what I imagined, but it has been fun. Not only do I genuinely feel welcome in the staff, I haven't don't anything - uhm - substantial in my own eyes in the last week. Hopefully that changes, although I have yet to decide which board I want to Moderate, not to mention I'm nervous as hell about Moderating and making a rookie mistake.
    I know it would be hard, and some people might think it noobish to do, but I have some ideas that I want to try to accomplish in order to help the community:
    - Learn as much White Hat material I can.
    - Write a few guides.
    - Try and create a formula for Dungeoneering experience (if it hasn't already been made, the Crew is beast!)
    Good luck to me, Bad911 [/Tip.it Moderator]
  2. Bad911
    I don't exactly know how personal these entries will be in this blog, they're obviously more for me than for anyone else seeing as how I don't follow anyone else' blog and based on my own opinion I would expect no less from anyone else.
    Now with that in mind, this blog will lean toward major events in Runescape more than anything, maybe psychological analysis as well.
    Well, that's for now.
    P.S. I sound highly conceited, arrogant, and self conscious - yet I haven't even posted an entry! Oh my.
  3. Bad911
    01 June 2010 ______________08 June 2010_____________15 June 2010____________
    Can't believe I actually farmed 300 irits. I think I'm slowing down, ugh, lazy me. Maybe time to focus on one skill at a time?
    :o, Just realized I have all 60+ skills. Sweet!
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