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  1. I miss you a lot :((

  2. Alright. Thanks everyone! I'll be sure to check out that link. I've seen some of their sigs on this forum before. Is there an rs clan for them?
  3. Just been wondering, are there any clans for people with at least moderate stats, but no experience fighting bosses? I've been trying to get into killing Bandos, but I can't seem to solo even one kill on Graardor. If there are any, could you give me a name? Thanks in advance.
  4. One of my favorite methods is to fire surge abyssal demons. (Once you can, of course.) Bursting lobs isn't bad either. Then of course there's string jewellery, plank make...
  5. It's 250, but it doesn't take that long if you're good at conquest.
  6. Yup, assuming it only takes 10 hours. By the way, if you ever get past 90 magic (Not sure if that's part of your master plan or not) I highly reccomend using fire surge on abby demons. They're weak to it, good xp, and they don't drop absolute crap.
  7. Plan 1: 1: Find a sharp or blunt object. (Sword, pipe, anything to use as a weapon.) 2: Find other survivors or travel methods. 3: Locate food and water. 4: REBUILD. Plan 2: 1: Go to Germany, where I will then regroup with a Soviet, a German, and a Japanese. 2: Run around an abandoned theatre looking for a mysterious gun-giving box with non-existent currency. 3: Get Thunder Gun. 4: Find pack-a-punch. 5: Profit.
  8. So are these. My point is that gnomes are gnomes, regardless of the game. Sorry, but Tingle is a middle aged fairy. :thumbup:
  9. [spoiler=Place yer bets!] I don't really understand what's going on here... Flower game?
  10. Assuming by "for it to count" that you mean xp, you need to go through. There's no action for opening it, just going through and getting the xp.
  11. Isn't that only in the wilderness though? Yeah, in the rest of RuneScape, there's still the timer.
  12. Got it on my first try, acually, and I have the luck of a dead cat. :thumbup:
  13. And so, my journey finally ends. First goal since I started RS, first 99. Yay! Thanks to Huggle 88 for coming. :D
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