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  1. Steal of Fortune was well written. Great job presenting the facts and how hypocritical Jagex is. :) Jibby
  2. Well said, Crocefisso. :) "There is no doubt in my mind that 2011 has been Jagex’s annus horribilis. The sheer size and scope of the mistakes far outweigh their benefits, and the rectification of many of these mistakes will never reverse the irreparable damage done to Jagex’s profile." ^ Especially this. Jibby
  3. Mod Mark is the lead designer; he basically manages the content developers. AKA - He has absolutely nothing to do with P-Mods/F-Mods. Also recruitment has been stuck on hold since August due to some UK laws preventing them from recruit 'volunteer mods'. If you didn't know any of those two, they wouldn't send you off to external sites and such whats. I guess it would be believable to some people but just ask yourself... where is the crown? No crown = They're trying to phish your password. Jibby
  4. I knew there was going to be consequences (players have gotten demodded for far less). I fully accepted that when I put up the video and I have no regrets with doing so.
  5. Mods do have their own forums to post in but I honestly found talking about anything controversial in those forums to be useless. It usually ends up in ridiculous arguments and fights between other mods/mentors then a J-Mod usually locks it up. There is more merit to writing up a thread and having it being discussed publicly with the community to get everyone's input. I didn't bother reporting any of the bots because it is an ineffective means of dealing with the actual problem. There were times where I would go on those bot busts with J-Mods and other P-Mods and report bots, but what's the point when they come back just as instantly as they get removed? I filmed them not because they weren't aware (everyone is aware it's a problem) but to show the extent of damage that bringing back FT/W had on their players.
  6. jibby you are awesome. Jagex is too crap of a company these days to have you.

  7. 1) I never worked for Jagex. 2) I never doubted they were unaware of bots. What I doubt is that they understand how there actions (as a company) are having a negative impact on the players. 3) While they may gain control over those sites for copyright/trademark infridgements (or w/e the reasoning is) - it is by no means an effective way to actually deal with the problem. If you actually follow what is happening, those botting websites just move over to a different host. The only way to effectively control the botting problem is by changing the game in a way were it removes the incentive to bot. Unfortunately the incentive will never go away completely but things like RWT and selling gold could go away. I doubt that will ever happen again as we've seen how that went for Jagex (bringing back the wild/free trade years later). Jibby @Pal MMG's response wasn't towards my recent thread. It was posted on a similar thread shortly after the re-release of FT/W.
  8. LOL DarkDude. :-w Great interview. :] I'm glad someone caught that ;)
  9. Just about everything is being botted these days.
  10. If you're getting every bit as hysterical as the misinformed people does that make you any better than the people you're upset with? I'm getting hysterical, or simply trying to inform and correct? It reads more likely that you're here to misdirect and obfuscate -- really. Nobody's said that anything about what Jiblix has done as "groundbreaking" or "illuminating" -- the point is that one of the "faithful" has taken a stance about botting -- made further commentary about it -- and, as a result, has been defrocked. Just because you've got personal issues with Jiblix, it doesn't mean his point wasn't well-made. It wasn't well made. If I wanted to see bots I could do it myself. There's nothing new, at all. And there's other people saying that he's after "Uncovering the truth" and Jagex have been trying to "Cover up" the bot problem. How [bleep]ing stupid can some people be, seriously? And then for the attitudes of people like you. Jiblix is nothing but an attention [bleep]. He did it until he became a Moderator, and obviously the attention he was receiving must have died down so he needed to relight that fire. As BioIce said: "For someone who loved and thrived in attention, becoming a "martyr" is hardly surprising. Nothing more enjoyable than to be talked about gaining even more fame and notoriety. You have to admit, he has put an uncomfortable focus on botting and whether Jagex deserves the Golden Joystick this time around while getting his kicks from the whole thing." This isn't a personal problem, this is actually knowing what's going on - knowing what you don't know, Blyaunte. I'm not mis-directing at all. People are taking this case as if he's a good guy and is suddenly being punished... When that couldn't be further from it. Well let me just say Carl, you haven't got the slightest idea of my intentions. I never wanted to be branded a martyr or have people riot on my behalf. When I heard about the news it was utterly disappointing that they expected to win this award for a third year in a row with the help of their player base. My intentions were not to make a video that was "oh look a bot there, there and there.. vote no!' I just wanted people to realize what their vote meant. I never told anyone to vote yes and I never told anyone to vote no. It was never about me or about getting a lot of attention - I wasn't even thinking about that at all. I was so shocked that it actually went viral to be honest. I don't want to be viewed as a martyr and I don't want people to riot because of this. It was simply trying to convey a mention to players that this is what F2P has been reduced to. Jibby
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