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  1. Neos_Matrix
    Yeah, this is starting to get freaky. I had 5 days left of membership then I left my account in the lobby for 5 minutes. When I came back, it had jumped from 5 days to 34 DAYS. Why am I panicking? Because I'm not entirely sure if my friend that pays for my membership is getting charged or not. So far, this has happened twice. Scared like heck now :ohnoes:
  2. Neos_Matrix
    Its seems I'm nearly a senior at school, which also means, I need to think about what options I need to take to get a required job or career. Although I have been think about my dream career for like the last 2-3 years, I seem to have taken the wrong path for it. So other that this, my dream career is....
    Post your thoughts and whatever.
    For a little fun, I found this funny gif somewhere on the internet:

  3. Neos_Matrix
    Well, its been long enough. Everyone I knew have been telling me to get off Runescape for some particular reason, and get a life.
    Well, I've decided that were right. My whole day reflected on my last 4 years living here. I saw my friends already have girlfriends and have achieved alot of things. And what have I become?
    Nothing. No sport teams, no awards, nothing. I'm 15 years, and I'm slowly killing myself.
    But, I've decided. I'm going to fix my life. Planning to join a Karate Place, and maybe get a job. Maybe this will turn my life around, the right way....
  4. Neos_Matrix
    After 1 month of playing random games such as Warcraft 3, Starcraft and Puzzle Pirates, I have finally waited long enough.
    I got my membership! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
    First thing I've done was announce in the HYT Chat, which most happily replied. Then I was generous enough to lend my BGS to someone who was attempting to kill Nomad (Good luck! :thumbup: )
    After all the shenanigans, I went to check my kingdom. The very last day of my previous membership was the 19th of April. And from that 7.5m coffers over 1 month, this was the result:

    Totalling just 6m. I very happy about this, off to finish off the rest of the quests to get back my quest cape. :razz:
  5. Neos_Matrix
    Just yesterday, in the middle of the last period, the fire alarm went off.
    Everyone thought it was a drill. From what I heard, someone set off a fire in the feminine bathrooms. For that, all of the students had to survive the whole entire day, without going to the TOILET.
    The punishment was today, and it was tough, to be honest. I have a really weak bladder, so I have to keep going to the bathroom every 1-2 hours. Luckily, one of the toilets next to my class was left "unlocked" and I sneaked in, so I wouldn't get caught.
    Thank god for that unlocked toilet. I could have sued the school for abusing us, with no toilets :angry:
  6. Neos_Matrix
    Well, I had a kind-of a bad day today.
    Physical Education; We had sprints to do and for a treat, our teacher gave us one game to play: Rugby. I wasn't that good at rugby, because I kinda weak. Now, how I got injured was really weird.
    One particular guy, had the ball and started walking. I was in his way and I tried to ready my stance. This guy, just "rushed" straight at me, and for that, I got thrown to the ground, shaking.
    Got to the Health Nurse, and recommended me to go to the school's Physio Rehab for injured sports people.
    Off to the doctor tomorrow, going to see whats wrong. <_<
  7. Neos_Matrix
    Well, one day after "Jedi Day", its my birthday (Horray).
    No special treatments today much, normal day at school (Teachers told everyone in class that it was my birthday :razz: ), and I got a few gifts, which I appreciated.
    Luckily, I share my birthday, with my mother (Happy Birthday to you, mum! =D> ) and the famous, Chris Brown!
    And, thats my special day covered.
  8. Neos_Matrix
    Well, I got home from school, and since I had heaps of time, I decided to make some Chocolate Cookies with a recipe I found at school.
    It had some weird ingredients like, rolled oats, dried apricots and walnuts. The outcome was alright.

    ^ Bad Result, since I placed this too close to the bottom of the oven and probably didn't put enough butter to make it not stick :wall:

    ^ Better Result, since I placed this near the middle of the oven.
    And this only took about 2 hours probably, so had fun and know a bit more about making Chocolate Cookies :grin:
  9. Neos_Matrix
    Well, these last 5 days were the worst, nose bleeds has been happening everyday or so, at random times.
    In my sleep, when I'm taking my shower, at school, etc. I can't really stop it much, just plug my nose with some rolled up tissues, and a cold cloth on my forehead.
    This is my second version of Hell, with blood :(-.-
  10. Neos_Matrix
    Well, I had to wake up at 7 in the morning (I wasn't used to waking up in the morning <_< ) so I could get ready to go shopping. The deal my mum made with me was we had to spend $40 at our local convenient store for a fuel discount. So me and my mum spend at least 2 hours there looking for things we had to buy so it could equal to $40, but when we checked the checkout, the fuel discount event had expired!
    Then when I had to come back, I had to go with a social worker because apparently, I am unfit :mellow: and that wasted most of my day :angry:
    After I came back, I tried to log on to my fourth favorite game, Maplestory. When I logged on, I found out it was hacked and everything on it was dropped. :x
    And that was my horrible day. I hope my luck changes around soon :(
  11. Neos_Matrix
    Hi there. Since I have so much to do, I thought "Hey, why don't I make a blog?" And here we are.
    Enjoy yourself, and help yourself to a plate of cookies on my desk :smile:

  12. Neos_Matrix
    Well, this membership has been so far, the worst. For starters, I planned to get 99 Firemaking and do a massive level 2 clue scroll log. I failed to achieve both of those. Only because these last 3 weeks, either I've been getting interrupted from building a shed. Although, I did have some good times in HYT Chat and a few levels, I still think this was the worst membership month.
    As for my real life, I did nothing much. Just lazed at home and helped my dad build the shed.
  13. Neos_Matrix
    Yeah, its not Winter yet here. One more month of Autumn, and its sooooo freakin freezing!
    Even though I live in the Southern Hemisphere, its doesn't snow where I live. It RAINS, RAINS like pretty hard and it causes flash floods. <_<
    Cant really "handle the jandle" here. Summer is scorching, WInter is freezing.
  14. Neos_Matrix
    Well, since I have 6 days left of membership, and alot of money on my hands (20m to be exact), I've decided to use all my charms and get as much summoning xp as i can.
    Heres my costings for my pouches, summoning ingredients and how much it will cost all together:
    Let it begin! :twisted:
  15. Neos_Matrix
    Well, its the second to last week of school, and then its holidays. What shall I plan for the holidays?
    MEMBERSHIP. :smile:
    Ps: Mr Slave, I hope your not too busy, I have a few things for you planned :blink:
  16. Neos_Matrix
    Well, today, was my first practice in Food Tech (Yeah, we call it Food Tech here, you guys can call it whatever <_< ) and we had to make a quiche.
    My group's one looked really nice, but the potatoes and onions were still raw after 20 minutes of cooking it in the oven at 200 degrees. :ohnoes:
    Was going to go play squash, but I was too tired, so I'm off to take a nap :wink:
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