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  1. chiqBgo.png


    Poison vs Divine Forces





    Got a short prep with Divine Forces since Team Vitality only pulled 11. We were pretty pumped about fighting DF seeing as our last encounter didn't go too well. This time around our junior members improved compared to our previous fight so we went in strong.

    • 6:00pm est start time
    • all styles
    • dg on
    • corr off

    Round 1:


    Poison Starting: Dropped to 20

    Divine Forces starting: 20


    Was even until DF got a few KO's early on and took a 2 man lead, with great tanking towards mid way point, we turned things around and won.


    Poison Ending: 7

    Divine Forces ending: 0



    Round 2:


    Poison Starting: Dropped to 21

    Divine Forces starting: 21


    Took a small lead at the start and slowly extended it.


    Poison Ending: 10

    Divine Forces ending: 0



    Thanks for the fight.

  2. chiqBgo.png


    Poison vs Legion Killers


    Video will be up soon


    LK approached Dr destiny and we got a fight set up with the following:

    • 6:00pm est start time
    • all styles
    • dg on
    • corr off
    • 3 matched + 25 kill run in

    Round 1: Matched


    Poison Starting: 20

    Legion Killers starting: 20


    Poison Ending: 7

    Legion Killers ending: 0




    Round 2: Matched


    Poison Starting: 20

    Legion Killers starting: 20


    Poison Ending: 0

    Legion Killers ending: 13


    Round 3: First to 25 kills


    Poison Starting Kills: 21

    Legion Killers Starting Kills: 25


    Poison Ending Kills: 25

    Legion Killers Ending Kills: 20




    Round 4: Matched


    Poison Starting Kills: 23

    Legion Killers Starting Kills: 23


    Poison Ending Kills: 11

    Legion Killers Ending Kills: 0




    Shout outs:


    - Thanks for the fight LK, and thanks for giving our junior members practice

    - Good job Poison

    - My boy Br43k for getting 1 shot by us GG





    Cyanide is a new warring clan that opened up on January 26th, 2013. We are the Junior clan of Poison. The reason for a junior clan is because we're opening up new doors. It is for lower levels that really never got a chance to experience clans because of their high requirements. We would like to see new faces enter the clan world.



    How to Join:


    If you wish to join, please PM me through these forums' inbox. You can also find more information in #Poison on swiftirc.net server, feel free to PM any op/halfop about it.





    - 150+ Combat

    - 5+ Rune sets and other gear

    - Teamspeak 3

    - Using forums

    - Activity



    Our ranks:








    HK Diana



    Nathan Rahl



  4. kg2SW.png


    My boy Peck da man:









    So with 2 weeks notice of the EoC launching. Cera from Violent Resolution set up a world war cluster that involved all rsc clans invited. We gathered up all Poison members along with EX Poison members that we invited. Along with 10~ Legendz members that wanted to come with us. They showed up late coming from a war but they didn't have too much showing up.



    Poison Starting: 105+ starting



    Considering our size, we were one of the few clans that decided to start earlier than most clans. Since it was only Forsaken+Genesis, Violent Resolution and Divine Forces were in world 11. We went to world 17 to see who was around, sadly nobody yet. After a 15~ minutes of walking around we found Genesis and battled it out for a good 10 minutes, this is after Forsaken had ended. Fools decided to come in the picture and Genesis disappeared, we then fought Fools for a good 20 minutes until NBK+CK+CT rushed us. Fools also disappeared. We dedicated the cluster in this world only to target the ones we were hunting. NBK+CK+CT decided to have a joint pk trip. We knew what we had to do and we did it, we were dismantling the 3 groups in 1 at the same time. Eventually The Kings came into the picture but disappeared fast. Downfall and Collision decided to come in the picture, the numbers came too much for us this time and we were losing our own numbers as our TS numbers were being dropped gradually while being targeted the most. Critical Damage, Pure Hatred and Divine Forces, Solace, The Titans also came into the cluster. This is when the cluster actually started. After several hours of Poison being out, we decided to call it a night with the great action and domination we had done considering it went from a 3vs2 to a 5vs2.


    Thanks to all clans that got involved! Was honestly expecting more clans to show up for this final cluster of rs2.


    And lastly, thanks to all ex-poison + Legendz Members that showed up, we appreciate it and hope you had as much fun as we did! :thumbsup:


    Pictures of the fight:



    Poison vs Fools:





    Poison vs Genesis:




    Poison vs NBK + CK:








    Poison vs Downfall:




    Poison vs The Kings:





    Poison vs Collision:





    Personally, all of us had fun so once again thanks for the multiple scraps! :thumbsup:

  5. kg2SW.png



    Poison vs Wilderland



    Video will be up soon:


    A rank from Wilderland PM'd me asking for a fight, we agreed to the following:



    Rules of the fight:


    • 5:00pm est/10:00pm gmt
    • all styles
    • dg on
    • corr off
    • Matched + 30 min run in


    Round 1: Matched


    Poison Starting: 30 dropped to 20

    Wilderland starting: 20



    The fight started off kill for kill until they piled Destiny and he extended the lead for us as we eliminated the stragglers in the back of their pile. They ended up leaving CC.


    Poison Ending: 10

    Wilderland ending: 0



    Round 2: 30 mins run in


    Poison Starting: 28 (Peaked to 30)

    Wilderland starting: 21 (Peaked to 24)



    Wl did pretty well at the start with their massive range unit, as soon as we figured that out we extended the lead and never looked back.


    Poison Ending Kills: 69

    Wilderland Ending Kills: 43



    Thanks for the fight WL, expecting you guys to come back stronger in our next encounter!



    Poison vs Natural Born Killers


    Wasn't going to post anything about this, but I guess we'll post our night out since Peck da man is my boy!


    Poison Starting: 45 opts

    NBK Starting: 45 opts



    We heard NBK was attempting to step foot in the wilderness. We reminded them that they were still banned from the wilderness. We massed up 45 opts and heard they also called wolfgang to aid them. We took them both on and they pretty much camped and regrouped at moss giants, in singles again...


    We were also acing for Northern Gods, who apparently decided to hit us continuously.


    Anyway after waiting in multi to let NBK mass up at mossies to muster up some more opts, they still didn't step one foot in multi. So We decided to destroy them in the land of moss giants and they decided to call it off and walk down back to Gamers grotto for their clan wars fight pulling their mighty 16!



















    Shout outs:


    - Thank you for the enjoyable fight Wilderland

    - Thank you for the laughs NBK, clan wars is south!

    - My boy Peck da man!










    Genesis & Poison -v- RuneScape Dinasty




    MB cancelled a prep war on us, so we asked Poison to team with us to fight RSD. Everyone seemed interested, and therefore a fight was arranged.



    1 Hour Cap

    4:30EST -> 5:30EST

    DG On

    Spiders to East Tree[/p]


    Genesis & Poison Starting: 177 opts (60 on TS)

    RuneScape Dinasty Starting: 150 opts~ (? on TS) - (http://i.imgur.com/WoBgY.png)




    The fight began messy as VR rushed RSD which led us to team to clear. This allowed RSD to gain a few more people before we really started fighting. However we still outnumbered RSD but started slowly, and slowly got back into it. The fight became more even until some good tanking from RSD allowed them to take advantage. We had a quick regroup and got together and did well once again with RSD slightly edging it, despite great calling from everyone contributing. Eventually the end of the cap was upon us and we compared endings:


    Genesis & Poison Ending: 200~ opts (66 on TS)

    RuneScape Dinasty Ending: 156 opts (? on TS)





    It's pretty clear RSD outperformed us from the KDR pic, but considering this was the first time both clans have fought with these opts for a long time, and also the first time teaming with each other, I think we did well. Not to mention, the crashers Poison had on them. Good job to everyone who stayed and thanks for the fight RSD!



    • Genesis & Poison for peaking at 66 - well done guys,
    • Bigd3d for drinking 49 bottles of water in 2 days...
    • Mitzella for losing her G-Staff,
    • Luke for losing his 53rd G-Staff,
    • Tika, Milad, Bran & Venomous for solid calling,
    • Poison: thanks for being great teammates. Would happily team again,
    • Shoutout from Venomous: my boy Peck Da Man
    • Pedro for disconnecting AGAIN,
    • Wheelchair Dan for losing his G2H,
    • Pure Hatred for the AC,
    • RSD for fighting outnumbered and edging the KDR.

    Thanks for the fight RSD, and thank you for teaming Poison.

  7. kg2SW.png


    CT rolling over after getting slapped:




    Poison vs Counter Terrorists



    Video will be up soon:






    The great big Kangaroo from AA pm'd me, Edward:


    [00:37] <Edward> lets beef please

    [00:37] <Edward> say something mean

    [00:37] <Venomous76> [bleep]ing kangaroo

    [00:37] <Edward> there we go

    [00:37] <Edward> thx

    [00:37] <Edward> your shit clan dead gonna die like notoroius killed u deideidie

    [00:38] <Edward> [bleep]ING PUMPPEDDDD NOW


    We set up a fight with the following rules:



    Rules of the fight:


    • 8:00pm est/1:00am gmt
    • all styles
    • dg on
    • corr on
    • 1 hour cap pkri



    Poison Starting: 69 opts

    Australian Army starting: 57 opts~



    We got our piles down much faster and pretty much dominated the whole fight. CT tried to mass up for us, even posted the wrong time on their forums lmfao:




    Anyway they were getting slapped even before PH showed up to AC for us.


    Poison Ending: 78 opts

    Australian Army ending: Logged out towards the end of the cap



    After our fight, we were challenged by Pure Hatred for a 5vs5 LoL. 1st time Soraka and Krunal (he's the guy at the bottom) got gg'd:




    If you wanna challenge us in a 5vs5 LoL, /query Venomous or Acoma.


    Shout outs:


    - Thanks for the fight AA

    - Thanks for the AC PH + LoL Match

    - CT for being the most terrible team to step into PvP and demoralized into a crashing team

    - Playpro5 for skipping

    - My boy Peck da man!


    Pictures of the fight:










  8. kg2SW.png


    KDR on local time:





    So we went out on a fine day and got word that CT and wolfgang were pking together. We decided to head up and go get some action.



    Poison Starting: 60 opts

    CT+Wolfgang: 60 opts



    Not much to say really, we forced CT and wolfgang back into singles (just like our last encounter with CT). We continued to repeat the same thing until they decided to log out and disappear from the world.


    Poison Ending: 60 opts

    CT+Wolfgang: Logged out





    Oh and heres one teleporting away from us lol:




    CT and Wolfgang regrouping together:




    Downfall members sniping:







    Shout outs:


    - 2vs1 no problem

    - Thanks for the action!

    - You guys will be repaid my good friends from Downfall! :)

    - Thank you for the AC Solace, Pure Hatred, Critical Damage, etc!

    - Wolfgang is a small clan that crashes people randomly, so if any clan ever needs an AC - we'll do it.

    Pictures of the fight:
















  9. kg2SW.png



    Poison vs The Kings







    An official from The Kings approached our warlord for a cwa fight, we accepted and it turned out to be 2 rounds. 30 min run in + first to 25 kills.


    Round 1: 30 minute run in turrets


    Poison Starting: 25 (Peaked at 30)

    The Kings starting: 30 (With 2 kills on the start and peaked at 32)



    We stopped trying after like 5 minutes and just messed around, we had 2 fall ins and started getting 2 piles lol. Mid way we let new people call with 1 main pile, such as the powerful Devinefate who led us to victory with her voice! After that she gave it up to our ex-mentor of the mighty Collision, Arvva - which forced The Kings to leave the fight giving us the win.



    Poison Ending kills: 74

    The Kings Ending kills: 48 (Best pic i could get before they all left)



    Round 2: First to 25 kills classic


    Poison Starting: 28 (Peaked at 31)

    The Kings starting: 25



    This time, on the rush we made a Venomous Snake trail and rushed them (it didn't go well l0l). Bran cereal led the fight pretty much up to 20 kills, and once again as soon as we told our mighty ex-mentor of the mighty Collision to lead again - Arvva. The Kings left the friends chat once again.



    Poison Ending kills: 20

    The Kings Ending kills: 7 (Best pic I could get before they left)



    Thanks for the entertaining fight The Kings!


    Pictures of the fight:











  10. Public topic:










    Poison vs Counter Terrorists



    Video will be up soon:



    Originally, we were going out in this fine day of GMT timezone to hit our good ol' friend from Blacknights - Elder JR, apparently he's a rank in BK and was helping FD vs Legendz. He was fed up and he logged out. We got word that CT was massing up, so we rebanked/regeared and rushed them.




    Poison Starting: 45 opts~

    Counter Terrorists starting: 45 opts~



    Pretty much was a short fight as CT bailed to mossies as we ko'd stragglers running left and right.



    Poison Ending: 48 opts

    Counter Terrorists ending: Cleared from the battlefield, camped mossies for 20 minutes




    Thanks for the short scrap and shout out to my NBK mates in CT ! :hi:


    Pictures of the fight:











  11. poison1.png



    Poison vs Blacknights










    After fighting Hell Army, Elder JR got in contact with us and asked for a short prep. We agreed and canoed up within 5~ mins or so.



    Rules of the fight:

    • 5:30pm est start time
    • all styles
    • dg on
    • corr off
    • 1 hour cap pkri
    • spiders to east tree


    Poison Starting: 63 opts



    Blacknights starting: 69 opts



    We noticed right away BK had a big melee unit, so the tanking was pretty easy and we took control of the fight till the end of the fight.



    Poison Ending: 66 opts




    Other clan ending: Logged out


    [18:10] <Elder_Jr> alright we're done



    Thanks for the fight BK, thanks 'the' for the AC - heard you raped The Kings.


    Karma! :)



    Pictures of the fight:








  12. poison1.png



    Poison vs Team Vitality






    We got a rematch vs Team Vitality, our last encounter was not so well. This time we wanted to win EVERY round, and we achieved it.



    Rules of the fight:

    • 6:30pm est start time
    • all styles
    • dg on
    • corr off
    • 2 matched + 30 min run in

    Round 1: Matched


    Poison Starting: 25 dropped to 21

    Vitality starting: 21



    Vitality decided to pile our solid blasters/tanks, one of them was our drunk Estonian that tanked to them till they couldn't keep up anymore.



    Poison Ending: 17

    Team Vitality ending: 0



    Round 2:


    Poison Starting: 25 dropped to 23

    Vitality starting: 23



    From the start of the fight we took a small lead and extended it with good tanks.



    Poison Ending: 18

    Team Vitality ending: 0



    Round 3: First to 50 kills run in


    Poison Starting: 25

    Vitality starting: 24



    This fight was even out of all rounds. Mid way through, we extended the lead with great transitions and styles. Towards the end of the fight, Vitality members decided to run out of bounds.



    Poison Ending Kills: 50

    Team Vitality Ending Kills: 34



    Thanks for the fight Vitality!

  13. poison1.png



    Poison vs Monocromatic Brazil












    Our trial warlord got a fight set up with MB for pvp.



    Rules of the fight:

    • 6:00pm est start time
    • all styles
    • dg on
    • corr off
    • 1 hour cap pkri
    • No sniping (Broken by both)
    • Spiders to gdz (Broken by both)

    Poison Starting: 75 opts (25 on ts)

    Monocromatic Brazil starting: 63 opts (27 on ts confirmed)



    The fight started off pretty clean, we tanked them from spiders to gdz straight away and killed off all their stragglers. We walked to gdz to look for them but they snaked it back to spiders so they could regain their opts again. We clashed once again and repeated, MB started to gain a great G2H unit for melee KO power. Eventually, rules were being broken and snipers were being sent out. So we did the same after several warnings. Eventually the fight took place in GDZ at the last portion of the fight and MB resorted to mass sniping as much as they could:





    Poison Ending: 69 opts





    Monocromatic Brazil ending: 66 opts



    Thanks for the fight MB. Not claming a win, just posting our fight. :thumbsup:



    Pictures of the fight:











  14. poison1.png



    Poison vs Demiros + REC











    Originally, we were meant to fight Demiros in a 1vs1. Unfortunately Demiros only pulled 48~ opts, so we allowed them to invite REC for a 2vs1:


    [19:17] <Wirdy||||afk> can you

    [19:17] <Wirdy||||afk> wait 5 mins

    [19:17] <Wirdy||||afk> we unit

    [19:17] <Wirdy||||afk> rec+dc vs poison?

    [19:18] <Venomous76> sure but ends at 7:45 because you stalled



    Rules of the fight:

    • 6:50pm est start time
    • all styles
    • dg on
    • corr off
    • 1 hour cap pkri
    • spiders to east tree

    Poison Starting: 60 opts

    Demiros + REC starting: 60 opts



    After clearing Demiros for stalling on us, they regrouped at moss giants and brought REC up with them this time. We waited at spiders and rushed them as soon as we saw them.


    During the whole fight, we had our epic tiny chat event and was listening to Soccer Lane's awful singing with his guitar. After 20 minutes or so of fighting, Demiros+Rec called it off:


    [19:40] <Venomous76> are you done

    [19:41] <Wirdy||||afk> yes



    Poison Ending: 69 opts

    Demiros+REC ending: Logged out




    Thanks for the action!



    Pictures during our fight:



  15. poison1.png



    Poison vs Australian Army






    KDR: Doesn't seem accurate.





    George from AA approached me for a late EST fight/morning AST fight. We agreed to the following.



    Rules of the fight:

    • 9:30pm est start time
    • all styles
    • dg on
    • corr off
    • 1 hour cap pkri
    • no sniping
    • Spiders to east tree

    Poison Starting: 75 opts~

    Australian Army starting: 75 opts~


    The first few piles was pretty even from both sides. We started to get our piles down faster and took control. Mid way, we had people returning slowly/out of supplies trying to die. AA started to pick it back up so we tried to get a solid regroup to get back into the fight. Towards the end of the cap there was a bit of confusion apparently.


    [22:41] <Edward> where u goi

    [22:41] <Edward> south spiders i assume?

    [22:41] <Venomous76> you saw us.

    [22:41] <Venomous76> your regrouping.

    [22:41] <Edward> you went south spiders

    [22:41] <Edward> we cant get our returners and u can L

    [22:41] <Edward> where r u now


    Only reason we were at spiders is because we got dragged by your own member - out of bounds.





    While AA was regrouping all the way east at GAP, we waited a bit but saw no AA pile come to us. So we walked east to gap and found them. While AA's Leader asked us where we were lol:





    Poison Ending:


    63 opts



    Australian Army ending:


    54 opts (Blader is in CL and gummybears is not in AA update your memberlist)



    Apart from the confusion at the ending, and the minor boundaries that both of our members broke bounds on - thank you for the clean fight. It was nice to fight someone different and new lately, hope we can rematch sometime again. All in all, it seemed like an even fight.


    Props to everyone that showed up at 9pm est/2am gmt, especially GMT members!


    Hi Blader! :)


    Pictures of the fight:










  16. poison1.png



    Poison vs Downfall










    Dwg from Downfall approached me for a fight during the week. We agreed to the following:



    Rules of the fight:

    • 6:00pm est start time
    • all styles
    • dg on
    • corr on
    • 1 hour cap pkri

    Poison Starting: 57 opts

    Downfall starting: 51 ops



    Despite both of our low pulls, we gave it a go. Downfall decided to pile one of our better tanks in the start, and we ripped through their pile, our first member tanked about 5 kills for us as we kept transitioning all over them. Downfall resorted to tanking out of bounds, which was fine because we started doing it after them (tanking past east tree).



    EoS and VR decided to crash Downfall, but Solace/PH/TT was there to AC. While they battled it out, us and Downfall hopped out of the cluster and resumed. Towards the end of the cap, Downfall bailed west as we spammed times up, we managed to bind them before they could stall any further.


    Poison Ending: 60 opts




    Downfall ending: 57 opts



    Thanks for the fight Downfall, and thanks for the AC Solace+TT+PH.



    Pictures of the fight:













  17. poison1.png



    Poison vs Polish Army






    Last night, an official from Polish Army set up a fight with our trial warlord Bran Cereal for a early GMT fight for a weekday, alot of us weren't aware of this fight seeing as it was set up last night in EST. So our pull wasn't too great. Luckily AP pulled around the same.



    Round 1:


    Poison Starting: 16

    Polish Army starting: 16



    We pretty much just eliminated all of AP's magers and they eventually left CC.



    Poison Ending: 8

    Polish Army ending: 0




    Round 2:


    Poison Starting: 18

    Polish Army starting: 21



    Polish Army had a strong range unit, on top of that we were outnumbered and had a dc in the start. We managed to pull through and perform well throughout the whole fight going kill for kill. Polish Army had some ex members that decided to join some clan called Forces of Poland (Who is that?) and those ex members portal hopped a few kills until AP managed to fix that problem. We kept the lead throughout the whole fight.




    Poison Ending kills: 69

    Polish Army ending kills: 57






    Poison vs Arsenal






    A few days ago Reaper asked me for a CWA fight, we agreed on a normal matched fight and a first to 25 kills (with no prayer allowed) and a third round with mage/range only (with no melee) matched afterwards.




    Round 1: Normal all styles matched


    Poison Starting: 20

    Arsenal starting: 20



    Arsenal piled one of our better tanks and he managed to tank for our first 3 kills that we managed to kill fast. Afterwards we just kept the lead and KO'd a few others with our strong KO power and transitions.




    Poison Ending: 15

    Arsenal ending: 0



    Round 2: First to 25 kills (with no prayer allowed)


    The fight started out kill for kill, and we noticed Arsenal's kill count going up. We looked in the friends chat and we laughed because we noticed a few Collision members had resorted to portal hop in our clan chat, glad we forced you into a clan like FOP :)


    Reaper from Arsenal didn't want to restart so we moved on to the third round.


    Round 3: Matched mage/range only (No melee)


    Poison Starting: 18

    Arsenal starting: 18



    Again, our transitions were on point and everyone was tanking well. Arsenal left cc and xRebel was lost in clan wars.


    Poison Starting: 13

    Arsenal starting: 0




    Thanks for the fights AP and Arsenal, good job Poison.

  18. poison1.png



    Poison vs THE clan











    Sometime last week we got a fight set up with 'the' clan. With our forumless ownage we went up and met orange ownage.


    Rules of the fight:

    • 5:00pm est start time
    • all styles
    • dg on
    • corr off
    • 1 hour cap pkri
    • 2 sniper cap
    • Spiders to east tree

    Poison Starting: 90 opts


    The Clan starting: 60 opts~


    With our number advantage, we had a strong start from the beginning. 'THE' had to regroup at times but still managed to fight back. I believe they started gaining more people but we pressured them with snipers and kept on them. LS decided to appear and crash 'the' for some reason, so we hopped to a different world and finished up the last 10 minutes of the cap.


    Poison Ending: 84 opts




    THE clan ending: 54 opts




    Thanks for the fight 'the' and hope we can fight on even numbers next time!


    Shout out to:

    - Poison's Cheerleader: Poop gas! Happy birthday.

    - Poison, sign up for our next fight on the forums, oh wait..... :sad:

    - Keep up the activity!




    Pictures of the fight:











  19. poison1.png



    Poison vs The Gladiatorz







    Our trial warlord Destiny got a fight set up with Gladz a few days ago.



    Rules of the fight:

    • 7:00pm est start time
    • all styles
    • dg on
    • corr off
    • 3 rounds (3rd round run in)

    Round 1:



    Poison Starting: 26 dropped to 21

    The Gladiatorz starting: 21



    We started off really well and never looked back, our styles were on point today. They also piled Meow Mix88, this is when we knew it was over...



    Poison Ending: 15

    The Gladiatorz ending: 0




    Round 2:


    Poison Starting: 25

    The Gladiatorz starting: 25



    Our styles were much stronger than our previous round, there wasn't much tanking. Gladz left early on and we continued to round 3.



    Poison Ending: 19

    The Gladiatorz ending: 0




    Round 3: 30 min run in


    Poison Starting: 24 (Peaked up 27)

    The Gladiatorz starting: 22 (Peaked up 25)



    We rushed them at center of turrets map and took a lead and kept it throughout the whole fight. Apologies for any of our members for sniping, you guys did have a lot of titles and 2 groups of name changes.



    Poison Ending kills: 100

    The Gladiatorz ending kills: 43





    Thanks for the fight, always fun fighting you guys :).




    Pictures of the fight:














  20. poison1.png



    Poison vs The Call of Legends











    A few days ago, one of our trial warlords Dr Destiny got a fight set up with TCL. They agreed to the following.



    Rules of the fight:


    • 6:00pm est start time
    • all styles
    • dg on
    • corr off
    • 1 hour cap pkri
    • sniping off



    Poison Starting: 69 opts




    The Call of Legends starting: 66 opts



    Despite having 4-5 crashers on us, we had a great anti snipe planned and our awesome AC (Monocromatic Brazil) showed up to AC for our fight - thanks! The fight started off even in the beginning. However we managed to transition onto them much faster and had great KO power. Towards the last 10 minutes, TCL had camped spiders to get a lot of their opts back while we had them down to 36-45 opts in the majority of the fight.



    Poison Ending: 75 opts




    The Call of Legends ending: 72 opts with 2 randomers = 66 opts



    Thanks for the fight TCL, a much cleaner one than our last counter and respect for that.


    Shout outs:


    - Poison for a great performance today

    - TCL for a clean fight

    - RIP my Rapier

    - RIP Deckor's G2H/LBS

    - RIP Rscatillidie's rapier

    - Our epic Brazilian unit that ac'd for us - Monocromatic Brazil (PM me for an AC anytime)

    - Wolfgang for pulling 12 opts to their crash unit and getting smacked by g2h's :thumbsup:

  21. poison1.png



    Poison vs THE clan






    Drew22 approached me for a short prep, we agreed to a run in + 2 matched. We were pretty pumped as we had lost to them last time being outnumbered in a PKRI in our last encounter.



    Rules of the fight:


    • 7pm est start time
    • all styles
    • dg on
    • corr off
    • run in + 2 matched


    Round 1:


    Poison Starting: 24

    THE starting: 25



    The fight started off with us defending on a top turret and as 'the' rushed in we transitioned onto their pile faster than they did. We took a lead immediately and never looked back. Mid way through we had some teamspeak problems, respect to 'the' for pausing and letting us hop onto our back up teamspeak. We resumed and carried on to take the win.


    Poison Ending Kills: 50

    THE clan Ending Kills: 41



    Round 2:


    Poison Starting: 20 dropped from 25

    THE starting: 20



    With us on a back up teamspeak, we rushed to start the round so we wouldn't keep 'the' waiting for a long time again. Our styles were not on point this round we left cc mid way in and continued on to round 3.


    Poison Ending: 0

    THE clan Ending: 14


    Round 3:


    Poison Starting: 20 dropped from 25

    THE starting: 20



    This round we stepped it up after sorting our styles more proper. We were going kill for kill, taking out all their rangers and leaving them with just magers. At the 14vs14 mark, we transitioned into their pile for 2 ko's on a few of their magers and 'the' left the cc afterwards.


    Poison Ending: 12

    THE clan Ending: 0



    Thanks for the fight, always fun fighting you guys :)

  22. poison1.png



    Poison vs Blacknights











    Here was my runescape day, how was your day ?????


    Knowing that BK was prepped for 2 days to fight Tyranny, unfortunately Tyranny cancelled:




    Spiko is [email protected] * Spiko

    Spiko on @#RS-Tyranny

    Spiko using *.SwiftIRC.net SwiftIRC network

    Spiko has identified for this nick

    Spiko has been idle 1min 50secs, signed on Tue Aug 14 12:17:48

    Spiko End of /WHOIS list.


    [15:33] <Venomous> did you just cancel vs bk?

    [15:33] <Spiko> yeah, sorry

    [15:33] <Venomous> how much prep was it?

    [15:33] <Spiko> 2 day. I think

    [15:33] <Venomous> ok



    So I approached BK officials for a short prep, I agreed with the rules and found it fishy that Nasty Nate was setting up the fight. Mid way through the mass, Nate pm's me and tries to lie his way out to stall for more time:




    [15:29] <Nasty_Nate> you wanted a fight?


    Nasty_Nate is [email protected] * qwebirc user

    Nasty_Nate on #Poison @#friends %#blacknights @#papaya @#rothschild @#slay @#team-yourshit

    Nasty_Nate using *.SwiftIRC.net SwiftIRC network

    Nasty_Nate has identified for this nick

    Nasty_Nate has been idle 1sec, signed on Tue Aug 14 11:40:42

    Nasty_Nate End of /WHOIS list.


    [15:30] <Venomous> yea for today

    [15:30] <Nasty_Nate> what time

    [15:30] <Venomous> 5:30 est

    [15:31] <Nasty_Nate> 1 hour

    [15:31] <Nasty_Nate> ?

    [15:31] <Venomous> yea

    [15:31] <Venomous> 1 hour pkr

    [15:31] <Venomous> i

    [15:31] <Nasty_Nate> kk

    [15:31] <Nasty_Nate> bounds

    [15:32] <Venomous> well since you and a few others break bounds anyway

    [15:32] <Venomous> spiders to new gate

    [15:33] <Nasty_Nate> kk

    [15:33] <Nasty_Nate> corrupt off

    [15:34] <Venomous> 3 sniper cap, even though you'll bring 4

    [15:34] <Venomous> agreed and gl ?

    [15:34] <Nasty_Nate> no snipers

    [15:34] <Venomous> ok but if your people snipe

    [15:34] <Venomous> we will

    [15:34] <Venomous> just like the other fights

    [15:35] <Venomous> accepted?

    [15:36] <Nasty_Nate> ye

    [15:36] <Venomous> k gl!



    [16:56] <Nasty_Nate> what do you have as start time

    [16:56] <Venomous> 5:30 est

    [16:58] <Nasty_Nate> have 6 pm est

    [16:58] <Venomous> We agreed to 5:30 est.

    [16:58] <Nasty_Nate> have logs

    [16:58] <Nasty_Nate> ?

    [16:58] <Venomous> [15:30] <Venomous> yea for today

    [16:58] <Venomous> [15:30] <Nasty_Nate> what time

    [16:58] <Venomous> [15:30] <Venomous> 5:30 est

    [16:58] <Venomous> [15:31] <Nasty_Nate> 1 hour

    [16:58] <Venomous> [15:31] <Nasty_Nate> ?

    [16:58] <Venomous> [15:31] <Venomous> yea

    [16:59] <Venomous> if you want me to paste the whole log i can

    [16:59] <Venomous> so u should be massing now, its 30 mins away

    [16:59] <Nasty_Nate> we're massing in 30




    After sorting it out with the only legit rank - Ben Arch Lah. He started to mass BK up and went offline for his fabulous vacation!

    I then approached Trevor/Hell Raizers for the war world and he apparently just woke up and asked for a few minutes. I decided to give BK 15 minutes extra to gain as much as they could.



    Rules of the fight:


    • 5:30pm 5:45pm est start time
    • all styles
    • dg on
    • corr off
    • 1 hour cap pkri
    • no sniping
    • Spiders to New gate boundaries



    Poison Starting: 60 opts

    Blacknights starting: 51 opts~ on top of spiders



    We pretty much had control from the start and it was just repetitive. We would clash piles and kill 3:1 and BK would run back to spiders or gap to regroup. Towards the end of the cap, BK bailed to spiders and had Good Binds + T-boi + Fightsalot mass bind us as we were trying to walk to BK's regroup at spiders at the end of the cap. So they had gained more then they should of but it wasn't enough.


    Poison Ending: 48 opts



    Blacknights ending: 42 opts



    Shout outs:


    - Thanks for the short prep and small fight Blacknights.

    - Poison had some pretty epic KO power for our small numbers today.

    - My boy Tarik for his failed attempts to give us fake locations of BK's regroups!

    - Nasty Nate, the usual rule breaker that never gets striked lol:





    Pictures of the fight:
















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