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  1. Was a good trip, most people left after the Collision fight but we pretty much had DF re-grouping for the first hour or so of fighting, before they re-grouped at Mossies and after. DF gained numbers and it was pretty even for most of it, power switching hands occasionally. As the fight went on we lost most of our numbers due to it being about 1:30am GMT so there wasn't much we could do, fought most of it with about 60 options so it's good to see we managed to stay in it for a long time whilst outnumbered, however as I said going down to 15 people online didn't help us. Didn't enjoy the flaming but that's Runescape, again my first fight in months and I tanked horribly throughout, though managed to drag 2 or 3 piles off of me, completely forgot to change my auto prayer from range to melee towards the end :lol:. Hopefully we can fight again on a more even level, was an enjoyable fight. Not sure what the pictures are about? If you didn't notice we fought Coll before and that's where half of our deaths for the night came from, not to mention fighting outnumbered will mean you die more. Also that last comment, there was no cockiness to back up. We met you just outside of BH and started fighting, fought for about 20-30 minutes or so whilst those we piled flamed us. You then re-grouped with about 60 options at Mossies, that's the number of people we fought the majority of the fight with after your re-group, which shows you had about 90-100 options, I'd say we backed up any "cockiness" we showed, the only thing that stopped the fight was the timezone. 10 deaths, didn't take count of kills.
  2. We outnumbered you by 4 people, not a big difference. Was a good fight.
  3. Welcome back DDB, I remember DDB from Sals, hopefully you can regain some former strength :).
  4. It won't help Sals, Sals actually done well throughout CWA, it was just the likes of Blade V1per who got annoyed by the mods, attempted to make their own forum and then failed. Don't think anyone wants to go back to Sals.
  5. Maybe the wrong forum, but I remember the topic being posted in here originally so thought this was the best place to post :P.
  6. PvP easily. Whilst CWA has its benefits, it just doesn't match up to PvP. PvP is far more exciting, not only can you war but you can also Pk. The only downside to PvP is that you can be crashed, but, I'd prefer that over a CWRI where the winner is basically the clan who targets the lowest levels/worst tanks over and over and over and over again, rather than a PKRI where you've got to dominate the actual fight. Of course clans will try to outlast, but you can just leave the fight if that happens to a ridiculous level.
  7. Quickdraw9


    A while ago (few months ago) a topic was made asking how the TWR could be improved, from what I can remember, an overwhelming amount of people posted that the points system should be replaced for a more direct system, e.g. #3 beats #1, so #3 takes #1. My question is, is after that topic was made and then closed, have any changes been made to how the rankings are run? If so, what changes have been made, and if not, are there any plans to make changes?
  8. Who cares, you're both teams, not like it matters.
  9. Because people don't want to play Runescape on a Friday or Saturday night when they can be out drinking? Or don't want to play at 8am when they can be sleeping?
  10. Can't say I'm fond of you, happy birthday however.
  11. Good fight Solace, you were the better clan definitely. We should have performed better to give you a better fight, but it was just one of those days. Was quite boring at times, though lol.
  12. Good job Downfall, nice pull. Good job Solace also, looks like you had superior organization. You should really split that video up into two separate video's, at that speed it's counter-productive lol.
  13. With the clan world "Smaller" than before do you focus on quality recruits or teaching members how to become quality members? I'm not in charge of recruitment at Gladz, but I'd prefer to focus on quality members rather than teaching new members. What I found out from RSB recruitment is you may get a lot of members, they're generally more hassle than they're worth. Is the quality most clans seek slowing down the growth of the clan world, or could it even be a contributing factor to less people clanning? (Keep in mind there are tons of other reasons to why you may think the clan world is smaller but we're talking quality/expectations of clans when it comes to recruiting) What has contributed to the lack of people is taking away the wilderness, clans always had high expectations of their members, there's just less members floating around now. If your clan does take in new clanners what do you do to ensure that they become a quality member? All you can do is teach them how to clan, how to war, how to pk, the rest is up to them. At what point do you give up on trying to teach new clanners and just let them fail/quit/get kicked? I wouldn't say there is a point where that happens, some are good enough, some aren't, a good enough FA process will weed out those who aren't good enough. Do you focus on improving the quality of your current member base to allow some leeway on newer clanners? You always focus on improving your current memberbase, no clan is perfect, you do whatever you can to improve.
  14. Or you can fight on a weekend and start at like 2pm est.
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