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  1. Bonez899


    Holy, not sure what's more surprising. The new forum design or the random admin who just appeared.
  2. Same, don't usually go for guys but house on a lake? I'd be in, except for the essay I procrastinated
  3. Granted, you now have a hairless sphinx cat that somehow still brings up hairballs all the time and never stops meowing. I wish for clarity.
  4. Bonez899


    Sorry to hear that Dan. It is a really hard thing to watch any person, especially a family member that is in that situation. I do wish that more people had the "pull the plug" chat or at least more on letting a person go instead of prolonging life when most of the quality has disappeared.
  5. Bonez899


    That sounds like it should be a sweet trip (New Zealand sounds awesome)! Any specific spots you're looking forward to?
  6. Bonez899


    Yeah, I understand. Wait, is Goon actually just an undercover cow? :blink:
  7. Bonez899


    Btw, I'm going to be a Xennial from now on, just so this noob gets tf out of my generation: lol MMG & his tank. The downfall of RS right there. #RemoveSilverhawkBootsFromRS #RSOF I know she's gone but I have to nerd out and clarify that is is not a tank. APC of some sort, but definitely not a tank.
  8. Bonez899


    Just going to point out, I'm not sure how the jubilee is political. Sure it supports the royal family, but they're more of a British icon and internationally recognized/followed more so than a political symbol. The Diamond Jubilee was a tribute to Queen Elizabeth, on of or even the longest ruling British monarch's. Its not like it was an inauguration event for Trump, or a Brexit festival, or a tribute to Theresa May.
  9. Bonez899


    Dragon, you realise that literally nobody on this forum gives a shit about Runescape anymore, right? Like you've literally been the past 8 posts, on this page at least, talking to yourself without any response? The ship has sailed in that regard a long time ago. Many of us keep a passing interest but your rants are more annoying than insightful. Regardless, keep on keeping on and doing whatever makes you happy.
  10. Bonez899


    How is this still alive?
  11. Bonez899


    I'm still not convinced that Dragon isn't an advanced bot. Their posts make about as much sense and they pay just as much attention to what other people are posting.
  12. Bonez899


    Agreeing with these guys, it will get better and it sounds like you've got a lot of good going on.
  13. Bonez899


    What discord, there isn't a discord. Definitely not, nope, never saw one. (Goon, get in there)
  14. Bonez899


    This is definitely the right mindset. And like Going said, you know you better than anyone. It speaks volumes that you're recognizing this now and are willing to step back and care for yourself. As much as it may feel like it life's a marathon not a sprint.
  15. Bonez899


    Why would you ever log in again? Clearly you peaked on that account.
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