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About Me

Runescape Stats:

Proud Owner of a Fire Cape 21/09/06|Cooking: 29,021 to 99 :: 7,717 to 100 :: 6,592 to 101|43,100 to 99 Attack|100,564 to 99 HP|19,771 to 2000 Total|23,399 to 100M XP|All Skills 80+

First Whip Drop 20 Feb 2010


Fun stuff :



This forum used to be a place where players respected not only each other but other players in the game as well. Now look what it's become.

Gremmy comments on CR v CLS :


I think we're all forgetting a most important factor of thesed sought-after weapons; the looks.


The Chaotic Longsword beats the Rapier by many lengths, as after several days of testing, I seem to be contacted by a lot more girls. I took both the Rapier and Longsword to the Grand Exchange in a high-populated world and tried to hook up with as many girls as possible:


I tried every line I have ever used in real life and tested on every girl around me - 1000 girls with Rapier, and 1000 girls with Longsword. With the Rapier I managed to get in touch with 763 girls, while the Longsword got me in contact with 895 girls. This is 132 more girls, or 13.2%, which more then the "marginally" superior difference it seems you have concluded. This is a fantastic discovery, and will help us in the future, when we need to do the final efficiency tests and really find out which weapon is the best.


I would like to thank my mom for helping me through this hard time, when the girls were being rough on me. I did this, however, for all of you to help you truly understand the strengths and weaknesses for each weapon.


Also, thank you #pr0s and #dutch_pride on IRC - these people are truly amazing and gave some good inputs on my tests.


I hope I helped.


PS: If you ask me, what really made a difference is the name of the Longsword, as this is similar to the male phallus, and might be more intriguing to today's somewhat willing girls around the planet.



Sling intruded my bed.

Real life injury dynamics







Did anyone else notice Harralaak is no longer holding his side from when Lucien injured him in WGS?


Wonder if this is a glitch?

That's good. I mean, sure he was injured, but that was what? Two years ago? Time to heal up and move on, eat a shark and get on with it.


What if someone did the quest 2 days ago?


Drink a brew?


I lol'd. That whole dialogue was perfect.




opens porn sites automatically? no hands required?


sign me up!





More hands to [bleep] with!


This Tip.it'er is psychic

One great topic






(unless you get a team of mostly females, they're undeniably slower)

Oohhhh...never mind, you were trolling this whole time. You almost had me there.


Da Latios Writes : In the original story of how Zaros was defeated, Zamorak kicked him in the balls.

Subject Baconisbacon has been noted to respond to the phrase lo0l0olo0ll0ololl

Join "DGS" clan chat for Dungeoneering floors | Accepting all Tipiters who are willing to learn.





Its even worse when someone "doesn't know the difference between nod head and shake head". Every time you try to explain to them, they just can't quite grasp it. You end up praying the mime only gives them laugh or cry, which they then fail because they've never seen a human express emotion in their life. Then 2 people ragequit and your internet cable comes loose and tears off your penis.

rs is life

and life sucks


/queue tokio hotel music







Here is the best farming tip you will ever get.

Drink a leter of water before bed.

When you wake up to take a leak do a farm run.

Adds hundreds of thousands of exp / month.

And most people are dehydrated anyway, a leter of water before bed is amazing for you, heck use it to wash down a multivitamin as well and you are rockin.

Some bosses need to be tanked, some need to be spanked.

Yes, his eyes.. I bet if normal human beings such as you and I had the chance to see through his eyes, we would see the entire world in RuneScript. Just like Neo when he see's the Matrix, only more geeky.

(and yes my chin and neck are as one, bah!)

People who do bot all get caught by Jagex before they even hit a few 100m total exp btw, let alone 2b+ exp lol.

Racism is WRONG. Discrimination is wrong, and i've seen both sides use it in their argument, it has NOTHING to do with the original argument on reporting


We are all humans, we are all self aware, capable of thought, we all bleed when pricked with a needle and we all share the same basic needs of food, shelter, love and happiness. it doesn't Matter your gender, your race, We're all EQUALS.

Raptor is the only interesting sig hero there is. Owen or whatever his name is is the most generic "hero" ever, black ranger guy is the quirky carefree herp derp, mage girl is GURRRRRL POWER and the others I don't even remember. What would be cool is if Drakan and his minions kill all the sig heroes in the quest except Raptor who is wrecking. You and him team up and cave in some vampyre heads. He becomes a total bro in future quests and in a GM quest he receives a fatal injury and his last dying words to you are "Brofist, mang"






Pro tip: it might be a good idea to tone down the narcissism on the response threads too.

This is also the reason we don't sell RuneScape items for cash on our own website. Even though we could make extra money in this way. We don't think it's fair or even fun if players can just buy their way to the top!






Yeah, I'm having the same problem. This shit puts me in a really bad mood. Then I discover someone drank the last Coca Cola... Now I'm ready to murder someone.


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