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  1. Don't know why i'm in such a nitpicking mood over this update.


    They updated carpets so we wouldn't have to keep equipping and unequipping weapons but they make the same mistake with the boats.


    Why make a runespan only aura after reworking abyss running to actually be competitive. Aura that would have given chance of producing extra rune or saving essence would have been much more balanced then increasing runespan xp alone.


    new gravestones when I havn't even seen any graves since the death rework.


    Only thing i'm liking about this event so far has been the concept art for mammoths, wyverns and ripper demons.


    Really, you'll love the Mammoths ingame then, they really went overboard with them, from what they've shown me. :p

  2. Indeed, FOTG2 will probably be some sort of high-end culmination of the Mahjarrat, thus Kharsai would play a part most likely. This bumps the reqs into level 90 zone, as the Koschei's Troubles miniquest (and also the Mahjarrat Memories) require 90 prayer and strength.

  3. Poll is out since thursday. And Mammoths is more about trying to tire it down with attacks and environmental stuff (trapping it on a weak ice spot, raining collapsing icicles on them etc) while trying to dodge a lot of its attacks and its trunk that acts as an extra "monster" attacking you.

  4. I don't know, they managed to replace all runestones on droptables of all monsters, seems easier to me than coding modificated armour pieces. Alch values are still a whole burden though, unless we keep the rarity of rune items as they are now, by making the rune ore deposits spawn slower and get the influx of rune ores from drops lower.

    Actually, now I think of it: all droptables are better reworked into stuff like those Dungeoneering backpacks: they are alchable and don't compete with (un)finished resources and products from other skills. Right now spring cleaner is probably the most important source for ores, same goes for rune/pure essence, yew/magic logs and previously runestones, this isn't good for the corresponding skills and the economy.

    It's better to rework the whole damn thing than to adjust the 'leaking parts' and have a bodged system.

  5. Yes, that is one of the problems that stay: they can't retcon people like Hazeel, Khazard, Zemouregal and so on without destroying vast amounts of ingame content and lore sadly. It would have helped tremendously is people like Movario, Scorpio (that astromancy ghost), Moia and the Kinshra played a larger role in his forces.

    They would shift the notion of evil away from Zamorak.

  6. Essiw: Zamorak being the baddy is no longer true since the writing of the sixth age. While he did some questionable things, a lot of that is because that stuff was still written when Jagex saw him as the epitome of evil or because our information comes from Saradominist sources.

    The Zamorak we saw in DaT showed us a totally different person than we were told to believe he was.

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  7. I don't know why people keep saying Zarosians hate Zamorak and his minions, Zaros himself said he holds no grudges against Zamorak. It learned him a valuable lesson. :)

    I as a Zarosian ingame really wanted to choose Zamorak, until I learned Vorago and his minions are there to represent the Anima Mundi. That seemed like the greater good and pretty selfless.


    About the event itself: it really shows this development team has no knowledge of how to write lore, so I really want them to stay clear in the future from anything quest and lore related. The Q&A on Reddit and RSOF made this even more clear, lots of nonsense answers and stuff that contradicts preestablished lore.

    I am also very dissappointed by the fact this is all the event has to offer: the daily stabbing and some subpar WC/agility if you have time to spare. No progression like the other events, not even a cutscene when we logged in on 1st of June. The event seemed so promising during all the streams, they were hyping it big time, yet all we got was this... a massive letdown.

  8. He also wants to protect the world, even if it means taking away all the gods from Gielinor.

    I am Zarosian and intended to join the Zamorakian cause for this event. But when the event started, Scopulus made clear he and Vorago are there to represent the Anima Mundi. Seems the best option to me: defending the planet itself.

  9. God, now I think about it: a new crusade ingame would be fun as a next World Event: one faction tries to rally troops and starts marching towards a Saradominist city that starts to prepare itself for the assault. Depending on who wins, the city converts to that god, with new banners and new activities. 

  10. I really like your idea, Helring, I agree with your notion that apart from world events and warbands, there's very little evidence of a second God War going on. Small fighting forces trying to take over small areas or going full out brawl with another party would be fun. :p

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