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  1. Because the fact of the matter is that experience in dungeoneering really doesn't matter. Tokens are the big deal and the experience is irrelevant. Clans would have to actually inventory check people to make sure they have the items that they're after, and then they'd have to keep checking over and over to make sure that they haven't lost their weapon since then. It's not like you actually get the rewards if you level up, or if tokens were common. Wow, ever thought of a screenshot in the application process? It's a wonderful thing isn't it? Besides, the don't disappear when fully used, they just become unuseable.. not to mention to recharge it's only a small fee of cash or mixture of cash and tokens and whatnot.. I'm sure this will be done within a year or so when dg becomes more commonplace.
  2. If people are going to start having issues with Dungeoneering brought into the warring scheme, why not make having a certain dungeoneering level a requirement to join a clan, just like having a certain combat level or magic level requirement. Don't know about how much this would contribute to this topic, but that's just my thoughts after seeing some of the arguments here. That way, clans that like dg items on can just war each other while both have fairly decent access to these new items and what not while not causing too much fuss.
  3. Gratz on the win Tk. Unfortunate LGZ, always next time.
  4. Meh, we weren't up to par. It's ok though, it was a lesson we all need to experience at some point. Thank you, and hope to face you again.
  5. If there's any confusion on the rules, then it would only be fair to have a rematch, whether it might change the outcome of the war or not. That is if you are confident in your abilities to defeat them again. Hoping to see a rematch sometime, and if not, that's just too bad.
  6. Good effort to both. Gratz Dwood. :thumbsup:
  7. Looked like fun. :) Congratz to you, Envy.
  8. Looked like a lot of fun. Gratz Legacy.
  9. Afros... New required gear? :P Gratz TK. I know for a fact LTH could of done better. <_<
  10. interesting, might have to give it ago
  11. Looked great. Shame I was unable to attend. Let's keep this momentum rollin' DF. :thumbsup: Great effort Eternity for Pvp War. Blnt and hope to war you again soon. :)
  12. :blink: 123+ for RHK. Wow. Great job with those levels, and gratz on the win. Always next time T0.
  13. Excellent pull KoA and great job beating LGZ. Looked like a lot of fun. Next time LGZ. ;)
  14. Gratz on the win NK. Maybe next time make a war not during a hockey game. ;) lol Blnt PH
  15. One man can't necessarily win a clan war, but one man can certainly speak for one.. Seriously, get over yourself.
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