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  1. Spent an hour at Karamja, to no avail. Bots just keep running after one or two hits. Went to Crafting Guild, got a successful kill after a while, didn't get out decent but it was funny as hell. :thumbup:
  2. Okay, thanks. I guess I'll leave it then. :mellow:
  3. Gah, I need a conclusive answer, although I suppose losing so much approvla would make me think twice as profit might not be much.
  4. Does MTK still gather resources whilst you are F2P? I need to know to deicde whether to load it with cash before my membership runs out, or withdraw it all. Thanks. :thumbup:
  5. People who come to my slaying spot and demand that I leave, just because they are higher level or use the most stupid excuse ever: "Err...nub can u hop plz coz i need x number of these." Well maybe if they tried to get them instead of just standing there arguing they might get somewhere, or when they notice they cant have x number of monsters then they should hop... <_<
  6. I'll be watching this blog, good lcuk with your 99 Smithing goal! :thumbsup:
  7. Anything but a scim to be honest, as someone said earlier, I like being different and as far as f2p weapons go, it's the short sword for me anyday.
  8. Forum Name: Beserker650 RS Name: Beserker650 Name to use: Beserker650 http://i26.tinypic.com/27ypwyw.png
  9. oh :oops: i think i did a too deeper search, thank you, can a mod lock this plz.
  10. Any1 know a quick way to find the Great tip it pic for 2009, i've searched the forums and cant find it, or have i missed somet and it's closed or not running anymore?
  11. Nice bank dude 11/10, i like the monkey! :mrgreen:
  12. Keep them coming! I think I might make a list of them so people can reference to them. Although they will only be runescape related.
  13. We have experienced, quite alot, just not knowing what to do on runescape, but still wanting to go on, and you dont feel like doing something productive, more like something more enjoyable. So my question is, what fun thing do you do when you are bored. I personally Chompy Hunt, its really relaxing, or I go the desert and just wander around, because its my favourite area. Post your thoughts! \
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