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  1. Yes, there's a similar magic in the real world that makes coats and hats do the same. They go by the names of coat rack and hat stand.
  2. Actually it's the dwarven burial armour, that's what it says in the BTS: Life as a dwarf must also be fraught with danger, as there is also a constant demand for dwarven burial armour, the creation of which is taught within the workshop’s walls, which should prove useful for anyone from levels 30-70 Smithing. I was looking at the armor set that appears to be standing up in front of the anvil almost like it is under some sort of magical force. Perhaps there is some magic involved with the creation of the armor?
  3. I would like to see soloable boss-like monsters that require a high slayer level and have untradable rewards. Perhaps King/Queen/overgrown Strykewyrms of each type that live in underground tunnel systems? Would be nice if they were instanced too...
  4. Looks like some sort of animated armor?
  5. Looks like while I was at class a Mod came through and cleared the area or something- fun while it lasted ^_^
  6. Couple more pics just 'cause:
  7. Yea probably. Saw a guy with a Sneakerpeeper pet at Dunj and he told me to go to castlewars to see a butload of them wandering around.
  8. They are spreading pretty far now.
  9. Outside Castlewars on w99 there are summoning pets on the loose- mainly Sneakerpeepers. Is it a glitch or an update teaser?
  10. I've tried void once, i'd only recommend it in a team of atleast 5+ people where you wont get hit as much, otherwise you'll just be taking constant damage. I'm about to attempt this in a trio and I'm 87 range/ 90 defense. Are you saying it's going to suck? Damn I'm gonna die aren't I? #-o
  11. This has been happening to me a lot. It was really noticeable a few days ago on w99; the game was lagging and disconnecting frequently. Every time I got logged of the world population was significantly down, and other's in my clan's cc were experiencing the same problems.
  12. Na, that should take another few months I bet. To the above: I dont think they would make the D-CB ammoless. Prolly the Godsword equivalent of a crossbow You're wrong, Mod MMG said it will take a few days to implement. There is now way it would only take a few days to bring free trade and the old wilderness back- at least not the way they want to. Sure they could just remove the trade restrictions/caps and make it so you drop all your items on death in the wilderness... but that wouldn't be very responsible would it? They would still have to test everything for exploits and relocate/ consider all the current non-pvp content in the wilderness.
  13. I wish this much effort was put into the in-game cut-scenes. Perhaps that sort of quality will exist in the future. I do wonder if that entire trailer was made with the game engine tho.
  14. Happy birthday :D!

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