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Hey all. I'm Stev. Been sober now fo... Wait a minute. I'm at the wrong place!


Well, to start out, I'm 25. My igloo is currently in Canada, though that'll soon change. The wifi up here is just terrible...


Between collecting the maple syrup, training my pet moose to apologize, and RuneScape, I'm kept pretty busy. Although most of my RuneScape time isn't spent playing the game as much as it is interacting with the community and helping where I can.


Currently, here at Tip.It, I'm a moderator, website crew (primarily calculators and tech), and developer of DGSweeper. Joining this great team of people has been on of the best decisions I've made in my time on RuneScape. They never hesitate to lend a hand and have even helped me expand my knowledge and skill in programming.


Lately the time I manage to get online is spent designing plugins and tools for other website crew, focusing on making pages more interactive and easier to use as well as easier to build. Other then pushing out the odd calculator from time to time, my work lately has primarily been behind the scenes.


Outside of Tip.It, I help maintain a few websites including XP-Waste and a few others. If you haven't yet, be sure to check them out! I build and design websites for various companies ranging from legal, to fitness, to machining companies.


When actually playing RuneScape, I primarily enjoy dungeoneering and anything PvM related. My favorite activities would be selling floors and killing Tormented Demons. Or would that be specialties; I don't know. I'm an efficiency freak, be warned.


Outside of RuneScape I work and hang out with friends. I'm currently Quality Assurance and P.A. at Schukra and Front End Developer for various company websites. I have a passion for flatland BMXing, and have been doing so since I was little. It's been put on hold due to an injury... But I'll soon be back on it!


Anyways, you've wasted approximately 25-75K XP reading this about me page. I hope you're ashamed.








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