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  1. Whoever saves one life saves the world entire.

  2. Genius is the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple.

  3. I live fast, die a legend.

  4. When they're asking for more then you're trying to sell... THAT is when you've made it.

  5. ... When the words you want are out of reach but never been so loud.

  6. What's on my mind? You're making the crazy assumption that I've got one.

  7. I'll spare you this once then. :P.

  8. I think that was you, anyways. Lol.

  9. Fun at SW. :P. Sry if I don't say anything there. Usually go to de-stress so public is off. ^^.

  10. Now you're a 15 year old girl from Lithuania! :).

  11. Stev

    Don't blow my cover! =P.

    Ty ty m8.

  12. TY mate! Downtown Toronto with a birthday on Mardi Gras! Woo!

  13. Oh God, I saw in my e-mail a message from Tripsis and thought, "Crap, not again."

    Hehe, JK. =D. Thanks for the birthday wishes! At the hospital right now to see how long I'm going to be away. Will keep everyone posted. =P.

  14. Dat pink hair. :).

  15. Best day of the year. :).

  16. Wait aminute... That's it! We're.. The same person!

    Mine's got a white-gold spinning thumb ring on the necklace as well. :P.

  17. *Lurks* - You're a quiet chap, eh? :P

  18. Stev was taken, but hadn't logged in since 2006, so nabbed it. :P.

  19. Scratch that. Found it. :P

  20. I can't find the thread now! Haha. Wasn't it in Off-Topic?

  21. Oh! Last I checked someone kept erasing them! Lol. After 3 days of going back to it and again everything being gone, I gave up on looking. :P.

  22. Where abouts do you live? I have friends up in Toronto, Godrich and places and they all had the warnings and things as well.

    I was looking forward to a good storm finally. >.<

  23. We had one about all day yesterday. Storm only lasted about 10 minutes though. =(. Was quite the let-down.

  24. Back off. This sexy piece of work is mine. ;).

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