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  1. tab 8, caperack in poh (costume room) unless you plan on wearing the trio of shame (cook, fletch, str)

    tab 3, random rune kites = wat, also drop the rune defenders as painful as it is, 4 dragon is good enough

    tab 1, rune meds, snape grass, compost, bouquets, sling, climbing boots, dragon kite, curved bone, sunbeam/icicle crowns (you can get back), cornucopia, wooden shield, unfinished sc hammer (use it)

    tab 5, crush all the nests and crush nests as soon as you get them


    might come back to it later if i can be arsed

  2. :mellow: Well I really don't know what to say, but I feel that I can't read without responding. I've had to deal with some of the things mentioned in here myself, either recently or sometime in the past, although perhaps not on the same scale. It probably means nothing coming from someone like me, being that we haven't really talked much directly, but I'm sure some improvements will come in the near future. :)

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