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Status Updates posted by Quyneax

  1. EoC needs less abilities on players and more on monsters.

  2. I am, depending on the combat rework. And if the SoF gets removed, I guess. But really only with effigies, without SoF and with a good rework I'll 100% return :/.

  3. Book 9 now actually :P

    1. Platinum_Myr


      Book 9 of what?!

  4. I am only harpy according to the harpies. [effigy]

  5. Thanks :D

    RSN Mierin too ^^

  6. The + is when you post (in a forum that grants post count) and have at least a certain number of posts. You then get added to the members+ usergroup.

  7. It's based on post count only :P. No special powers, sorry.

  8. Probably means you're a regular user :).

  9. Nice to see you back :)

  10. Soon you'll be upgrading to purple :P

  11. Hmmmmm alternating maybe?

  12. First post :D

  13. I'm Dutch. I was on w166 when it was still a Castle Wars world :P.

  14. My mouse ran out of battery power - the spares were empty too -.-

    Got ~400 pages of the Wheel of Time done though (mouse is up again now).

  15. :rage: well it'll do methinks, thanks :)

  16. I break your no-comment streak.

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