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  1. You remembered yo pass?

    1. Wongtong


      I had to get tripsis to reset my password / relink my account with another email hahaha.

  2. oh god everything changed.

    1. D. V. Devnull

      D. V. Devnull

      Sad... Ain't it? And I liked things like "Post Icons" and manual control of a whole ton of other things. =(

  3. Oh really? You should let me stalk her.

  4. STARTING UNI AND SOMEWHAT LIVING MY LIFE IN THE REAL WORLD. Let me tell you, it's pretty boring.

  5. Oh hey there.

  6. Hahaha. It's a pretty easy blog to use, I find. You can just scroll down the to bottom and it will have an arrow, and you can just keep clicking that and going through the pages, or you can click archive on the top left and it'll come up with everything that person's posted and you can click on what you find looks interesting or what you want to look at.

  7. Just check out flykidfly.tumblr.com every month or so and there'll be new stuff on there.

  8. wongtong is still alive guys.

    1. Saradomin_Mage


      Posts or no proof :>

    2. D. V. Devnull
    3. Dreamtongirl


      she forgot her password. but i can assure you, she's still breathing.

  9. Thumbs up sign on MSN. I should probably stop using it, nobody uses MSN anymore. Pity, really. It's going well. I post crap on my blog to keep a track of it all, don't used deviant art that much anymore.

  10. Well we just call it UCOL. :P But whatever, it's basically uni. Right, of course! No, I did know that. I just have a terrible memory, it's okay Becky knows all of this and generally forgives me. That's good. (Y)

  11. Well it's not quite uni. A polytechnic, I think it's called? I'm still living in the city and at home. It's a photography diploma that I'm doing, two years. Becky's in Otago doing.. I forget. Doctor studies. Whatever they're called. She loves it down there, her sister's down there studying too so that's good. Enjoying your diploma?

  12. Started course, so basically keeping busy. Becky's enjoying Otago as well, she pelvic thrusted on the dining table her first week there so I think she's making plenty of friends. What're you doing this year?

  13. Mm, glad I decided to avoid it. Probably a better place to be.

  14. I saw someone today who looked so much like you that I almost went up and asked if his name was Nick. But then I wondered why you'd be in Palmerston North, and nobody would be here by choice, so I didn't.


  16. Isn't life super fun.

  17. Because she's turned eighteen and she's moving down south to college the start of next year to start her extremely tiring life of studying to become a doctor, so she probably can't keep up with it/doesn't much care to.

  18. Oh, her and Josh have quit for good.

  19. Never tried. I have however gone down on a matress. Not as successful as in the movies.

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