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  1. Since the wizard tower update the clue "Probably filled with wizards' socks" now leads to a cupboard on the third floor of the tower ( the same floor as Sedridor ). When you try to open the cupboard it still says it's locked & "one of the wizard must have the key". The wizards are no longer attackable. Kill a spellwisp outside the tower instead & the will drop the key. Just completed the clue Lord Uathen
  2. I can relate to BIG CITY. Often I find myself going about my usual chores & absolutely nobody is talking ( except the spam bots of course ). I try to strike up a conversation with anyone around only to be met with silence. Often it's pretty obvious I'm in the middle of a lot of bots who aren't going to reply & that's just depressing. Last night I was relieved to actually be able to get some people TALKING in the runespan. It really helped to make the hours I spent there finishing off my wicked set go quicker. The previous day it had seemed like it took an eternity to earn those points. Welcome to Pandora also had some very good points. When the citadels first came out I was able to gather up several of my friends & form a clan. By thanksgiving we had over 50 members & a tier 4 citadel. The whole time though I had to continually hastle people with " Have you gotten in your weekly resourses? We have 2 hrs left & don't even have enough in to pay for the upkeep, please come help!" When Thanksgiving hit & people were offline doing their holiday things it became impossible to muster the manpower to keep the citadel afloat & it soon became locked. Since then I haven't bothered reopening it. Frankly it's just not worth the time , effort & headache to try to maintain it. My clans still going, we chat & help each other out using the chat channel & do the occasional event but we've written the citadel off as useless. The avitar did nothing to change that opinion. Personally I wish they'd give us some way to turn off those stupid ort drops. I'm fighting, get a kill , go to quickly grab the loot before I'm attacked again & lo & behold I end up with even more useless ort in my pack to have to destroy later. :mad:
  3. Clue scroll coordinate 00, 13 South - 13, 58 East. Located west of the bush presently pictured in 00.15 South 13.58 East location. Pictures can be sent if required.
  4. Grotworms appear to be the new Green Dragons - Bots everywhere fighting for a worm. Now if only this was an extension to the wilderness & you could manage to kill a few of them........ That's why Jagex created the grotworms. Too many botters were complaining about the real players pking them in the wilderness.
  5. I have to wonder if Jagex is actually TRYING to fight the bots & cheaters. :cry: Think about it... They did a bot nuke killing a large number of the veteran bots then reinstigated a trade limit where new F2P bot accounts couldn't move their ill gained GP. What's that do? It causes the new bots that are created to have to pay for membership. Jagex then starts making more profit from the cheaters. With the SOF , Sals store , loyalty rewards & everything else they seem to be pushing to make money it's pretty obvious what they're doing, trying to squeeze every dollar they can out of the game. Allowing the botters & cheaters so long as they're paying for membership just helps Jagex bottom line at least in the short term. Heck at this point I would no longer be suprised if they weren't actually behind some of the RWTing sites themselves. Who would know if they were? Sorry but after years of having to fight Jagex's battles for them with little support from the company itself I'm begining to question whether they're actually even in the battle or if it's all for show.
  6. "why was there not a crowd almost 10 times larger arguing for the return?" Easy, bots don't argue or even speak for that matter. Think about it. Hundreds of thousands of bot accounts were laying around inactive because they couldn't trade their GP away. When a vote comes up do you not think the bot creators would use every one of those accounts to vote themselves back into use? They didn't NEED to argue, they had it in the bag from the get go by sheer numbers. A real player typically has between 1-3 characters, a botter could have hundreds to vote with. As much as we tried to point out that fact Jagex was going to push the update through anyways & we can see the result. There also seems to be a conspiracy brewing too. If you think about it Jagex actions appear to have focused on turning the bots into profit. They did the nuke eliminating the veteran bots & put in a trade limit on only new F2P accounts. Mighty suspicious since the bots just moved over to P2P in droves making more money for Jagex isn't it? :? As for the combat update.... well that's probably what's going to force me out of the game I've played for nearly 10 yrs.. The simplicity of RS combat was the reason I was able to deal with the slow response time of my connection. From my experience with the weekend beta tests it's simple no longer. I'm going be at a real disadvantage compared with someone with a faster connection. I also find it infurating that I've spent years building up a huge collection of weapons with special attacks. After the update all those special abilities are gone. For example all the godswords would be the same. My seerkull bow which I used to use on mages might as well be a magic short, no wait, a yew short since it no longer has a special attack. :mad: :mad: :mad:
  7. My worst loss was on a Bork run. I'd just jumped the wilderness wall & was running to the entrance to teh chaos caverns when I was attacked by a pker. Usually I make them regret that decision but this guy was lucky & I lagged just as he attacked. By the time the lagg was over I was standing in deaths house. Lost a Staff of light, a pocketload of runes a full slayer helm & my ragefire boots.
  8. The floaing pen beat me to my response, darn it. There's nothing stopping someone from buying items gathred from bots & sold on the G.E. & then turning around to sell it for a mark up claiming it to be legitimatly gathered. There's no way to control the market to force the bots out. The only options left are to either nuke them, bring back the trade limit ( so people can't buy gp from them ) or somehow convince the cheaters who buy from them to stop. Personally I seldom if every actually buy anything from the G.E. I've gotten most of my skills into the 90s so if I need something I just make it. My only use for the G.E. is to sell off the surplus goods I make while I skill. Unfortunantly the price of those goods keeps dropping because of the supplies from bots but since it cost me nothing to make I'm not all that concerned. Competing against them for resourses on the other hand can be real annoying. These days I'm getting more & more worried about the game I've been with for almost 10 years. Jagex's marketing schemes are getting rediculeous. Bots are once again running rampant & from what I've seen of the combat update is scares me. I'm stuck on dial up & the simplicity of the combat is what allows me to actually PLAY Runescape. With the new combat update the reaction speed of my connection puts me at an extreme disadvantage. Then there's the special attacks... I've spent years collecting all the fancy weapons with special attacks & now there's going to be no difference between an AGS & a BGS. :mad: It's now looking like I may finally get forced out of the game that's been my entertainment for a very long time. :uhh:
  9. I already see it all the time. "I have several 99 skills, How do I make money?" My response is always " You have 99's, how did you get them?" " Well I cut ivy for Wc." is usually their first reply & there's the problem. They took one of the new fast training methods that doesn't supply the other skills or make a profit. Had they trained their WC normally they'd have logs to fletch, then alkie or to use as pyres which would have trained either their fletching & magic or firemaking & prayer skills while making a profit. Instead they took the quick method & are left broke & haven't trained the other skills. Now RC will be the same way. <_< I'll do the Runespan a bit just to get the full robe set then probably leave it & never come back.
  10. To get the cithara you must be wielding ( inventory items don't count ) 6 Saradomin items ( a Saradomin owl beside you counts ) , ring of visibility & ghostspeak ammulet/crammulet. The items worn actually have to say Saradomin in their title. Items associated with the god such as the holy symbol & Falador shield will not work however the Citharede robes will. You must have full prayer points & can not have curses active. If you have any items associated with other gods with you , curses active or not enough Saradomin items the attempt will fail & you will be blasted down to 1 HP. Succeed & the ghost will appear to speak to you, you'll receive the cithara which you can wield & play as well as 50k prayer XP. List of possible items to wield. Citharede robes Saradomin Dragonhide Saradomin Rune trimmed Saradomin Robes Saradomin cape ( mage arena ) Saradomin staff Saradomin bow Saradomin Godsword Saradomin sword Saradomin mjolnir Saradomin Arrow Saradomin owl Saradomin Halo Holy & Illuminated holy book Monks Robe ( unconfirmed myself but people in the area said they worked )
  11. Yes, thank you for noticing. I submitted it originally back when the Dwarven War Axe first came out. They could have at least added some new information like " It also allows you to carry an additional shade or vyrewatch to the pyres." or " It's also handy when killing the phoenix since it can both light his pyre & chisel down all the extra gems you collect in the lair into bolt tips to save space but they didn't. :thumbdown:
  12. I still remember the old dangerous randoms fondly. I was usually armored & ready for the fight. :thumbsup:
  13. :shame: So when your future doctor cheats his way through medical school & ends up graduating with no clue what he's doing when he goes to operate on you later on you don't have a problem? :blink: Every action in the world affects other things. You'll be affected whether directly or indirectly. Eventually that person who decided to keep the extra change decides that keeping a larger amount out of YOUR register is acceptable behavior too. You end up having to pay your company back or are simply fired... Lets see you say someone else s ethics don't affect you to the guy that's trying to mug you.
  14. Well there's another vanity item that will never go into my collection. <_< Shame though....
  15. Deadliest catch was supposed to be master level? :roll: Really could have fooled me... That was the simplest quest I've seen in a while. I'd definitely have to agree that RS leans toward melee. Just look at the fact that Castle wars has no ranger or mage sets & that there are only 4 types of boots designed for rangers ( frog, snake, spined & ranger ) while melee has one in each metal , rockshell & Bandos & it's pretty obvious who's favored. Heck even super poison delivered from a dragon dagger or spear does more damage than the same poison delivered by an arrow or bolt.
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