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  1. I believe that this update actually improved free trade. This is a very rare good move made by jagex. However, untill the GE is removed, the problems will remain. They will continue to warp the economy. I also notice that they are working to get rid of junk, in order to force their highly inaccurate and inflexible GE prices on everyone.
  2. As I've made abundantly clear, Simple ? British. Sorry. Lol, it's funny because it's true.
  3. This wasn't a distant, long dead era. This was less than two years ago. I can't discern anything else of any relevance or substance in this entire paragraph. It's very boring and tiresome to respond to TWO posts, and now you're making me read sensless garbage? Give me a break, please. Keep the wordcount down to a minimum, the eyestrain is too much. You claim I said that no one ever complained about updates, but I never asserted that. Nevertheless, you'll find that due to the recent lack of updates there is complaining from people like questers, and skillers and others who normally don't complain as much. It's not just us selfish, rude, ignorant PKers anymore. I also never even so much as implied that the game was killed for everyone. I am well aware that about 90% of the players of Runescape spend the majority not PKing. However, the remaining 10% that do PK, and the ones who PK regularly, ARE paying customers, and DO deserve to have the system overhauled in a decent way. (or better yet scrapped and brought back to the good ol' days)
  4. I'm not sure which side you're on; please explain your position more clearly. If you, during your clearly bizarre, obsessive dig through my posting history, were a bit more thorough, you would find many posts about stupid people, and stupid people being held to account long before I made the "intellectual greatness" remark. I have complained again and again about the possibility that JagFAIL defended people who were killed in the wildy and lost their stuff. In fact, I think the very first topic I ever created was entirely aimed at idiots who whined at jagex because they lost their stuff during PKing. I later learned that the updates were more due to credit card fraud, but that does not mean that the [bleep]ing and moaning from the losers couldn't have played a major part in their decision. The wildy update did not remove that sort of stupidity (in spite of claims that it matured the community), and nothing ever will. People still complain that they lose items when they lose, and always will. But in recent times, in my opinion, there is a lot more of that kind of complaining. I don't have a "idiocy meter" or anything like that, thats just my opinion. What I was responding to, and what I have responded to repeatedly, was the nonsensical idea that RS was once some kind of elitist community of fully matured (Look at Compfreak's posts during the time my message was posted), college educated geniuses. I was also responding to the part of Eatrunearrows post that said the community mostly consisted of "smart players". This is an online game, and it was never like that as far back as I played, and probably was never from the first day. I've not seen any shredding, actually. You're too sloppy to do that properly. Right, well you and everyone else who opposed me can keep pretending that pumping artifical wealth into the game doesn't inbalance the economy. And you can also pretend that the old system created moreartificial weallth than this one, when it didn't create any. Everything else is identical, except that this one inbalances the economy and the old one didn't, and somehow, this one is better.
  5. Yeah, we used to have no price limits. They are here to stay. The formulas are, too. They might tinker with them from time to time, but they are bascially here forever. Expect the formula to become more bizarre and ineffective as time goes on. The language filters are a little annoying, but do you ever really need to use those words to do what you need to do? The GE situation happens to me too, I don't know why that happens.
  6. Perhaps they are complaing about the fact that the update IS nothing but a small detail.
  7. I can't put my finger on it, but for some reason you remind me of the grandpa from the Rugrats. Oooooooooh, you're so clever. You're so witty. You're so sophisticated. Is that what you wanted to hear? Are you satisfied? Then piss off. You and your little pals can keep spewing your sloppy arguments, and i'll keep tearing them apart cannonballs tear through wet cardborad. Was there ever an inbalance before a certain few updates? No. Was there so much idiocy and ignorance and stupidirty in this game before miniclip? No. And, before that particular bad update, did jag have to spend so much time "fixing" pvp? No. People are trying to personally attack Eatrunearrow in order to dance around the merits of the argument. It's obvious.
  8. Agreed. This isn't a story, it's an accurate depiction of exactly how everything went. You can babble on, but these things caused huge imbalances in RS. It was all so much better before these dreadful, ill-considered, sloppy, low quality updates.
  9. Yes, there a number of posters on here who just can't come up with a good argument, so they have to resort to the "Love it or Leave it" argument. As far as i'm concerned, people aren't going to be enthralled with every Jagex update, and if you can't make a decent aregument against someone who doesn't like a given update, then you just need to step aside.
  10. Lots of the people who quit did not quit right away, they slowly quit as they became bored with the game. This number is not countable, but i personally know many who became bored with the game and cancelled. That update totally and forever unbalanced the Trade System, and pvp. Since you will always need an unbalancing, unpredicable factor in order to throw off an RWTer, you can never have a truly balanced economy as long as PvP is a part of it. Very big mistake to do what they did, as far as pvp is concerned. Total disaster.
  11. Astounding. You actually used a small number of facts in your response this time. Good for you! This post might take effort to demolish, however minimal. That was just brilliant, except the part about me being "usually wrong". You completely ruined a perfectly good post with that little aside. Why did you say that? How am I "usually wrong"? What the hell does that even mean? I have never lost a single argument, although I did lose my temper and make a complete [wagon] out of myself multiple times. Have you ever even read many of my posts? You are obviously nothing but a loser, I am not "usually wrong". I suppose that if you took the raw numbers of people currently playing on a MA world, V.S the number of people complaining on here, MA would look very good. Unfortunately for you, not everyone who plays RS posts here. Proportionally, the number of people complaining about it here, as opposed to the angry loud mouthed crew of defenders such as yourself, is not favorable to MA. I suspect that as soon as the novelty wears off, MA is history. Its a rather dull, repetitive game, according to those who have actually played it for a significant length of time. Castle wars offers small boosts, but people like castle wars. It is a widely liked game, wheras MA is a bad, sloppily released game. there were too many bugs in this game, it should have been checked better. It was a very terrible release.
  12. Oh, it's you again. I was hoping that you had left in the intervening time that I had not posted here, but apparently you still haven't found anything better to do. I'll demolish this foolishness point by point. It is rather obvious that you use elaborate, multisyballic words to pump up your empty, emotion driven drivel. A statement that obviously contradicts the general consensus here regarding this horrible game. There is an overwhelming number of people who make a one-time posts condemning the game, and then leave. The few defenders of the game are loud mouthed and angry, but that does not mean that they've got the numbers on their side. You have your vile little attitude, but I have the numbers on my side. The game was released in a horrid, bug infested state. That covers "delivery". There were many bugs, which seems to be a tradition for Jagex in recent years. The general consensus was that the rewards and the gameplay were rather stale, according to the majority of players here. I konw that you have little regard for the general consensus, but it is there. I will concede that the other points were just opinion. Empty drivel from a very sad man with no real points to make. I don't have to be enthralled with every update that Jagex releases. Or, as eatrunearrow cleverly pointed out, a better moniker would be JagFAIL. Nonsensical blithering. I certainly have the intellectual prowess to to prove my points with facts, unlike you apparently. No, I watch because I am not a game developer, and thus I don't have the credentials to make any meaningful suggestions. And watching is considerably less boring and exhaustive than coming on here and tearing apart a bunch of ignoramuses like you. I didn't disregard them, I debunked their mindless drivel, and their pile up and smear of eatrunearrow. He probably doesn't care about the blabber that goes on here, but I couldn't stand the idiocy any longer.
  13. another horrific update. This game took nearly a year to develop and it is a very bad joke. What a disaster. Very low quality. I thought that this game would bring back the glory days of RS, but what an idiotic assumption. Bad gameplay, bad premise, bad rewards, bad delivery, bad concept, bad idea. It's a good thing that they took their time, though, it saved me from having to see this for another few months. Between Jagex's clumsy attempts at PvP updates, and this nonsense, it looks like this game is going far down hill. It's just a total disaster, unless you are a fan of cooking or RC. They are always runnning around desprately trying to balance out the game, when the solution is so easy. It's rather fun to watch them struggle with their own gigantic egos and their unwilllingness to admit their blatant failures. To respond to the inevitable moaning "why don't you solve the problems" I perfer to just watch the show. Once again, I see people trashing Eatrunearrow. This time, they slammed him even though many people agreed with him. it's just the usual mindless drivel against him. Probably just a bunch of fanboys who cannot stand to see any attack against something that they are so desprate to defend. Maybe they are simply too ignorant to understand what he is trying to communicate.
  14. Yes. I would never reveal to anyone that I played Runescape. I have special set up with my computer so that people can't see my screen from an angle, and that gives me time to hit a keyboard combination and change the window if they are coming towards me or entering the room. I always play runescape on my laptop in my back room, and usually only when my girlfriend is out. She is grateful that "you're not conrolling and you let me do whatever I want", but I just use the time to do all of these wierd little nerdy things that I like doing. Another one that I do is when I read books, I keep the book in a shallow desk drower that I can quickly push in if someone enters the room. i do not think that this is childish or immature, or any of the other descriptions that are being used to describe it by these selfish elitists who keep saying such things. I think that we all have things that are better kept concealed, and in my opinion, it is selfish and immature to reveal them.
  15. Because there are revenants in the wilderness which would likely reduce a new player into a pile of moldering bones. It's still one of the most dangerous areas in runescape for an inexperienced, or unprepared player. Ankous are dangerous for new players. Lesser demons are dangerous for new players. It's made very clear. There is a warning message. There are warning signs. There are guides on the runescape website. If all of this fails, if a higher level player sees a new player approaching the wilderness, he might warn them. Even if that player in question dies, he has a minute to get his very low value armor that he can probably earn back in 10 minutes, anyway. At some point, risk is just a part of the game. It's not unfair, it's not blindsiding a new player.
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