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  1. attack would probly be best as using aggresive on bgs would miss alot just like trianing str. but for me i normally put it on def as for me it for some odd reason seems to hit more times than attack for me but the hits are a bit weaker than attack mode but its all random so.... i would choose attack
  2. Pye

    F2P help

    83 combat 68att,def,str, - moss giants until 75 stats then move to ice giants 63 range - less demons 68 magic - alching or be extreamly patient and use tons of wind strikes 40 rcin - fire runes and yes use al khaird bank 52 craft - gold bars into gold necklaces 79 mining - coal in guild 65 smithing - steel armor as mith if buying takes quite alot of money and if mining takes alot of time to mine a good amount of mith ore 74 fishing - lobs for money at karamaja and teleport back to falador or fly fishing at barb 72 cook - buy lobs to cook or catch fishs at barb or catch lobs then cook 67 firemake - maples and at the G.E for buying convinienve 75 wc - willows by lumby farm and cows and drop or draynor cut willows and bank. you could also cut yews at rimmington since there is 4 yew trees and very few people teleport back to falador and repeat. (walking to rimmington is bout 1 to 1 1/2 minute walk)
  3. 1. monkey guards in ape atoll always has been quite fast exp maybe not as fast as zombie or armor monkeys but the area does not require any money and can camp there for days if you are determine. 2. green dragon is good in money and i agree it is ok in charms and exp but i would not do green dragon as it will take 4 times more amount of training at dragons than monkey guards if you go back and forth wasting alot of exp for alot of money you choice. another reason i do not perfer green dragons is because they are usually crowded and you have to wait for it to respawn normally for another dragon to attack. 3. do slayer as the person before me said since its exp is quite well and the cash and charms from the monsters are quite alot. 4. last thing i could think of is train your stats to 85 somehow by monkey guards or armor zombies or which way you think is fast training or choice you choose you could then instead of training and get charms of water pyefiends or w/e they are called again x.X (spellcheck please)
  4. but et i have never sold my whip yet since it droped to 1.5m even when its rising i keep it because its one of those things everyone have just like a dds almost everone have a dds even if they dont need its just so you have when you need it type of things.
  5. def. def overall helps more from tanking, training range, slayer, training other melee skills, less money on food, in the end the cape looks better too
  6. go to travley dungen go past the big blue drags into the next section and next to lava there is like 5 baby blue drags alone
  7. does the btp tabs really now require the mage arena minigame?? i used the btp tabs while back a bit and i didnt need it but im making sure so i dont waste money
  8. itll be a bit tough but yes you can do it. for inv 2-4 pray pots spade(never forget this) teleport tab d hide armor some range weapon rest monks equipment weapon-slayer staff + unholy book( 55 slayer require to use slayer dart) > black salamander boots- ranger > dragon boots glove- barrows > dragon > rune > regen bracelet > combat bracelet ring- archer ring > ring of life > warrior ring > berserker ring cape- fire cape > obby cape > legends cape > mage arena cape amulet- fury > glory > power helm- torag helm > other barrow armor > granite > rune body- torag body > other barrow armor > granite > rune legs- torag legs > other barrow armor > granite > rune as for doing the barrows its quite simple you just kill all the brothers but do not enter the tunnel until you the other 5 in the coffins the the last brother will be in the tunnel randomly from just walking around he might appear or when you open the chest and the last brother will appear. before you search the chest make sure your kill count is at least 6 by killing all the brothers. the tunnel is a 3x3 maze and the chest is in the middle so you go through all the doors until you find the door that leads to the middle which will have a little puzzle appear but please refer to the guide on tip web about the puzzle. when fighting the brothers either in the tunnel or crypt you will lose 10 pray each time a barrows brother face appear also the more brothers you kill the faster the faces will appear. im sure you can kill them but might take some time as for the ancients it does help quite alot but it requires a lot more cash to anceint than to just use black salamander or slayer dart. when at barrows kill verac first as seeing he is the one who can go through pray. after verac attack dh and pray as seeing he may hit a 54 on you by luck at low hp so always pray on him. after dh is karils as seeing you want pray for karils since it hits often and hard. after karils take off pray and kill ahrims with d hide armor and range then kill guthans and torags note: this order was the 1st run i had today at barrows
  9. Pye

    82-90 range

    sooo.... do i pray on range melee or mage on avansies?
  10. Pye

    82-90 range

    well i was wondering do i have to do any quest to be able to get to the god war dungen?
  11. Pye

    99 STR

    well ur equips are fine but i think u should train at monkey guards at 80+ str just coz 1. can afk often 2. low cost (very low) 3. no food is need but a little for poision until spider is unaggresive problem tho is it makes no money but its safe pretty much as long as u have pray and pray bonus armor me when i train there wepon----whip/d scim if training str sheild---- rune deffender boots---- dragon boots gloves----combat gloves(barrows would be better) ring------zerker ring cape----99 str cape untrim(fire cape,god cloak, trim 99 cape is better) helm-----nezi helm ammy------fury(glory will do just fine) monkey guards heal which mean less clicking so u might be able to get like 1k exp for each time u recharge ur pray maybe train here if u dont wanna lose much money. me i train there bout for 2 or 3 lvls then do something else coz 85+ is boring to train. slayer aint bad either but wat u mainly wnat is a monster than can take ur max hits but also get hit often so u cna get quick exp.
  12. Pye

    82-90 range

    well i wanna train from 82-90 range and heard the monsters (anvasies or whatever was good money) but i have never acully even been to the dungen o.o so any help on where it is (pictures plz) and what i should bring for training? (picture)
  13. Pye

    best way to fish

    uhh ok thnx but hey anyone kno around wat lvl does fishing lobs and monks become the same like wc when u reach like lvl 80+ cutting willows and like maples is the same amount of time
  14. Pye

    best way to fish

    so i already by now thnx to u guy monk is best but wat if i need to complete creature of frankenstine and garden of tranquility and swan song then how long do u think will take me to do quest( im ok at quest)
  15. Pye

    best way to fish

    but monks u need to complete a quest and does it give good money?
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