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  1. It's nice, but now I have a useless regular top I can't sell back for the 250 commendations it cost me to buy it. <_<
  2. Firstly you want to get your approval rating to maximum and keep it near there. 10% of the coffers is spent each day up to a maximum of 50K (Throne of Miscellania) or 75K (Royal Trouble) on the items you put the workers on, effectively buying you those items at typically far below market prices. So if you want the most stuff you'd want to put in at least 500k or 750k, preferably more if you don't want to check on it every day.
  3. Stop summons teleporting to my location from kicking me out of bank screens, shop screens, the leprechaun interface etc.
  4. Everyone has the herbs they don't pick up when they're monster killing. Burn those.
  5. http://www.tip.it/runescape/ That should be Runefest surely? [Crew Edit: Surely it should! Thanks! ~ Vulxai]
  6. Any idea if throwing Gnomeballs at people works in PVP? Force giving an EPer an extra item could be quite useful for this if it did.
  7. I've gotten a Primal Dagger whilst soloing. Not sure if you can get useful items though.
  8. I tried the superior locator method and really... it's not that great. It doesn't take you to any of the quest reward mines, so no Haunted Mine, no Forgiveness of a Chaos dwarf and no Mining Camp. Also it has an annoying habit of chucking you out in high level wilderness where it doesn't work to get you out again. Not to mention those times it teleported me 3 spaces from where I already was. However I suppose I did get reliably smooth addy from it once I kitted up to deal with revenants...
  9. Actually your best best is coifs. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Mobilising_Armies/Investments I've bought them without problems in the past, but it's better to use spare runes and stuff you have lying around first before buying in junk.
  10. Yes that's what I did. Dull but works. And yes as previously mentioned there is a 12 rank/hour hard limit on rank gain.
  11. For quick ranks and reward people suicide. You play seige with 10 light squads and 5 cannons. At game start you have them all attack the same part of castle wall and then you kill them all at 26 minutes left with your 5 cannons. Typically people invest max credits as well and get anywhere between 80-110% of them back as reward credits depending on your rank bonus so they have to spend as little time there as possible. CCs do exist to allow one team to win and get slightly better ranks/hour but you can easily hit the rank/hr cap on one of the dedicated worlds on your own.
  12. Jammy2222


    But that ignores the overhead of waiting for the shop's stock to respawn. It only stocks 1 you know.
  13. Okay so through some luck I've managed to aquire a Shadow Silk Hood in Dung. Should I bind it over a promethium platebody? Simple enough question but I want your opionions.
  14. I don't really think so, you only get a 7% bonus on exp compared to a small floor, and it takes about 10-15mins longer on average. You're forgetting the base experience is also higher for mediums compared to small
  15. Crawling hands also drop Gold Precision Bracelets from my experience.
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