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  1. I've used the prayer method on my 1 Defense pure, however, I want to get my Ranged up on my main, so what would be my best option?

    I have 26M, 80 Ranged, 74 Magic 44 Prayer, 16 Summoning, 75 Constitution, and 60 Defence.


    Thanks in Advance,, MXIIA

  2. I currently have a Hybrid with the following stats


    51 Hitpoints


    60 Ranged


    56 Magic (soon 60)


    40 Attack


    44 Strength (soon 50)


    1 Defence


    1 Prayer.


    42 Combat




    Would it be worth it to get 10 defence?


    It would allow me to wear black armor and Combat/Druid robes, but would also add 2.25 combat levels to my pure.

  3. Thanks for all the feedback.




    MUCH better than GameFAQs http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/genmessage.php?board=562728&topic=48580969


    I don't know why I go there lol..




    I realize the trade limit will be a problem.


    And assuming I do this in a free world (as both of my accounts are f2p), I would think the extra dueling time would add to the 15 minutes, so you would have to wait at most 1 or 2 minutes.




    Also, there could be some sort of junk used to help offset the trade limit, like noted items of some sort, ones that any player can obtain easily... Can't think of any at this time..., but if used correctly, when the miner drops it another person with a used up trade limit could then pick it up and use it.

  4. Yea, I figured that, You could make somewhere from 3-5 runs in 15 minutes, that wouldn't be too bad.




    I really want to do this on my Pure, because I'm trying to make a bit of money while raising my Magic level, and mining 2000 iron ores will take too long.




    I just want to see if people like the idea, maybe later, after I finish my biology project, I will see if i can find people to do this.

  5. World: 20...


    Where: Al-Kharid Mine/Chasm Mine [http]


    Who is needed: At least 3 PowerMiners and at least 5 People that want Iron Ore.


    What happens: The PowerMiners will trade one of the people that wants Iron and give them somewhere from 20-28 Iron ores. The People that want the Iron Ore will then run to the bank (Duel Arena). They will then get into a friendly duel with one of the other people that want the ore (To restore run energy). They will then run back and get more ore... Rinse and repeat.




    Reasons people may want free iron ore: Superheat (you make about 20 gp profit if you don't pay for the iron), Raise smithing level. To sell for profit.




    What do you all think of this?

  6. ^^^ Tiigon is correct about all of that, but the Anti-dragon shield is not the ONLY shield without a negative bonus. The wooden shield (From Tutorial Island) also has a +0 in Magic attack, all of it's stats are exactly half of the Anti-Dragon shield though.

  7. Which one should I aim for?




    Barrows pure would be...


    70 Attack


    70 Defence


    99 Strength


    99 Magic


    99 Ranged


    52+ Prayer


    Combat 100




    Untrimmed HP cape would be


    98 Attack


    98 Defence


    98 Strength


    98 Ranged


    (98 Magic)


    99 HP.


    Combat 115+




    Which would be a better long-termed goal?

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